Moving to a new Zone

Posted on: November 4, 2008


A poor attempt to find a related image. -_-

It’s been a week since I updated my site or even paid a visit to your site. Not only have I been busy working and preparing for my epic China trip, I was also working on my new site. That’s right, Optic is moving to a new zone and I hope you all will follow. ^^

The dis-Jointedzone” is the name of my new site. The name is inspired by my love of figures, especially FIGMAS (it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out lol). I had been working for the past 2 weeks to get this rolled out asap ever since I decided to make the move from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. I initially planned to roll it out after my trip but considering it’s almost complete, I decided to roll it out early and hopefully catch any bugs before it becomes a real issue. Even though I had been testing it on a daily basis, I can never be 100% confident it’s bug free unless luck is on my side for once. >_>

A big thanks to Koshiko for helping me out on the migration. I wouldn’t even consider moving in the first place without her considering I dread .php the most. Well, considering coding is not my area of expertise, she did give me a helping hand in working through it and I thank her for that. I understand it’s great to learn new things from time to time. ^^

Well, I will be rolling it out in 72 hours. I will be making my last official post here to give you guys a heads up. If things work out, it could be sooner than expected but I’m not making any promises.

Here’s a sneak peek. ^^



11 Responses to "Moving to a new Zone"

I saw, a link to your new one appeared in my dashboard lol. Good luck moving, I did the same…TWICE. I know what a hassle it can be.

finally you made it pub :D hope u get it all right before u leave to make u leave at ease Gaz :3

best of luck with your move!

Having a self-hosted wordpress blog is great.Your finally free of those WordPress.com Chains! yay!

Your quite a teaser leaving us with that sneak-peak^^

Looks like I’ll add that site to my blog roll now!!!
Good Luck with your new site!!!!!!

Awesome. I will add it in my blogroll once it’s up or you can bug in my blog incase I forget ^^

Very nice. Vinja M12 will be moving to the new site as well :D. Nerd alert!

Fwee~ nice image, I think it’s appropriate enough, hehe~ Is it from a particular series? I don’t recognise it =o

You’re welcome ;3 feel free to ask me anything else or whatever :3

looking forward to your new blog. let us know when done so that we can update our blogroll. at the best.

I might be banned from the internet for 5 days by the IT guys in my university, so I’ll be adding you whenever I get back up.

Glad to know that the transition went smoothly. Will update the blogroll asap!

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