Figure teasers

Posted on: July 11, 2008

I usually do a review when its my day off but decided to spend the day catching up on some backlogged anime series for eg. Darker than Black, Itazura na Kiss & To LoveRu. In addition I continued playing with some of my unfinished Wii games for eg. Fire Emblem.
I got the Megami Magazine Vol. 99 yesterday and I hope to do a post on it soon.

Anyway, here is a taste of what I’m reviewing next, coming soon.^^


11 Responses to "Figure teasers"

Wii has DtB game? WTF?

did you mean DtB anime? lol!!

Can’t wait for your next post! ^_^

@Panther & Nomad
It was all in 1 sentence so I thought u guys can pick out which is which. I separated the examples so u guys know. ^_^

LUCKY STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, be wanting on your reviews!!!!!!!

I’ll be waiting for the reviews~ (and photos x3)

I haven’t watched any of the 3 animes you’ve mentioned u_u~ I should at least get the first episodes ^^;

Hopefully Sunday, the latest.

U should because they are great series.

Speaking of Fire Emblem, they should release figures for that game.

DTB you will like i dont know about Itazura na Kiss i have no idea wasnt interested in
To love ru well it is like the manga
well enjoy them

waiting for tsuruya review :)

I should get around to taking figure photos, I haven’t done any for a while. Damn this cold weather.

I want them to release an Ike.

Hey dude. Thanks for stopping by. ^^
Itazura na Kiss is a love flick comedy. Seriously, u will love it.

already up. ^^

Take an entire shoot of ur loot when u get back from Japan. ^_^

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