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One of the most enjoyable songs I’m listening to daily at the moment. I gotta thank my sister for sharing. :3
Jason Mraz is one of the most talented singers out there. This song is so easy to singalong with where it’s hard not to join in. In addition, it has a funky beat as well which will get you moving in no time.

I found an awesome AMV which fits perfectly with this song so enjoy. ^^

Hmmm… she’s been bugging me to get this movie for a while now. I’ve watched it over many times so I’m in no rush to get it.

Official video clip

(HQ is recommended)


Let’s get into it. It’s Monday so let’s jam it up. ^^

Again, another awesome track by my favourite singer KOTOKO. First time I heard this song was when I started watching BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution, an OVA series from the game. This version is the OP song from the game and the OVA has the ~ Resolution Ver. ~. I kinda prefer Resolution version because it starts off on a high note.

Fanservice FTW!!!

Source: Minitokyo
( Click for full resolution )

Instead of showing you the OP video of the game or series, here’s a cool Mai Otome Zwei AMV I found. I’ve watched both Mai Hime and Mai Otome and I prefer Otome because I found it had a more solid storyline and more action and I thought the love between Mai and Tate, just didn’t really connect. Which series did you enjoy or you liked both?

Anyway, enjoy. ^^

PS: May contain spoilers from the Otome series.

Resolution Version

Could this be the next “Hare Hare Yukai” or “Motteke! Sailor Fuku” to dance to at the next convention? I certainly hope so because it has a a good rhythm and a catchy beat to dance to. ^^

Click for full resolution
Source: e-shuushuu

Well, this week monday treat is Hitosashiyubi Quiet! by Kana Ueda, Mai Goto, Rina Satou, Kaori Shimizu and Mamiko Noto. They are the voices from the hit series Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. I’m currently up to ep. 8 and lovin’ in. If you enjoy a romantic comedy flick, then this is the series for you. Well to be honest, every otaku should check it out because we all represent a bit like Haruka Nogizaka. ^^

Anyway enjoy. ^^

Full Version

This OP is from the hit series Blassreiter from the producers of Gonzo and Nitroplus. As a fan of Gonzo productions, I had to check it out when I heard about it at Dannychoo. When I saw a preview, it caught my interest instantly by the CG animation, especially the battle scenes.
While it got off at a steady start, the climax of the series took off instantly after ep. 12. The storyline goes more in-depth, the battle scenes get more intense and the storyline revolves more around the characters.
If you guys haven’t checked it out, I stronger suggest you do because it’s a series well worth the pick up.

I would watching in HQ.

Note: The scenes used in the AMV are from ep. 4, 8, 9, 12, 15-17 as well as from the 2nd OP because this song is the 2nd OP from the series. There are no spoilers (well, not that I can see) ^_^

Your a fan of Gonzo?

So who’s ready for another season of Hell-Goodness? ^^

If you haven’t heard already, Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, Season 3 of the series will be airing this week and this is just one of the most anticipated titles on my ‘watchlist’ this season.
Is it on your watchlist?

Managed to find her special OP PV which originated from one of her DVD volumes. It features scenes from her PV and Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori which is the Second season of the series, so do check it out. ^^

I could never find Emma Ai sexy in anyway. This pic. proves I'm wrong

(Click on picture for full resolution)
Image via e-shuushuu

The opening song of ef – a tales of memories. I’ve only got one word, “WOW”. ^^

From the comments, this is special opening PV taken from the DVD. I would suggest watching it in HQ.
Enjoy. ^^

Apologies for the late Music Monday post. Had a rough night yesterday and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was to jump on to my computer and try to post this up on time.

So instead of Music Mondays, I give you Music Tuesdays for this week. ^^

One of a few songs that help me relax after a stressful day. Listening to it everytime helps me forgot about the reality world for 5mins. ^_^

This is the ED theme song of Hidamari Sketch. One of the best underrated ‘slice of life’ series out. The second season is already airing but I’m still halfway through the first. T_T
Watch it. You will LOVE IT!!! :D

While I was browsering for a clip, I found this along the way.
I will let you guys watch it. Enjoy. ^^

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