A figma Fanboy Worst Nightmare!

Posted on: July 25, 2008

Yesterday night I was bored so I decided to finally open up my WF 2008 figma Konata and play with her. Just so you all know, I got her around Feburary-March at Tamarket with a help from a friend. Ironically, she is my ever first figma acquired and the last one to be opened and played with. I’ve been keeping her inside her box because she looks to fragile to be played with but I reminded myself that figmas are meant to be played with, to pose and to have fun.

I took her out of the box, I took her right hand out without any problems but her left hand wouldn’t budge. I twirled the hand around to loosen the ball joint a bit and then I gave it another go. In a split second it came out but in between that second I was damn sure I heard a ‘crack’ and when I glanced back at her hand, the ball joint was missing so that’s when I knew instantly, the ball joint has been broken.

The scene of the crime. @_@

First thought that came into mind “OH F&%$!”. I started the panic. I couldn’t believe this has happen. In a sense, I knew one day this would happen but if you told me if I was prepared for it, I would have said “No”. If this happen to Haruhi or to any other normal figma, I wouldn’t mind because replacing them would have been cheap but in this case, she is too rare and too expensive to be replaced.

As you can see, the ball joint is completely broken off from her left hand. Looks like a clean cut if you tell me.

Here is the ball joint stuck inside. As you can see, its the broken end.

I tried many things to try pick it out which includes a toothpick, a needle, even a small sharp pointy knife. What’s worse, these tools were doing more damage than good as it looked like the hole was getting bigger and the ball joint was not budging at all. From the looks of things, I was jamming the ball joint more in and this was freaking me out even more. For a second, I had a vision of a handless Konata and that was a scarey vision but from the looks of things, it was likely gonna be true.

Soon I tried my mums small needle scissors and from the looks of things, it was working. The knife just fits into the hole without doing any further damage to the hole and from then on, I started twisting and picking the ball joint out bit by bit in tiny little crumbled pieces which almost looks like ashes. After what took like forever, it finally came out.

That’s the actual ball joint. Well, of what’s left of it.

The results of a broken left hand. T_T

As you can see from the aftermath, the hole looks in a pretty good shape.

I did a test to ensure her hands still fit in properly. It’s still a bit loose but it holds which is a great relief. An arm is pointless if it can’t hold her hands.

“Thanks Konata” ^^

And there you have it. She looks just as new out of the box.
I’ve decided not to peg her hands into her arm block. I just feel she is a lot more fragile than the rest of the figmas I own. After this incident, I guess I won’t be posing her as much as the others considering the fear of this event is still fresh in my mind. -_-

26 Responses to "A figma Fanboy Worst Nightmare!"

Hmmm.. traumatic, huh?

wow… I own some figmas…no wonfes konata though, but to break it on the first removal is abit…unlucky.

EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, I know how you feel. When I broke my Fate’s bardiche I felt rather bad about it all. It’s not a pleasant thing to have happen to you, ugh.

If the hand still feels loose, you can maybe use blue-tack to use as snig-fill at the end where the ball joint was broken. If there’s no where for the tack to seep into it will ahdere lightly to the hand and perhaps give it a more firm hold.

You might even be able to pose it after all, if it works.

oh my. i can imagine the trauma, if u need counseling please let me know, i know a good doctor.

That is nightmarish. I know if I got a hold of that Konata I’d have a hard time keeping her in the box too.

woah man… i know how you feel. at the very least, you managed to salvage some sort of pose for her. that’s the best you could do, and you have my pity… :(

LOOOL to Gordon’s comment ^^

anyway yes it’s sad :( i’m sorry for you :'(

Figmas are bad :p

not really but i know it’s easy to break one :(

and i love the last pic ^^

made me shudder just reading this ^^;; the thought of having any limited/rare item get damaged like that is horrible!

Wow, this sounds scary. Getting a figure part broken like that, and it’s an exclusive rare item.

Imperfections abound and are pretty common.

This keeps making me more and more interested in GSC’s supposed service for replacement figma parts that Danny Choo has mentioned; I could use it, too, except it presumably isn’t available internationally; distributors outside of Japan get extra replacement figures, but that’s irrelevant in the context of WF LTD items..

worst night from what i can remember.

Welcome. A bit of back luck but that’s not gonna stop me from loving figmas. I got to be more gentle from no on. And I thought I was gentle enough. T_T

Thanks for the tip. If I want use that broken hand to pose, blue tack is the way to go.
Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. I don’t even want to think about what will happen if I broke one of my PVC’s. @_@

haha. Thanks. I’m kind of over it now and what’s done is done.
Now when I think about it, it’s kind of funny. Is that normal? lol

Welcome. I have her inside her box for so long and maybe it was the best idea not to let her out. But, that just defeats the point in owning a figmas.

Welcome. Konata already appreciates my hard work. ^^

Figmas are bad when they break. T_T
I just need to be more gentle minus frustration. ^^

I hope this post serves a warning to anyone who owns any limited items. Anything can happen and in an instant, that money could go down the drain.

Its the worse thing for any hobby collector.

Welcome. I know what u mean. I’m sure they cater parts for limited editions as well as they are the same action figures in general. But i reckon that depends on the public demand. If there is a need, I’m sure they will do it.

Thanks everyone. ^^

Gaz T_T. That sux. seriously. T_T;;;;

Sorry to hear that man, and, I hope that last pic makes u a bit more glad that it’s not that major. xD

That’s bad. I haven’t had the chance to open my Konata. I will during my trip.
I hate it when that happens. I might cry just thinking it to happen to me…
Konata is going to be alright!!!!!!

Ouch, I’m sorry that happened to you. I just got the normal version figmas of Haruhi and Yuki and I’m a bit scared of breaking them, guess I’ll have to be careful.

congrats on a successful operation on your figma. That’s one less hand to pose now. Do play with her now and then or else she might fell left out.
I’d go into hysterics if it happened to me. I feel sad when such thing happen.

Thanks for visiting my website too. I just saw your comments today :sorry:

Its bad when it happens because of you but imagine what would have happened because someone else touched her.Better call an ambulance!

You did quite a good job there! Everyone survived the operation with minor drawbacks.Ever thought about becoming a Figma Doctor?^^

I can still pose Konata and she still looks brand new so its all cool. ^^

Be careful as she is fragile. I hope u don’t end up in the same fate as me.

Welcome, hope u enjoy ur stay.
Thanks for the compliment. Haruhi and Yuki are pretty solid figmas if u ask me.

I can still use the broken hand to pose. I just need to apply glue-tack that’s all.

haha, a figma doctor. I need license approval from GSC first to operate on their products.
If someone elso broke her, I would have slaughter them. @_@

C.I here, using WP now…

I tend to go bat-shit crazy with fear if I ever break anything expensive or rare.

Also, optic, I moved to http://finality.wordpress.com/

relink please? ^_^

I’ve had figures where the pegs on their stands have snapped off, though this doesn’t compare since this is a much rarer item. Should’ve played the Konata route and buy three!

At least she is adoreable :) I can’t wait until I get my (normal) Konata figma xD Her chubby hands are the best~!

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[…] these incidents doesn’t really surprise me anymore. After already having experienced an incident first hand on my Wonfes 2008 Konata, I’m disappointed I haven’t learnt my lesson when […]

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What if instead of repairing the hand ball joint, what if you slice off the ball joint and then thicken the stalk slightly? I mean, the ball joint in those kinds of arms don’t really do anything, and thickening the stalk seems to be a more sensible thing to do.


i need help i got same problem the ball joint is still inside and a piece of that stick. I only solution i to try is is use are needle + glue to try pull it out.

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