Optic Profile

The name Gary but over the years many people has given me nicks to make me look kool like for eg. Gazza, Gaz’s, G-Man and GUnit where I have learnt to accept. So feel free to call me by one of my nicks if you like. I live in Sydney, Australia and I’m an Otaku. (I guess you all already knew that by now) xD

Basically this blog is about showcasing my ranties, talking about anime in general and letting you all know a little bit more about my life as me and as an otaku. ^^

How it all began

Starting in late 2005 when I picked up my first dvd at Civic video shop. It was Stellvia Vol. 1 and at first, I thought it was a 2hr animated movie similar to Disney when I started watching it. Soon I realised it was anime after a little bit of research and then I was eagered in wanting more. Sadly, there was no more UNTIL mid 2006 when I convinced my parents to get cable for ‘homework’ purposes which they never realised my primary use will be to download anime. My little bro and sis saw right through me. lol
After Stellvia, I got into Fullmetal Alchemist, Ai Yori Aoshi, Onegai Teacher, Azumanga Daioh, Last Exile, Mai Hime and Otome and list go onwards.

What do you collect?

As you may have already seen, I collect figures, DVDs and a whole range of miscellaneous items.

Do you like games?

A typical and stupid question to ask in the first place but YES, I LOVE GAMES just as much as I love anime. I own a Wii and DS and my backlog of my older consoles include N64, Gamecube and the original Gameboy Colour. I grew up playing with Nintendo games and I will die playing them. I intend to get a PS3 one day… one day… that day will come soon, hopefully.

What do you do for a living?

I finished my IT Diploma @ TAFE and now I’m working full time @ a Radiology company doing HelpDesk and Desktop support. Everyday is a 10hr day so bare in mind, I do get exhausted when I get home.

Final Words

Well, I do hope you enjoy your stay. I’m mostly here preparing for my new post or either wandering around at Dannychoo or at some other blog site.
If you want me to add you to my blogroll, please leave a comment here or somewhere in one of my post. Just do me a favor and add me back @ your site.

I can be contacted on either:

homer[underscore]fatman@hotmail[dot]com (free feel to add me to your msn – just let me know who you are first lol.)



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Anime Episodes Download…

Any similar blog posts you can point me to? Will appreciate it. Thanks….

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