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Unrelated to Moetan. ^^

Source: e-shuushuu

Two info I would like to mention as I find it’s worth mentioning.
Update: Here’s the link to their Sales page.

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Lacking Haruhi figures or you just never found the one that you really like, well maybe these 2 may interest you. They were announced fairly recently and already, they are up for preorder at Hobby Search.

  • Name: Suzumiya Haruhi ~Beach Side Version~
  • Scale: 1/7
  • Scheduled release date: November 2008
  • Price: 5,800
  • Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

  • Name: Suzumiya Haruhi ~Uniform Version~
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Scheduled release date: November 2008
  • Price: 5,800
  • Manufacturer: Alter

More images can be found at Hobby Search.

I’ve have decided to get both. For the looks of things, my wallet is gonna do it tough. T_T

Nendoroid Petit The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya #3

Just doing my daily checkups on Mikatan blog when I saw this. I was like “ZOMG GET!!!”. I don’t know why but I love this set more than the pass 2 previous sets. Maybe its because of their costumes like they do look super uber cute in their rock-star outfits and, what looks like to be airline uniforms (correct me if I’m wrong).
According to Tokimeki mall the retail price is 6,000 Yen and its scheduled to be released on September 2008.

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I found this site via Dannychoo and Koi Aichaku a while back and I must say, its a pretty neat database site in keeping track of the latest figures being released and letting people know in the forums how many figures you have collected and what are they. In addition, you can post your figure photos and talk about figures in general with other members like any other regular forum.

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It was only yesterday I announced I was a figma “FREAK” and now they give us Kagami to add into our ever growing collection.

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I think it is  ok for me to say that I am officially a figma “FREAK” Every figma Max Factory has released so far including announced ones, I just can’t say “NO” to. They are addictive and its killing my wallet. >_<

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