“Agent Paper” Yomiko Readman

Posted on: July 21, 2008

1/8 scale Yomiko Readman by Kotobukiya

Another old figure in my collection. It’s Yomiko Readman, code name: “Agent Paper” from the well known R.O.D series. There is a TV series, an OVA and a manga called “Read or Dream” where the series is adapted from.

I acquired this figure from HLJ during my early figure collecting days. According to the info. this figure was originally offered as a resin kit back in April 2001 and then a year later as a prepainted cold cast statue in May 2002. A couple of years later, Kotobukiya finally released a PVC version of her where she is more affordable. I’m assuming the demand was pretty high and the R.O.D fan base was pretty big back then. The only difference between the PVC and the resin kit and the cold cast is, she has a custom base where you can take a close up look later on.

For the PVC version, I find Kotobukiya did a marvelous job. The original sculpt design is the same from the past 2 releases and I believe many people wanted that in the PVC version because she looks elegant and beautiful in that pose. I liked the way how she is standing on one leg while hold a few papers in her left fingers. It feels like she is ready to strike at any villain and/or defend at any dangerous objects flying towards her. As mentioned earlier, one of the key difference in distinguishing the PVC version from the past 2 releases is her custom base. I really like how they designed it. It’s like a little spiral circle of paper circling around her right foot. It’s little details like these that help you appreciate the design and quality of the overall figure even more and I believe Kotobukiya did a magnificent job. There are a bit of areas where the paint job could be worked on more especially on the hair streamlines but when viewed from a distance, they are barely noticeable.

As for the series, well, I liked it so that’s why I got the figure. It was another one of those feelings where you want a figure from a series you liked where you just finished. This was one of them and off course, I stopped that considering it would had sent me broke if I didn’t. I personally liked the TV series (storywise) compared to the OVA but I feel the OVA was more tense and action packed. Maybe Nancy Makuhari, code name: “Miss Deep” was a lot more energetic and flexibility. xD
I would recommend you all to check out the OVA before the TV series because if you don’t like the OVA, then don’t bother with the TV series.

Well, enough of my explanation and enjoy the shots.
Note: This shoot was done on the same day, I did Sara Werec. At the moment, I’m working on new ideas for my new shoots. ^^

Custom base FTW!!!

Btw, her glasses can be taken off. I just found now. lol

Yes, her skirt is cast-offable.
Woot!! I dig for sexy thighs. xD

I LOVE frills pantsu. It makes her look extra sexy. xD

Well, this was a indeed an extensive shoot. There were a lot of detailed areas like for eg. her jacket where I just couldn’t cover with 1 or 2 shots. Again, I worked more on angle shots.

If your interested, again, ebay is your best option. ^^


12 Responses to "“Agent Paper” Yomiko Readman"

what color is your figures hair? i have the same one but mines deep dark black. yours looks like its black/blue and has lots of white dots. and didnt yours come with the sticker for the base so that it is covered in “papers”?

Ah, Read or Die. Brings back the memories. Nice shoot.

Have you decided whether you’re going to Smash! ;)?

mine one is black and there is not sticker for the base. The white dots are dust where I did a poor job in getting rid of it before the shoot.

U bet I will be there. If u want to make the arrangements, feel free and let me know via email or msn etc. ^^

So this is how kotobukiya mad their old figures. I still see some weirdness on the face.

man, didn’t know it came with custom base. looks very nice i agree! Also, castoffable skirt? AMEN.

wow awesome shoot optic,she looks beautiful in that pose.The base looks kinda cool but they should of spread the papers “or whatever those are” out more.Never really seen the series though:/

How much did you pay for her?

lovely photos :) last one is the best, it has good depth, composition, and angle :)

been so long since I saw the read or die series, this yomiko is from the OVA right

They have gotten a lot better IMO. I guess getting better means making mistakes. That’s how i learn things.

AMEN to that. xD

Welcome. Be sure to check the OVA before the series if ur interested. I prefer the papers like that because it looks cool and i got her for about $47 AUD.

Thanks. ^^
it’s also been a while for me as well and I’m pretty sure it is based on the OVA. This figure was out when the OVA was already out.

i want to see her without the glasses. ^^;

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the ROD series. But boy this figures goes way back. Shows that Kotobukiya still didn’t have a grasp back then.

I will make a note of it as one day I will be doing reshoots on areas I have missed.

That’s true. That’s why when I started on this hobby, Koto was my least favourite. I even prefer Yujin then them.

I loved the Read Or Die OAV and ROD TV. Always sad when I see that ‘discontinued’ sign next to her on HLJ…

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