My FIGURE collection

Posted on: September 25, 2008

(Click on the image for a larger resolution)

It’s surprising where it’s been just over a year since I made figure collecting as a hobby of mine and while I was stacking the boxes side by side and on top of one another, I was kinda shocked in how much I have acquired in this short amount of time. While a year maybe long for some, to me, it’s like a ‘blink of an eye’ and before you know it, a year has gone before you even realised it.

If my sums are correct, the total amount of figures I have collected (keeping in mind, I’m counting each separate petite, nendoroid, figma and scale figure) comes to a grand total of 72.

Here’s the breakdown.

  • Scaled figures: 31
  • Petites: 24
  • Nendoroids: 4
  • Gashapon: 1
  • Figmas: 12

Total: 72

(Note: In case you do start adding up the total from the photo to pick out my mistake, I can tell you now it does not add up because there are 2 figures I left out accidentally) ^^

I luve figmas. How many do you have? ^^

Shuraki 2, 3 & 5 and a few Kanon figures. I love Kanon. Ayu is :3

Currently space is a major problem. With so much figures acquired, I had to box up a few to give space for new ones. Some of my figures acquired a couple of months ago are still not open due to this problem like for eg. MeiFeng and Rize. This is only a temporary solution until I am able to find more shelf space but it looks grim atm. Do you have a space problem?

My Haruhi set and GSC Nanoha and Fate

I will see what I can workout in the next few months but if nothing changes then I’m selling a few as early next year. It’s not something I want to do as a figure collector but it’s a must DO to solve this space crisis. As a special thank you for my readers, I will post the list here before I post them up on ebay. I will try to make them as cheap as possible so both sides can be happy. ^^
Will you ever sell your figures?

In the next few weeks, this amount is set to rise as I’m expecting 4 packages from HLJ. :)


21 Responses to "My FIGURE collection"

Youre even worse than me XD
I started in late Dec 07 and i know your feeling too well.When i look at all the figures (Gonna be 28 end of this year) i go like WTF? Such a short amount of time and so many figures…

I think I started in the middle of this year, and Im not quite up to you yet, but i fear im not far behind lol hehe! I have a really tiny room, (i call it my shoe box) lol so the space issue is getting to be a problem as my collection increases!

Great collection though! can’t wait to see your new pressies from hlj!

Wall of boxes FTW !

Nice collection , and lots of figma’s , you’re a truly figma master !

And i have space problem , that’s why i’m forced to stop my collection soon , no more space and i don’t want to sell anything ^^ i bought 93 figures in less than 6 month so i HAVE to stop ^^

Nice stuff, I like figma boxes when they’re placed sideways and side by side, though I currently only have two ^^;

I probably won’t sell my figures, I think I prefer to give them away to people whom I feel will take good care of them instead. Otherwise I’ll always somehow manage to squeeze in my figures into the display and make the collection look like a squatter’s settlement ^^;

That’s a nice collection you have! Why don’t you add more shelf / rack to get more space?

Anyway, if you’re planning to sell anything, don’t forget to tell me. I’m interested in some of your figures :P.

Optic, I shall bow to you now!:D :P I love your collection!:D Which Louise figure is that, in the black box, looks really cool.:D
Can’t wait to see your next “buys”!:D

Lolwut I started earlier than you and I have not even reached your number of scaled figures yet, and I do not collect anything other than scaled PVC figures.

Then again, I have quite a few limited ones, both in collection and on preorder.

hi, crazy figma master *bows*
as everyone has said, awesome collection. xD 3 Shurakis :3~~~
man u do have quite a lot hey? go go Gazza u can do it!
as for spacing problem.. dont ask. lol.

yum, i love shots like this. very nice! 12 figmas! if i ever got that many i’d never get a review done because i’d spend the whole time posing them ^^;;

as long as i’m actively collecting, i don’t ever plan on selling anything… my interest would have to take quite a sour turn or my finances an incredible hit before i changed my mind ^_^;

nice collection. and you got a lot figures in just one year ^^;

that Horo wanted!! saw her in my local shop one day and was hesitated to buy; came back the other day, she was gone :(

Nice haul you have in one year. Sad that you don’t have space, it is such a waste keeping them in boxes.

I started roughly around Feb this year, and I couldn’t afford to buy so many figure like you LOL.

BTW I’m adding you to my blogroll ;)

Holy crap what a collection. They might not even fit in my room XD. You probably have more than I’ll ever have.

Wow that’s a nice collection. Even though I haven’t nearly as many as you I’ve been wondering what I’m going to do when my space runs out and the boxes take up more space than I can handle. I know it’s bound to happen eventually, perhaps I’ll end up selling some too one day, who knows. For now I’ll just wait and see what happens. If you’re selling some who knows maybe I’ll buy.

It all comes down to how well u can control ur addiction and ur obsession towards ur hobby. I sort of lost control when I have a long hard think but I don’t regret it. ^^

No far behind. lol
Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if u surpass me in the next few months. ^^

Woah, 93 figures in less than 6 month!? Wow, ur are the FIGURE master to me. =D
Stopping ur collection. Noooooooooooooooo, the quality of figures theses days are getting better and better. Well best of luck. ^^

Thanks. Figmas are fun and cheap. U should get more. xD
Well, if there’s a person birthday coming soon and he/she likes figures, I might give one away. ^^

Well u see, my mom is totally against me collecting figures. In her eyes, they are a waste of money and that money can be well better spent. While I do agree, it’s my life so I talk back all the time.
Adding more shelves for my figures just causes more problems (family wise) and I try not to turn my room into a gallery.

@Riiana Doon
Thanks. That Louise is the first Louise from Alter.
I already did a review on her

Limited ones are hard to find and owning just one makes a whole difference between owning common and exclusive figures. I have none in scale wise so u win in that category. ^^

Thanks to u, I’m broke. xD
Nah, ur good. Just stop convincing me to buy more. >_<

I hope ur way of collection last forever. No one wants to hit a financial block due to figure collecting.

I’m still surprised I’ve surpassed the 50 mark. Owning 30 would have been good enough but the lovely figures just keep coming.
She’s still available at HLJ. U know u want it. xD

Welcome, hope u enjoy ur stay.
If u keep spending consistent and in balance, I’m sure u can own a lot more.
Adding u to my blogrol. Ur already in my RSS feed. xD

Open ur wallet dude. It’s not a crime to ‘live’ a little. lol
That’s why I’m selling them. Again, the Kanon figs. are not for sale. xD

If ur using storage space for boxes instead of figures, it’s clearly a waste of space. I’m storing all of my boxes on top of my bookshelf and inside my inner wardrobe.
I will keep u guys inform when I do sell. ^^

I want to rob you! can I? XD Good buys, you have more than me. I started buying 1 year ago, and sad to say, I have a few figurines only – because I really choose those I really like, and I’m a girl, so I tend to buy character goods, not forgetting my cds and dvds of Jpop artistes. So my budget is tight TT_TT

I lol’ed at the 1 gashapon on your list.

You know, it is possible to bury a person with all those boxes ^^;;

Getting so many figures will be a bit over my head as I am already running out of space in the first place because of my 1/144 tank collection over the past 4 years. This surely is an impressive collection you’ve got with just over a year o_O

Whoa, that is a lot. Sucks to be all boxed up all the time. I’d be happy to give em space to breathe at my place! I actually have two of those IKEA case things and I’m running out of room also. I have sold some figures on Ebay that I didn’t like as much anymore. Always took a little loss tho… x_x

Let me know if you are planning on selling some!

72 Figures!!!!!
That’s real nice!!!
There are a few figures I do want from you!!!
Nice collection!!!

I was wondering who would be the first person to say that. lol
I try not to boy character goods. If I do, I must cut back on figures, figmas and dvds which I don’t want to.
I got be honest, I thought u were a guy. :P

Thanks, Yeah, I could drown myself in it. lol
A few were impulses buys.

Thanks. Yeah, at this moment, all new incoming figures will have to be left there until the reno is done. T_T
Will do when the time comes.

There is a few figures, I want from u. Maybe we can trade? xD

if you want to sell i want to buy,contact me

i have figures of anime export,hbj,cd japan im a very apasionety collector

im from spain i have nendoroid,ikkitousen one piece,final fantasy,shunya yamasita etc


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