My preorder list. who’s in and who’s out?

Posted on: October 28, 2008

Image via e-shuushuu

Lately, I’ve been reading many post from various bloggers about their current preorder list which includes early 2009 releases as well. With the current economy at it’s present state, it surprises me where not many people’s list are affected. I kinda find many people are buying more or they don’t need to cutback at all. I’m not complaining but just surprised that’s all. lol

Unfortunately, this economical crisis has affected my spending spree significantly and the biggest hit is my preorder list. It was just yesterday I made my 3rd round of cancellations over a 2-3 week period and it just pains me to click on the cancel button. T_T

So who got cut? Hit the jump to find out.

All images via Hobby Search

Nendoroid Midarezaki Kyoka

Very cute but not enough to make me keep her in.

Nendoroid Saber Lion

She was gonna be my first nendo saber. T_T

Nendoroid Shana Enpatsushakugan Ver.

It was a tough choice between the nendo version and the figma version (honest ^^). But, as I’m a figma otaku, I went for the figma version. But really, I want both. T_T

1/7 scale Suzumiya Haruhi -Beach Side Ver.-

If I can find her on my trip then I would bring her home. If I don’t then it’s bad luck for me. -_-
Doing the math, I don’t find she’s worth 100AUD which includes shipping.
She was tough choice overall because canceling ‘two-piece’ figures are rare for me. T_T

figma Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len

Two of the most toughest choices. I just can’t afford to start on another complete series. Maybe when the Aussie dollar rises again, but who knows when. T_T

figma Ryomou Shimei

Was just gonna get her on a whim because I got Kanu and the idea of seeing these 2 dueling each other looked interesting. I guess that won’t be happening anymore. T_T

The next line up are the ones still on my preorder list. These are the ones I really, really, really, really want and no whatsoever crisis or situation will make me stop having them. Well…. if it’s a life or death situation, then that’s a different story. lol

1/7 scale Signum

She is just too damm good to pass up. Her pose is dynamic and the detail of her armor and sword is just magnificent from the promo pictures.

1/8 scale Louis Uniform Ver.

Not only the quality is great but the pose is just too eye-catching to pass up. It’s like she’s actually showing you her pantsu. xD
Noel, u should reconsider and put her back into ur list. xD

1/8 scale Sakagami Tomoyo

I thank Kotobukiya for doing a re-release. I missed her out on the 2nd or 3rd run ( I can’t remember ) but I’m damm straight not missing her in this run. It could be the last re-release ever.
Besides, M12 never stops talking about her. I can’t tell if it’s love or just over obsessed? >_>

Nendoroid Miyafuji Yoshika

I’ve watched the OVA but haven’t started on the series yet but she’s already one of my favourite characters. Nendo holding petit guns is my style. xD

Nendoroid Yoko

Again, too damm cute to pass up and besides, it’s Yoko and she will be my first Yoko figure. ^^

figma Asakura Ryoko School Uniform Ver.

As I’m dedicated in collecting the whole figma Haruhi set, I cannot pass her up. Even though she’s not my favourite character, the group will feel empty without her. :)

figma Takara Miyuki Winter School Uniform ver.

She is just too moe to pass up and again, I’m dedicated in collecting the whole figma Lucky Star set so she is a MUST HAVE!!!!

figma Shana Flame Hair ver.

Last but not least, I chose her over the nendo one. I’m also getting the Black hair version as well which is kinda pricey but at least I don’t need to go on a ebay hunt and fork out a ridiculous price for her.

That’s it from my list for now. I have 3 figures incoming this month and I hope they arrive before I go on my trip. Considering no one will be home in the morning, I don’t wanna come back and deal with a missing parcel. -_-

So who else preorder list is affected by the economical crisis?


27 Responses to "My preorder list. who’s in and who’s out?"

Wow you’ve cancelled a lot indeed. That’s unfortunate.

Btw, you might have noticed that you talk about me talking about Tomoyo much more than I actually talk about Tomoyo. I actually don’t mention her that much.

I canceled figma shana flame hair version, Kotobukiya Kanzaki Kaori and figma rin too. I kept Len though. What am I thinking? LOL.

Upcoming figs to expect from me :
Nendoroid Saber, Nendoroid Kaito, Nendoroid Yoko, Nendoroid Yoshika, Alter Louise, Alter Teana, Alter Signum, Nendoroid School Sets, Figma Len.

I realised I only have one figma for preorder. LOL

I’m hit with the economy crisis too.. And we have AFA08 too.. I can feel my wallet screaming.. And also nana mizuki is going to release her concert dvd this december.. thats like 17,000 yen gone for me too.

I need to push more “out” LOL. Considering Saber Lion

did I mention that I’m waiting for Alter’s Ayanami Rei and Yagami Hayate? T_T. My WALLETTT. Lol. despair

Im affected by the crisis as well but not as bad as you guys over there.If i had the money i would have also ordered the Saber,Yoko,Myafuji Nendos and Pec Champo figure that is giving me the eye the whole year.

I hope the Yen falls into a bottomless hole soon.The high Yen is also hurting the japanese economy. Meh :/

I can feel your pain for sure

What a depressing post ^_^;; I don’t think I will cancel any of my pre-orders, but then, my pre-order list may not be as large as yours was. Even if I end up paying double the price, I’d probably still end up paying it.

Out of your list that you’ve mentioned, I am getting:
Nendo Shana
Figma Shana (std version only, don’t like black hair)
Figma Ryoko
Figma Mikyuki
PVC Tomoyo (also really want this)

Of course I have other stuff on pre-order, e.g. Macross Frontier model kits, but don’t want to spam your comments haha

figmas and Nendoroids have low price, however the more you buy, the greater wallet damage you’ll get.

Anyway, the global economic crisis also affected Indonesian economy, especially the exchange rate. But that won’t change my pre-order list because i’ve arranged my plan, that is to order 2 items per month.

Hmm… let me see, from your list (cancelled and ordered) i also ordered:
– Nendoroid Shana (red)
– Haruhi Beach
– Louise Alter
– Sakagami Tomoyo (rerelease)

Cancellation of preorders is always good! You save monies on all the figures you never preordered (and will likely not buy in the future)!

As for me, yes I wish I could cancel. But all of mine are currently fine as they are, wanted or so figures, or if I cancel I lose my deposit (which I am loathe to do).

Other than that, after November I will be fine, since November is the killer month for me.

The economic crisis is a global effect. Even when it’s not about figure preordering, I hear news back home about shops after shops closing down, and even some reputative companies couldn’t bear the loss.

I feel sorry for your difficult decision on cancelling some of the preorders. Hope the exchange rate is not as awful for you to cope with in the near future, and possibly try to reorder some of them again.

I’m on the borderline of canceling pre-orders, November will be the deciding month. Our food money keeps going up up up and this is right around the time the bills get higher because of the cold weather. This economy is really hitting us too, I really hope I don’t have to cancel anything, but it’s not looking too good right now. Sorry to hear you have to cut back.

I envy you. ;___;

Oh I love Mikan! Yum yum. XD

I’ve had to return a bundle of fabric to the store and cancel a cosplay for this year, not because of the economic turmoil, but simply realizing that I’ve been spending roughly $100-$200 a month on cosplay, lolita fashion, and anime goods. Yahoo! Auction is the disease that’s killing me, I think.

whow. Gaz thats indeed quite a bit man D: damn such a pity hey, apparently today it went back up by a bit again, lol.
oh hey at least our nendo petit haruhi #3 is on the way :3 shipping was still hurting tho, lol. nonetheless i’ll send it straight as soon as i got it here.
Again…hopefully AUD is gonna rise so we wouldnt have to cut back so much D:

PS: U are really a persuasive man arentcha…stop tempting me for gettin that LOUISE DAMMIT xD~

T.T, I am so sad that you cancelled the Saber Lion Nendo XD


I am tempted to cancel, especially with my SUPER long list of pre-orders. But then again, maybe I should start eating grass instead, then I can afford all of them. =_=”

Well not much cancellation is going on my side, especially the nendoroids, since I am an avid Nendo collector.

And all the scaled stuff I PO, I cant let go of them at all. OK maybe Octavia, if I can find a buyer off me =_=” Other than that, cant think of anything that I will be willing to let go.

I’m very tempted to cancel part my already tiny order as well. More of the reason that I feel guilty since I’m still buying figures while my parents are paying for my tuition fees.

I’ve got Saber Lion nendoroid, Alter’s Maid Saber and the Sega’s C.C. on pre-order. Alter’s Maid Saber is a rerelease so I really want to get my hands on her this time around. Saber Lion will still be last thing for me to cancel because I’ve been anticipating her company for those long hours at the library (yes I know it’s sad) for quite a while now.

Dude, it’s meant to be a joke. Can’t u just laugh it out?
Alright, I’ll be honest, I talk more about her than u. ^__^

haha. U surprises me sometime. Ur preorder list is huge. I recommend bread and milk if ur cutting back on food. lol
I was gonna put Hayate in my list as well but I’m unsure if I will be getting a christmas bonus this year.
*fingers cross*

I’m surprised u didn’t pick up Pec Champoo at play-asia 15% off sale. it was quite a bargain at ur rate but not mine. -_-
I agree with the high Yen hurting their economy as well especially the tourist industry. At this current rate, tourist might wanna reconsider traveling elsewhere.

I wanna shake ur hand and congratz u where this economic crisis has not set u back.
$60AUD for a nendo is a no go zone for me. T_T

it’s good u have a plan but apparently I tried it but it failed due to impulse desires. Curses those bargains >_<
Actually, it’s my fault for not learning how to resist. T_T

Looks like it’s an early christmas for you mate. ^^
What u said is true. Now I can at least focus on the ones I really want.

The small companies will take the biggest hit I reckon and the bigger companies will soon follow as long as this crisis takes it’s toll. In the end, they might not even be able to regain their losses which could result in bankruptcy at the very end.
it’s unlikely I will be able to reorder them unless i find them half it’s RRP now.

Well, I wise collector knows when to make the cut to ensure their essentials are met. I’m just doing just that. If worse comes to worse, I may have to cancel some who are still on my preorder list. I hope u don’t need to follow my situation but I wouldn’t say ur missing out if u do. ^^

@Kairu Ishimaru
lol. I’m just a ordinary figure collector like everyone else.

Welcome Atashi. Happy to see u here. ^^
Managing ur spending is the key here. Well, I tried to limit my spending on $150AUD on anime goods.

ur a louise fanboy man, so I’m just doing my job. xD
Atm the rate is unstable and it’s still not has high as a few months back.
I’ve said it again and again but I’m gonna say it again.
Thanks heaps dude. ^^d

Well, I’m not a huge Saber fan so it was the right call. ^^

U don’t need to sink that low. Bread and milk will make u full at least. lol
Well, I’ve never really got into nendos to begin with. I find they are cute but there aren’t many characters which I like. Figma on the hand, well, I sure u already know how I feel towards them. ^^

I’m not surprised ur nendo lion saber will be the last thing u cancel. As a big saber fan, she is a must GET!!!! xD
Well, if ur getting good grades then I don’t see why ur parents will be getting upset in ur buying figures. On the other hand, I can understand where ur coming from as my parents will be pissed if they found out. -_-

By the time i noticed their Sale Pec was already gone at PlayAsia :/
Lets hope that economy recovers soon….

Dam, that sux. I’ve noticed it’s on ur wishlist at Tsuki-board ^^
I’m with ya in this one. ^^

yeowch that’s a crappy set of decisions you had to make. i think the worst part about canceling nendoroids and figmas is that they’re cheaper so you have to cancel more to get the same effect as a scale figure orz

You cancelled good figures….ah….
I have a huge list…deciding should I cancel them or not…
I need to organize myself and figure out more space for the incoming figures…

I got copped by this too. Thankfully, I only order one or two a month or so…

The main problem is all my computer bits got more expensive. :(

can’t wait for my bikini haruhi and figma miyuki to arrive. ^^

btw forget to add that sorry to hear that u are canceling orders.

usually i only buy figures that i really like and of characters i know of. good thing i’m not really into nendoroids so i saved some money from there. ^^;

Cancellations are a sad thing. I haven’t had to do that yet, but I didn’t pre-order as much this year. Like I think for September and October only 2-3 figures came in…though November and December might just be murder with 7 items pre-ordered. Two of which I might cut, but probably won’t.

[…] a lot of my preorders, even cancelling some. Love to do a post on this, but I am too busy. Oops =X Optic did inspired me. Shopping online sucks now. […]

No Rin and Len? Ouch, that sucks =(

But I know what you mean…the aus dollar is pretty weak right now T_T

I see you too pay in AUD. So do I, but I’m a newbie at this. I’ve just bought my first Nendoroid (and my first figure) of Kaito at a good price because of the rising aussie dollar. Good times, for now at least. Too bad you had to pass up that Shana nendo and those kagamine figmas. I was having a hard time choosing between the vocaloid nendoroids and the vocaloid figmas, ’cause if I got one, I’d have to get the others ^^;

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