Waitress Mikuru

Posted on: August 16, 2008

1/8 scale Mikuru Asahina by Max Factory

Here is another review to continue on this week track record. I present you Mikuru Asahina from the well known acclaim series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya by Max Factory.

Mikuru is the 2nd figure released from the Max Factory Haruhi series but she is my 4th one acquired. I got her late due to the fact, I got into the figure scene late and by the time I was really into it, she was long gone and most of the online stores have her discontinued. Ebay was my last option and after a long search, I managed to find one at a retail price.
She was my first figure bought from ebay and you bet I was worried considering ebay is full of bootleg figures but I double checked with the seller and his store and judging by the comments, I was safe the say, the figure he sells are legitimate.

Another magnificent job by Max again. She looks flawless and I’m surprised how they can sculpt such a beautiful and flawless figure based on a simple art design. Well, it may not be simple for the sculpturer but from my point of view, they make it look too easy. ^^
A few key areas I like are the maid outfit, the twin tails, the eyes and the hair band which is part of the outfit.

I love painted fingernails. Don't you? xD

I love painted fingernails. Don't you?

Love the even curve. =D

My Tusuruya-san review can be found here for anyone who hasn’t checked it out.

For the shoot, I went for the funky angles. My aim was to get closer to the figure and bring out her vibrant effect considering her pose looks dynamic and to achieve that, I had to take some funky angle shots. I think I managed it achieve it.

For other interesting shoots on her, please check out Koi Aichaku review.
I will be happy to link your review if you did one. Just let me know and I will add it. I try to remember reviews other people did but considering there are some many from the list on my blogroll and from other blogs I browser, its easy to forget. ^^

2 down, 3 more to go so look forward to it soon. ^^


16 Responses to "Waitress Mikuru"

Wow, nice photos there.

AS always, this figure is sure is classic, but it still has its popularity even for now.

Anyway, she really has a nice butt XD.

The only thing thats preventing me from picking up one of these apart from the lack of stores that still have it in stock is that it’s prone to leaning. Nonetheless..she looks gorgeous.

She has great color and hair. Mine was leaning right out of the box, but hasn’t leaned any extra. Cool first shot.


I regret not getting her since i saw your photo of her pantsu+butt….

But really she looks gorgeous man, :D

Thanks. I know what u mean. I would consider anyone lucky if they found one these days.

Hey Steve. Thanks for stopping by.
I never realised she prone to lean. I don’t have any leaning figures atm. I hope never. ^^

@super rats
Welcome super rats. Hope u enjoy ur stay.
That suxs but I’m happy she doesn’t lean any further.

NO! xD

Haha. At least u got the other version which I’m tempted to get.

No Real Objects this time?Didnt you find anything that suited Mikuru?

Is that all natural light?

wow awesome photo shoot optic;) It’s not too bright which is good because it doesn’t pale her out and warms her colors:D and as super rats said, shes got good colors, especially her brown orange hair xD

Anyways, she looks like an awesome figure,wish I had money to get her, but, it’s ok, I’ll eventually have money to get the figures I want^^ I like her awkward smile haha makes her cuter with the pose:D She’s the biggest girl in the SOS so she’s a must have:D

Nice review Optic:)

I really want this figure too, I’ll have to hunt one down on ebay after a few more of my pre-orders get here lol.
Great Review, and great pictures!

i have haruhi and yuki from this same series of figures. personally i prefer to see the gang in school uniform so i didn’t get this maid mikuru. speaking of which, isn’t it weird that there’s so many mikuru figures but none is of her wearing her school uniform (except figma)? ^^;

This one is just awesome , can you give it to me ? Pleaaaase ?

And you did great with the pics , really really nice job !

I didn’t find anything suitable or something that matched her.
Yep all natural, nothing artificial.

Thanks. Working hard earn me money for figures. I work hard for it so I deserve it. ^^
Tsuruya-san is bigger. lol

Good luck. I hope u can find her at a retail price. Really, u will need it.

I think she looks better in a cosplay outfit rather then her school uniform but that’s just my taste.

I can swap figures if u want. xD

your opening comments made me think i was reading my own blog :P recently started collection, sold out, resorting to ebay… exactly the same! ^^;; however, unlike me, you’ve got your review posted ^^;;

to be honest, i’m not that big a mikuru fan, but i had to have this figure to complete my max factory set ^^;;;

Sometimes, it’s the urge of completing a set where u get figures on characters u don’t like. ^^

Sweet! Excellent close up shots. What type of camera are you using?

Welcome. I happy to find u here. ^^
It’s a Pentax Optio 30 3.2MP. It’s my family camera for over 5 years and I have yet to get a better one myself. T_T

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