neko-mini Tsuruya-san

Posted on: July 13, 2008

1/8 scale Tsuruya-san by Max Factory

Another shoot for another figure in my collection. This time it’s Tsuruya-san from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya who get’s the spotlight. As mentioned in my “Figure teaser” post, she was coming soon so I hope I didn’t disappoint.

I was intending to take her outside and do another outdoor shoot but the weather was dull and it looked like it was gonna rain so I did an indoor one instead in my dining room. There wasn’t much light and I didn’t want to use the flash as the quality looked better without it so I did my best with the shoot.

Tsuruya-san is the 5th figure released from Max Factory Haruhi series. I already have the whole set to date and she was my 5th one acquired from the series. She was released on late February 2008 (from what I can remember) but I didn’t get mine until late March due to short supplies at HLJ. Apparently, they weren’t able to fulfill my order because I preordered late. Well, that’s what I”m assuming as they didn’t give me a legitimate explanation. I got mad because I really wanted it and if they were unable to fulfill my order, they should have notified earlier, rather than later so I could have purchased her at Hobby Search before it was too late. I had an urge to spam them with ‘hate mate’, but I know that wouldn’t get me my Tsuruya-san. Luckily, I found one at a retail price on ebay a couple of weeks later. I couldn’t careless about the shipping cost because I really wanted her to complete my Haruhi collection. Luckily the shipping price wasn’t that bad and when she finally arrived, I jumped for joy. It was everything I expected from seeing the promo pictures to seeing the real thing out of the box.

When it comes to figures, Max does it again. The quality is brilliant and the figure is top-notch, The paintwork is very detailed and I can’t seem to find a single flaw. My favourite area is the hair. You have to see it to believe it as it’s big and long where it almost covers her whole back. Her eyes is another key area to point out. Very detailed indeed where gives out that Tsuruya moeness.
The figure came with 3 attachments, the fist interchangeable hand, a pair of “neko mini” and tail to give out that “neko” waitress look.

Her hands are so pretty. Even her fingernails are painted. ^^

And finally xD

I’m still decided if I should get the 1/8 Asahina Mikuru School Festival Version. I already have the other Mikuru and I’m not a big Mikuru fan but they are a matching pair. ^^

Most online stores don’t have her avaliable anymore so ebay would be the best place to look first if your interested.

13 Responses to "neko-mini Tsuruya-san"

ooh really nice figure, I’m going to have to put it in want list ^_^

i got scared by the pantsu shot lol, probably cause i wasn’t expecting it haha.

Awesome pics !

pic number 8 is just great , good job !


<3 tsuruya ^_^

pantsu shot caught me off guard too ^^;

Hauuuuu I want!!! Want so much!!! I dont know why but I just loves Tsuruya-san!! Maybe more than I loves Mikuru and Haruhi!!!

And btw, my collection is muuuuch bigger lol. Thats just what I got in my first debit card escapade lol. I have over 100 figures, over 20 big and loads of gashapon etc.

A very nice review and great pics! :)

That’s a really nice shot of Tsuruya san.
Your shots are improving a lot!!!!!!
Really nice photoshoot!!!!!

It’s cool how you picked those flowers as the backdrop.
… But where’s Music Monday XD?

My bad. Putting the pantsu shot as my last shot is a bit unexpected for some. lol

Thanks. ^^d

haha, my bad. xD

Welcome. Hope u enjoy ur stay.
Yes, it’s a must have for any figure collection. I can’t decide which one is my fav. because I love them all.
Woah! over a 100 figs!?
U must let me see them all. ^^

Welcome. Hope u enjoy ur stay.
Thanks. I’m still improving btw.

Thanks. ^^

The flowers is my key item to not make my shoots look dull.
Btw, it’s up. I never miss this post. xD

Yay close-ups and erhem… perspectives xD;;
Not using the flash was a good decision, in general I rarely use flash except to test it out (even though I know it would be pointless ^^;)

Much better variety of shots compared to your Shana outdoor one, now you just need to merge them, background from Shana and perspective/variety from Tsuruya ;3

Erm… yeah, sorry for late comment orz

nice, very nice photos of tsuruya

love the flower background :)

too bad that image no 2291 is blurry, that one has nicest angle/zoom :)

but overall good job ^^b

That’s what I do with the flash as well. lol
Thanks for the tip. I take every helpful tip seriously and try to implemented it on my next shoot.

I think my hand was shaking due to the cold temp. T_T

Gaz…. This figure already definitely went to my Fave. everything is so detailed, and the sculpt itself is magnificent. glad we have it eh? :D

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