What’s in the mega box?

Posted on: October 25, 2008

Finally received my DVD loot from Rightstuf on Thursday morning. I was surprised when my sister carried it into my room. She was demanding me to open it immediately because she was curious to know what was inside and she knew it wasn’t figures for once. lol
I was kinda curious as well because the package was huge. 0_0

The loot are as follows:

  • Samurai 7 Boxset (Thinpack)
  • Rozen Maiden Boxset (Thinpack)
  • Suzuka Boxset (Thinpack)
  • Noein Boxset

And last but not least

  • Gunslinger Girl Limited Edition (Autographed) Lithograph

The reason why the package  was so huge was indeed to keep this Lithograph crease free. It measures between 16″ by 20″ and it’s personally autographed by Laura Bailey (Henrietta), Monica Rial (Angelica), and Caitlin Glass (Triela) who did the english voices of the series. Pity the last 2 cast, Alese Watson (Claes) and Luci Christian (Rico) did not sign it because it would’ve been great if all of the main casts signature was on it. As I like all of the characters, Rico is my favourite so I’m disappointed Luci Christian signature is not there. T_T
Who is your favourite?

Woot!!! I got the 102nd piece.

Personally, I enjoyed the english dub more than the japanese because it was done so well. Funimation did a perfect job in picking the right cast for the characters. What I find in a good dub is when the cast be themselves. If they tried to depict the same dialogue and personality as the japanese cast, then most of the time, it will not work and you can tell instantly they are being unoriginal. It’s just another example where a good dub turn can turn sour where it can ruin the whole series. T_T

I hope the original cast returns and do Gunslinger Girl S2 -Teatrino-. They licensed the series not too long ago and I can’t wait when it comes out in 2009.


11 Responses to "What’s in the mega box?"

I’ve only seen the first 3 or 4 episodes of Gunslinger Girl and I believe it was the sub. I’ll have to check out the rest, it wasn’t that it wasn’t good I just got caught up watching so many other things I forgot about it. Rozen Maiden set would go nicely here. I wish the OVA was included though. And I haven’t seen the others so I can’t say anything about them. Nice loot, that’s really awesome that you got 3 of their signatures

O_O I think I just saw a Rozen Maiden manga.. ;__;

Ah, the curiosity of women, i know that very well because, of course, my sister have that ability too ^^

Well, somewhere you’re lucky that it wasn’t a candy girl in this huge package

Nice loot!!!
I do like the lithograph!!!!!!!
I bet you’ll be hang it up soon!!!

wow proud of you for purchasing dvds too XD. I guess your wallet must hurt now.. Lol. I stopped buying dvds now.. for the moment because I’m broke with support nana mizuki and all. T_T. The horror!

how much did you spend? lol

Damn that Lithograph looks ridiculously awesome. I’d love to own something like that for a show I really love. How much did it cost?

How long did it take to arrive? =o
I’m also curious as to how much the lithograph cost, lol.

Which series are you planning to watch first? If you haven’t started already, hehe~

When u get the time, try and finish off the series. U won’t regret it. I find I understood the story more in dub which is kinda rare in my books.
I’m happy, Funimation is picking up the rest of the 2nd series. I can’t wait for the boxset when it comes out. I hope they can pick up the OVA as well.

@Kairu Ishimaru
LOL, no manga. It’s a thinpack.
I’m not hiding anything. Honest. ^^

Welocome louki. Hope u enjoy ur stay.
Yes, we share something in common with siblings.
Candy girl!? No way. lol

As soon as I can make space for it.

My wallet hated me when I bought my first figure. lol
Total was approx ~210USD.
Thank god, this shipment was processed before the financial meltdown @_@

I picked the Lithograph for 66 USD. It was during their Funimation sale which is a bargain in my books. RRP is $99

It 4.5 weeks. It’s suppose to take 3 but for a package of this size, I would expect to take longer.
lithograph was 66USD
I have already started watching Rozen Maiden. It’s my favourite series and I wanted to get into it asap. ^^

Wow, those are some good series! Nice get though I’m feeling a bit sad on your wallet’s behalf XD
Good to see people still ordering dvd’s, I was under the impression that dvd sales had decreased ^^;

Oh Sweet!
Thats a nice GunslingerGirl Goodie!

I only buy the Manga and havent really seen the Anime.I just watched the first Episode a long time ago and dropped it because i felt they focused more on the Action instead of the Girls fate.

Should i try watching it again?

I’m still a big fan of DVDs. I preferring owning some of the great series and I’m doing my bid in not letting the industry down. ^^

Woah, that’s a bad judgment but just focusing on the first episode. Plz reconsider because it goes deeper than into their personalities and why they were hired as assassins for the secret government.
It’s not just all about chicks with guns. lol

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