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Image via e-shuushuu

Lately, I’ve been reading many post from various bloggers about their current preorder list which includes early 2009 releases as well. With the current economy at it’s present state, it surprises me where not many people’s list are affected. I kinda find many people are buying more or they don’t need to cutback at all. I’m not complaining but just surprised that’s all. lol

Unfortunately, this economical crisis has affected my spending spree significantly and the biggest hit is my preorder list. It was just yesterday I made my 3rd round of cancellations over a 2-3 week period and it just pains me to click on the cancel button. T_T

So who got cut? Hit the jump to find out.

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The scene of another crime @_@

As a figma otaku, I’m starting to get hang of these figma incidents. To be honest, after reading similar incidents via Dannychoo and other blogs, these incidents doesn’t really surprise me anymore. After already having experienced an incident first hand on my Wonfes 2008 Konata, I’m disappointed I haven’t learnt my lesson when it came to applying excessive pressure on my figmas. I hope she will be the last victim but I get the feeling she won’t as my figma collection grows and the variety of their joints and design changes. T_T
I hope this post delivers an another example of  ‘what not to do” to your figmas,  for you figma owners out there.

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1/8 Mitsuki Hayase by Good Smile Company

Before I begin, this shoot was taken at ‘home’ and not at the ‘beach’. I will never be bold enough to do a shoot with her at the beach because, considering our beaches here are so popular and packed with people, I will be the centre of attention. @_@

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The last package of my September haul has FINALLY arrived. When I saw the package dumped inside my garage, I was excited as hell because firstly, I was so sure my last package will arrive next week the latest, (judging by the delays I usually get) and secondary, as mentioned in my yesterday post, this particular figure, I have been waiting for a very long time from when she was first announced till when I can hold her in my hands. ^^

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Packages 2 & 3 have arrived today from my September haul. They are from my September (even though it’s October) haul because they were all shipped from September and considering I chose the slowest but cheapest shipping option, SAL, it may almost take over a month for them to arrive. It took these babies 25 days. T_T

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First out of 4 packages from HLJ in my Spetember haul.

As seen from above, the items are:

  • figma Tsukasa Hiiragi Winter Uniform Ver. by Max Factory
  • 1/8 scale Mitsuki Hayase by Good Smile Company
  • figma Rin Tousaka Casual Wear Ver. by Max Factory

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(Click on the image for a larger resolution)

It’s surprising where it’s been just over a year since I made figure collecting as a hobby of mine and while I was stacking the boxes side by side and on top of one another, I was kinda shocked in how much I have acquired in this short amount of time. While a year maybe long for some, to me, it’s like a ‘blink of an eye’ and before you know it, a year has gone before you even realised it.

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