New Theme: Albeo

Posted on: September 7, 2008

Firstly I would like to give thanks to Elena from Design Disease for creating this awesome new theme. I say ‘awesome’ because I love the interface and how the sidebar sections are all formatted properly.

A few key areas I wanna point out which gives this theme that awesomeness.

  • Design and Readability. While the design looks simple, i find it readable and neat. While “MistyLook” delivers the same result, I have always preferred white as my theme colour but the other themes didn’t have the design I liked even though some theme’s had the white colour.
  • Bigger and neater calendar. Now my post dates are not transparent anymore. In addition, it looks neater compared to “MistyLook”.
  • No more clustered links. I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I often use long titles as my post headings and as a result, it gets clustered in my sidebar. Now thanks to Albeo, that is not the case anymore and most of my links are in one line.
  • Automatic link to my past and present post. This was the key feature in making me switch. I know it’s not new to many bloggers but for readers to go back to my previous post within a current post without going back to my home blog page is a big plus. This process works if your reading in my 2nd recent post as well.

The only downside I found compared to “MistyLook” was no custom banner option. It’s not a big lost as I find the banner is not necessary in my opinion.

So guys and gals, what do you think? You like it or you think I wasted my 30mins adding a new theme and writing this pointless post. =D


13 Responses to "New Theme: Albeo"

I love that theme but i like my banner so yes ^^

Still it’s nice :o

I was considering switching to this… but it didn’t look like it had a banner. Does it have a banner?

Hmm, I might ask for a custom theme after all lol.

This is bright!

Off course u like ur banner. It’s tempting me to buy figures u review so it’s doing it job. >_<

No option for a banner.

Do it. A theme that u like keeps u happy. ^^

Thanks. =D

Well, for a theme, high readability is the most critical deciding factor. And i find that it is comfortable to read the content.

I like the theme, Optic. Nice and clean, got a touch of the minimalistic yet is eyecatch. Good tone and blend of colors – blue on pale is good.

Aww~ no banner… though, if you had it hosted elsewhere, you could edit the theme and add a banner xD. I had to edit my theme for one too [and added the rotating script while I was at it, hehe~]

Like I mentioned, very nice theme~

That’s correct. I wouldn’t stay in a blog if I can’t read it’s content.

Thanks. It does have a bit of everything so I reckon it was a good decision to make the move.

Thanks. I don’t mind if I don’t have a banner. It’s alright as it’s not necessary IMO.
Content is what’s important.

this is really much better imo Gaz, everything just looks much neater. not that last theme’s was shit or bad or anything, this one just makes your blog shining brighter as an otaku :D

The last theme wasn’t bad, I just liked this theme more due to more features available.
It wasn’t shit IMO. ^^

Nice theme. White background is the best XD

Thanks mate. It’s my favourite them colour. ^^

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