What’s in the box? 4

Posted on: July 22, 2008

Hint: Shuraki #02 (Very simple ^_^)

1/8 BOX #02 Meifeng Liu by Good Smile Company

Arrived this morning. Picked her up at Play-asia during their 25% off Summer Sale. I got her for just over $70 AUD which includes shipping. I would say its a bargain and worth the find as she is sold out from almost everywhere you look. This is the re-release version of her. I think it’s the 2nd as I already lost count.

Just looking at her through the plastic, she looks magnificent. I read a lot of reviews about her but I was never convinced and usually the price would hold me back but when it comes to big sales with big bargins, I go after it like a wolf. xD

11 Responses to "What’s in the box? 4"

waah!! so lucky i really want this figure!

WHY YOU!!!!!!
This is by far my most fav Shuraki figure!!!!!!
I so want it!!!!!!!

Indeed I was lucky to find some still available. I thought I was one of the late comers in this sale.

Hope u find one in Japan. ^^

Lucky you ^^

it’s the only Shuraki i like with Rize ;)

Oh very nice. I like bargains :3.

grats for getting her, best shuraki figurine ever :D

nice Gaz, you finally got a copy also. She’s just fuckin gorgeous mate. xD

Wasn’t this figure sold out before the 25% off sale?!? I never saw it getting restocked either… :(

They are both gorgeous IMO.

Everybody does. ^^

I still think Char is but we all have our own fav. ^^

haha, thanks noel. I felt a bit motivated because u got one. xD

I’m not too sure about that. I just did a search and she was available.
Btw, welcome. Hope u enjoy ur stay.

Shuraki part deux! Hee :3

Getting figs on deal-days is awesome. Get five for price of four or so. :3

[…] of my figures acquired a couple of months ago are still not open due to this problem like for eg. MeiFeng and Rize. This is only a temporary solution until I am able to find more shelf space but it looks […]

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