Big Goodie Box

Posted on: July 25, 2008

I’ve decided to give my “What’s in the box?” segment a break. Besides, the hint’s will go on forever on the goodies inside this huge box. ^^

The contents inside the box contains:

  • figma Itsuki Koizumi by Max Factory
  • Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star Season #2 by Good Smile Company
  • figma Kyon by Max Factory

What’s funny about receiving this package is, the postman didn’t even knock or ring my door bell. It was just left there outside my front door so I wasn’t too sure what time he even came. I knew it was sometime between 9-11am because my parents and brother hasn’t even left work before then.  Considering I live in one of the worst suburbs in town, I fear one of these days, one of my package will go missing and the result could be theft. I’m afraid it may happen one day and to minimise this situation as much as possible, I’ve decided to check daily to see if my package(s) has arrived on my front door after a week and a half from the date it was shipped. It took almost 2 weeks for these to arrive as I chose SAL shipping option (as always).

Have any of you lost packages which could have been the result of theft?


8 Responses to "Big Goodie Box"

Haven’t experienced goods being stolen yet and would hope that that day won’t come. Anyway, what’s left there is a figma Mikuru. I’ll be receiving my SOS-dan girls from HLJ too next week. Won’t bother having Kyon and Koizumi… and I wan’t to have that upcoming figma Ryouko and Tsuruya-san. That Freeing Ryouko Bunny is good too.

here in singapore, if the postman comes and no one is around, he will leave a note on your door indicating what time he came and contact number to call the post office to make another delivery, free of charge.

Welcome, hope u enjoy ur stay.
Got figma Mikuru from HLJ as well and i hope she will arrive next week. I hope they list figma Ryouko and Tsuruya-san as well as I rely on them a lot because of cheap shipping.

That’s awesome service I can trust. Apparently, we only do that for EMS. T_T

lol osm Gaz, another package came, with 3 in it!!!! look at that nendo petit LS xD konata ftw. *whisper whisper* USE EMS ALREADY! LOL

*Look at you with anger*

need to get itsuki and kyon figmas. then i would have most of the figmas from the MoHS collection. ^-^
Postmen here always leave it with the floor security or call on me since they have to take back the customs duty charged on most of the boxes. Like the guys above said use EMS. its safe.

I said it before and I will say it again. EMS BITES MY WALLET HARD. >_<

haha. There is more coming that I’m sure u want. ^^

Welcome, hope u enjoy ur stay.
Only Mikuru left and hopefully will get her this week. EMS is always safe but it comes at a price.

Waa~ Do want! x3
I need to get a better job or I’m just going to be admiring Figmas & Nendoroids from afar forever orz

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