Break over… Preparing for Hell.

Posted on: September 7, 2008

Well as most of you already know, today is the last day of my break. Thinking back, I feel I didn’t do much really as I spent most of my days watching anime, playing games, blogging, going out with friends etc etc. but it was enjoyable overall considering I don’t get school holidays anymore. Man I miss those days. T_T

I got call today from my team leader letting me know about this week work schedule and  my god it’s hell. More training, handling leftover clients request and more training. The thing is, I don’t need to do more training as I know my stuff but I have to be there for the sake of it.
While he and I know it’s a waste of time, management makes the last decision weather we like it or not. T_T

Enough about my rant. Today I attempted to do 2 figure shoot with my new camera. Sadly, most of my pictures turned out too bright. It just goes to show, I’m still a camera newbie and I gotta spend more time tweaking it to get it right.

In conclusion, my figma Haruhi shoot will be delayed hopefully till next week as well as my other figure shoot.
Guess who the other figure was? xD

That's a cute bottom. :3

I feel like pork tonight. :P


16 Responses to "Break over… Preparing for Hell."

I’d like to see more of Suzu’s butt.

All the best optic, you’ll be fine~

Take care of yourself, don’t let things get to you too much. Love that Enma Ai picture btw.

Take care mate. Hope things do feel overwhelming in the beginning.

Ah the Kotobukiya Suzu whose age doesn’t match her body at all (lol). Looking forward to see more of Suzu (and Tonkatsu)!

Hope you feel better about your timetable for work!!!!!!
I say it’s a Suzu figure!!!!!
Would love to see the figure shoot!!!!!

P.S.: I don’t see my link anymore on your site. Did you take it off?

Well, hope you had a good break. That’s Suzu :D. Tonkatsu gives it away ;).

I don’t know who is that.. lolz

Correct! ^^

I will grant u that wish. xD

Thanks. It wasn’t all that bad today, really as I thought it will be. ^^

Thanks. If u want, I can send it to u.

Thanks. I don’t really mind. She will always be a loli to me xD

Thanks. Ur absolutely correct.
Look forward to it soon.

Yes, Tonkatsu does. It’s meant to be easy.

Then I would suggest u to give Nagasarete Airantou a go. It’s a good random series. ^^

Have no idea who Suzu is, but I have to admit, cute behind indeed xD;;

Have you tried playing with the white balance and vibrancy? You’ll have to go into manual settings for that obviously.
I take a few test shots until I’m happy with my settings before I start playing around with angles [and posing in the case of my brother’s gundams]. A mirror would also be a great prop to consider using.

Hang in there Gaz, u can live as long figmas are waiting for u at home on the desk. :3

That Ai pic, suits for the HELL ur having this week huh? D:

haha, thanks. U should check out the series. She’s from Nagasarete Airantou.
Thanks for the tip. I will work on it. Practice makes perfect right? ^^

Looking at Emma Ai makes me feel calm. lol

let me guess.. you just finished Hell Girl? ^^

I recognize which anime that figure (actually recognize the pig) comes from but don’t remember the anime name >_<

I finished season 2 just last week. Looking forward to season 3.
The series is Nagasarete Airantou. Go check it out when u get the time. ^^

I can’t believe that I made a serious typo in my comment. Really didn’t mean to say that! (“Hope things DON’T feel overwhelming in the beginning”) T_T

lol, it’s alright.
To be honest, I misread u comment and I didn’t see the typo. ^^

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