How I got addicted into Figmas + the latest figmas preorders

Posted on: June 30, 2008

I think it is  ok for me to say that I am officially a figma “FREAK” Every figma Max Factory has released so far including announced ones, I just can’t say “NO” to. They are addictive and its killing my wallet. >_<

When Max first announced their new line of figures called “Figma”, I remained in doubt whether it was a hit or not. There was a lot of news posted about their figma range, a couple of promo video’s featuring Yuki, their first figma but still I wasn’t convinced. Basically, what deterred me away was the visibility of the joints and mind you, I’m still not completely satisfied in getting figures with joints.

Soon afterwards, they announced figma Haruhi and considering I’m a huge fan of hers, (and I know most of you are xD) I decided to give their figma line a chance and see for my own eyes how fun they could be. Also judging by the quality from the promo pictures, she looks alright considering Max hasn’t disappointed me once in regards to quality for any figure I bought.

When she arrived at my place, I started playing with her for a minute. Then the minute turned into 30mins and then an hour has passed or maybe two but I can’t remember because I was having so much fun posing and changing her parts around, I just lost track of time. Come to think of it, I don’t even recall thinking about the joints because they are not as big and eye-catching as seen on the promo pics. (Or I was just having too much fun but that’s besides the point. xD)

Later on, they announced figma Saber and just by looking at the promo pictures, she looked amazing and the joints were barely even visible because they are blended in, in her outfit. Even though I thought the series was okay, she was a “MUST GET”, because my mind was telling me like “COME ON, THIS IS SABER IN ARMOUR VERSION, ITS NOT LIKE YOU WILL FIND ONE ANYDAY” and then I listened to my mind and got it and WOW, I’m not a bit disappointed at all.

Later on, as each figma was announced every month, I got excited and just looking at the pictures, I can imagine how much fun posing them can be.

So there you have it, my short story into how I got addicted into figmas. All it took was one chance and now I’m hooked. xD

So do you like figmas? If so or if not, why?

This maybe old news but here are the latest figmas scheduled to be release in July & August:

Izumi Konata Winter School uniform ver.

Kanu Unchou

Fate T Harlaown Barrier Jacket Ver.

Tosaka Rin Plain Clothes Ver.

Asahina Mikuru School Uniform Ver.

Hiiragi Tsukasa Winter School Uniform ver.

Kururugi Suzaku WF2008 Exclusive

(I don’t know how I’m gonna get this, BUT I will GET IT. ^^)

So which one are you getting?


12 Responses to "How I got addicted into Figmas + the latest figmas preorders"

At first i didn’t get interested in figma Yuki, but after some great characters got figma treatment, i started to collect figma, and it’s reallyu fun to play with figma.

So far still Haruhi and Nanoha. Next, Fate, Konata, and Kagami (waiting for preorder open).

Oh GOD that lucky star pic on the op-post is awesome !

Also I gotta find where to buy that barrier-j Testarossa, I’d love for that to be my first Figma.

Thank you for visiting my blog, by the way, I’ve added you to blogroll, as well!

I look forward to hearing from you again!

Nah I’m not a Haruhi fan >:D. I like Mikuru a little bit, that’s about it.

As for Figmas, I’m sure they’re very fun to pose. However, I don’t really need my models to be posable. I just need them to look good. Considering their movability, the joints are quite invisible. But a unposable figure’s fine by me.

argh, it’s posts like this that are tipping the scale to a huge figma impulse-binge-buy ^^; since i’m lacking any sort of interesting backdrop, i always look to spice things up by posing figures together. figmas would definitely take that up a notch heheh

I love figmas, but they’ll surely bleed my wallet dry. D:

For some reason I think they’re going to do the whole cast of Lucky Star in figma… oh boy. x___x

I have my first figma in the mail, and I’m really excited lol! Its Yuki, after i get her I hope to order and pre-order the rest of the haruhi characters! I also have Tsukasa pre-ordered, now i just have to pre-order konata lol.

I haven’t even got my first figma and I’m already addicted lol.

Your just like me!!!!!!
I love Figma!!!!!!
I have so many of them pre ordered!!!!!!!!
I’m going to get the Suzaku at Wonder Festival!!!!!
I want some of those preorders!!!!!!
Figma’s and Nendoroids!!!!!! I can’t resist!!!!!!!! Must buy them all!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, it was after the Yuki where I got into it. I’m still waiting for Fate and Konata to be up in HLJ. (if ever)

Thanks. She’s pretty much sold out everywhere when preorders has started. Never realised she was so popular.

I fine figma’s are good in quality considering they are from Max and I only move them when I feel they need a change.

looking at ur style of shots, u need more figmas xD

I will need to start making sacrifices when they do that. Toast and milk for a week?

Hope u get her soon. She is fun to play with and its easy getting addicted to particular items when u haven’t got any. For eg. I don’t know much about the shuraki series but I love the figures thanks to numerous bloggers.

I know ur gonna get them all. I don’t think there is something u don’t want. lol

Got my first figma. Love Haruhi. I really want Mikuru…… I am preordered a Kagami already. From NeonMartian once again, will be getting it in August probs.
I have a Fraulein, Pocco, she’s awesome, and bigger, but I dunno…. Figma have a certain charm….
and they’re legs aren’t as prone to disattaching themselves lol


I’ve been a huge fan of nendoroids- but I’m a guy, and nendoroids are kinda “girly”

I’ve been looking for anime figures that were more MANLY :D, and then I found Figmas!


I need to complete my Hare Hare Yukai set-
I have Haruhi, Nagato, & Koizumi. I need Kyon & Mikuru :D

Awesome article! :)

Figma Haruhi seems to be the most sturdy one atm.
I can’t wait to get my Kagami as well. ^^

Welcome. Hope u stick around. ^^
Hmmm… girly isn’t the best term to describe nendos but more like, they are super uber kawaii. Considering ur into manly figures, I can see from ur point of view.
Figmas awesome, u pose them and u have fun.

Good lucking in completing the set. It’s awesome.

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