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A new month so a new Megami edition is out. Again, the additional copy is for a mate. (You know who you are xD).

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As my first copy of the magazine, let me just say I’m impressed by the contents inside but not for the price with what it’s worth. Actually, before I begin, I wanna thank noel again for giving me permission to do this review. He is the one who ‘officially’ owns this magazine and even though I said it earlier it’s “my first copy”. it really is because it’s my first time opening this magazine and checking out it’s contents (if that makes any sense). lol

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Warning: NSFW
( Contains Nudity)

This month edition is out. Get it if you want before it’s gone. For Sydney readers, Kinokuniya has quite a lot of copies but I doubt they will last long.

This month featured cover is Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann where they are promoting their first movie. I haven’t started on the series yet as I’m still waiting for the dub DVD’s to come out later on the year. I’m a patient guy when it comes to watching different series as I have other series preoccupied. Really, I can wait. ^^

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Warning: NSFW
( Contains Nudity )

The latest Deluxe edtion was out mid last month and I managed to grab a copy at Kinokuniya on Monday before it was sold out. They had 4 copies left in total so I would consider myself lucky this time.

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On Monday, I did a bit of shopping to kick start my week off. I headed into the city to get a few items but 2 items I had planned to get for a very long time was a new keyboard and camera.

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Warning: NSFW
(Contains Nudity)

Well, after a long track it has reach Vol. 100 and I managed to grab a copy last week at my local Kinokuniya bookstore. As some of you may already know, I make my monthly visits to pick up the latest volume and to browser other goodies they have in store, where by chance I might happen to buy if it catches my taste like for eg. this Zero no Tsukaima: Visual Collection.

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