Let’s get into it. It’s Monday so let’s jam it up. ^^

Again, another awesome track by my favourite singer KOTOKO. First time I heard this song was when I started watching BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution, an OVA series from the game. This version is the OP song from the game and the OVA has the ~ Resolution Ver. ~. I kinda prefer Resolution version because it starts off on a high note.

Fanservice FTW!!!

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Instead of showing you the OP video of the game or series, here’s a cool Mai Otome Zwei AMV I found. I’ve watched both Mai Hime and Mai Otome and I prefer Otome because I found it had a more solid storyline and more action and I thought the love between Mai and Tate, just didn’t really connect. Which series did you enjoy or you liked both?

Anyway, enjoy. ^^

PS: May contain spoilers from the Otome series.

Resolution Version


Unrelated to Moetan. ^^

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Two info I would like to mention as I find it’s worth mentioning.
Update: Here’s the link to their Sales page.

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Just letting my fellow readers know in just under 30 days, I will be making the long awaited trip to China. The trip was initially  planned a few months back but my sister wanted to tag along so my Mum and I decided to postponed it to mid-November where she would have finished her last exam of the HSC (Higher School Certificate).  At this point, she will officially finish her schooling years of her life so a well deserve break is recommended.
Aren’t I a nice onii-chan. ^^

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The last package of my September haul has FINALLY arrived. When I saw the package dumped inside my garage, I was excited as hell because firstly, I was so sure my last package will arrive next week the latest, (judging by the delays I usually get) and secondary, as mentioned in my yesterday post, this particular figure, I have been waiting for a very long time from when she was first announced till when I can hold her in my hands. ^^

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Packages 2 & 3 have arrived today from my September haul. They are from my September (even though it’s October) haul because they were all shipped from September and considering I chose the slowest but cheapest shipping option, SAL, it may almost take over a month for them to arrive. It took these babies 25 days. T_T

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Could this be the next “Hare Hare Yukai” or “Motteke! Sailor Fuku” to dance to at the next convention? I certainly hope so because it has a a good rhythm and a catchy beat to dance to. ^^

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Well, this week monday treat is Hitosashiyubi Quiet! by Kana Ueda, Mai Goto, Rina Satou, Kaori Shimizu and Mamiko Noto. They are the voices from the hit series Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. I’m currently up to ep. 8 and lovin’ in. If you enjoy a romantic comedy flick, then this is the series for you. Well to be honest, every otaku should check it out because we all represent a bit like Haruka Nogizaka. ^^

Anyway enjoy. ^^

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On Tuesday, M12 and I spent the afternoon at Darling Harbour. It was such a lovely day where we decided to do something ‘nerdy’ together. lol
Actually, M12 purpose was to take scenery pictures for his novel he is writing about and I thought he might need some company so I tagged along to ensure he ‘keeps it real’. xD

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