Part 1: My figma Desk

Posted on: September 5, 2008

I’m gonna dig right into it as what you see is how my workspace is setup. Yes, I’m not gonna lie. I cleaned it up before I took the shoot. ^^
That’s why the desk from the left where my printer is, is full of paper and other miscellaneous items everywhere but that is not important because I’m not showing you that area. lol

You maybe wondering what’s with the ‘funny’ title. Well, if you don’t already know, I am a figma doctor, master, FREAK, GEEK, well, call it whatever you want but my love for figmas is beyond control now and all of them in one place on my desk proves this love is not going away soon. I have already allocated space for my future arrivals so in my next desk post, u may see twice as more. xD

Front view

My System Unit and Bass. It’s the Antec Sonata II ATX case without the cover. I customed built my rig 4 years ago for gaming purpose but I didn’t game much. Now I use it for surfing the web, blogging, working, listening to music and watching anime. It still does the job efficiently so no need for an upgrade.
The only parts I added was more hard disk space, a new sound card and more memory.

My Bass is from the Logitech Z-2300 Speakers.

I got my 22″ monitor (Asus VW222U) a few months ago as I was not sastified in watching anime on my puny 17″ any more. I had the extra cash so I went big. ^^

My cup, tool box for my pens (made it at school ^^), cds, blank dvds etc.
My figure dusting brush is there as well (next to my ruler) while I was dusting my figmas. It’s actually a powder brush for ladies faces but I use it to dust my ladies completely. xD
What type of brush do you use to dust your ladies and gentlemen (if you have any) or do you need to dust them at all?

This space use to be full of dvds but due to my ever increasing figure collection, I had to make room for them. I have a fetish for charity bears because they are so adorable. It’s also for a good cause so it works both ways. ^^

And here is where most of my figmas are showcased. Included are some of my Simpson bottleheads, Miku and my D-Link router.

Lastly, here are a few posters and dangly things beside my desk. The mega Super Mario poster came from the official strategy guide and the nanoha and vita posters came from the monthy megami volumes.

20 Responses to "Part 1: My figma Desk"

Your desk and shelf and everything, very neat, mine is like a pigsty! *guilty

I could use that empty space around your monitor to do homework or write things.

Is that a Nanatsuiro Drops calendar beside your desk lamp? Other than figure, i’d like to collect those things. Too bad, there are no local store around my place that sells anime stuffs other than figures.

Anyway, i never like putting system unit under the desk, it would be hard to do any customization / reparation with it.

I love how you have your figmas arranged, very nice, mine are playing around my desk also lol.

Nice , everything is clean and i love your screen ;) , and i can see that your figma’s are happy with you :o

Figma Master indeed :o

Well, it was a pigsty before i cleaned it up for the shoot. That mess is on the other desk. T_T

Yes it is. It came bundled with the nendo sumo-chan and DS game. I wish there was a place here that sell figures and/or anime stuff.
The system has to go under my desk as I have no where else to put it. I get what u mean when doing customising. T_T

When I go to sleep, they go wild, ravening through my stuff. xD

Thanks, I ensure they are always happy.
More to come soon, very soon. xD

You should do another figma desk picture at the end of the year just to see how crazy you do get with your figma craze.

So thats where the Figma magic happens^^
Looks nice!
And a big shoutout for the mario galaxy poster!

I dust my figures with a fanned brush :) I only dust them when I feel they look bad, or if I am going to take a picture of them though.

Funny thing, I also keep my figmas on my desk! It’s nice to have them there to fiddle with on a break from work ;)

@ optic> show me your messed up table XD

Nice desk!!!!!!!
Really clean and tidy compared to me…

you brush your ladies completely…. xD freakin love that sentence hahahah, nice pics of your collections mate :3

@super rats
hahaha. I already made a note but let see how long this figma craze last. ^^

Love mario galaxy. Best mario game ever! ^^

@Pure Trance
I usually dust them when I start fiddling with them.
U should do a desk shot as well. I wanna see ur figma desk. xD

it actually has personal stuff on it so maybe later. ^^

Well, I can’t work on a messy desk to be honest.

That’s right, even when they are castoffable. xD

Lol yellow and white pages for stands. Do you only use L-Z or something? XD

LOL @ no smoking sticker. u mean people smoke in your room? ^^;

Very nice. Looking forward to seeing more of your room :3.

haha. I had choose a couple to get my height right. It’s actually A-K. ^^

No way. I will stab them.
I’m just proving a point for ppl to quit.

Then next part might be NSFW. xD

Then next part might be NSFW. xD

I certainly hope the NSFW part isn’t pictures of you. =P

Lololol! ooo New layout! looks really good lol xD very neat. lol just as neat as your desktop =) lol and i always somehow notice the little face on the webpage somewhere lol this time it’s moved to the topright of the page lol xD!!

lol i want your desk lool! so clean and spacious lol has more free space then mine lololol xD!

lol. No, I don’t swing that way.

thanks mate. Well, it’s kinda messy now as I cleaned it up for the shoot. xD

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