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As my last official post from here, I would like to say “Thank you” to all of you for contributing to my site. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have gotten this far or even be bothered to make an effort in blogging this long. I started off expecting nothing but enjoying myself and blending into the community but I’ve gotten more than that and I’m truly grateful. ^^

I hope you will continue your contribution @ The dis-Jointedzone.com. It’s a new zone full of fun and excitement and maybe more laughs as well. lol

As for this blog, I will be leaving it alone for stats and backup purposes. With so much effort put into it,  it will be a waste just to delete it. ^_^

Finally, don’t forget to change the link in your blogroll. If you forget, I will hound you until u do. xD


A poor attempt to find a related image. -_-

It’s been a week since I updated my site or even paid a visit to your site. Not only have I been busy working and preparing for my epic China trip, I was also working on my new site. That’s right, Optic is moving to a new zone and I hope you all will follow. ^^

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Lately, I’ve been reading many post from various bloggers about their current preorder list which includes early 2009 releases as well. With the current economy at it’s present state, it surprises me where not many people’s list are affected. I kinda find many people are buying more or they don’t need to cutback at all. I’m not complaining but just surprised that’s all. lol

Unfortunately, this economical crisis has affected my spending spree significantly and the biggest hit is my preorder list. It was just yesterday I made my 3rd round of cancellations over a 2-3 week period and it just pains me to click on the cancel button. T_T

So who got cut? Hit the jump to find out.

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One of the most enjoyable songs I’m listening to daily at the moment. I gotta thank my sister for sharing. :3
Jason Mraz is one of the most talented singers out there. This song is so easy to singalong with where it’s hard not to join in. In addition, it has a funky beat as well which will get you moving in no time.

I found an awesome AMV which fits perfectly with this song so enjoy. ^^

Hmmm… she’s been bugging me to get this movie for a while now. I’ve watched it over many times so I’m in no rush to get it.

Official video clip

(HQ is recommended)

The scene of another crime @_@

As a figma otaku, I’m starting to get hang of these figma incidents. To be honest, after reading similar incidents via Dannychoo and other blogs, these incidents doesn’t really surprise me anymore. After already having experienced an incident first hand on my Wonfes 2008 Konata, I’m disappointed I haven’t learnt my lesson when it came to applying excessive pressure on my figmas. I hope she will be the last victim but I get the feeling she won’t as my figma collection grows and the variety of their joints and design changes. T_T
I hope this post delivers an another example of  ‘what not to do” to your figmas,  for you figma owners out there.

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Finally received my DVD loot from Rightstuf on Thursday morning. I was surprised when my sister carried it into my room. She was demanding me to open it immediately because she was curious to know what was inside and she knew it wasn’t figures for once. lol
I was kinda curious as well because the package was huge. 0_0

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