Beach side Mitsuki Hayase

Posted on: October 21, 2008

1/8 Mitsuki Hayase by Good Smile Company

Before I begin, this shoot was taken at ‘home’ and not at the ‘beach’. I will never be bold enough to do a shoot with her at the beach because, considering our beaches here are so popular and packed with people, I will be the centre of attention. @_@

Getting started, she is Mitsuki Hayase from the popular series Kimi ga Nozomu Eien which is also known as Rumbling Hearts. I recently acquired her last month as mentioned in one of my goodie post. One of the main reason I got her was because, she is one of my favourite characters and as I digg ‘two-piece’ figures, she was no different than the rest of the two-piece figures I want.
One of the main features which caught my eyes were indeed her pose. I just love it because it’s so sexy and kinda daring if you asked me. Why daring if you may ask? Well, it feels as though she is about to take it off in front of you or in some cases, it’s looks as though she is teasing you or asking you whether if you wanna see me take it off etc.
Well, whatever you may have in mind, feel free and let you imagination run wild while your scrolling down the shoot. LOL

Once again, GSC proves why they are best figure makers out there. The sculpt, detail and the quality is just brilliant. I like her sandy base which fits perfectly with her design and the extra bits added like her armbands are just a few nice extra touches to the overall design. One thing I preferred GSC to do was to make some kind of detachable hair extension so we can choose to either display her in either short hair mode or ponytail mode. I like her short hair because she looks more mature IMO. ^^

oh baby *drool*


Love painted fingernails. I still prefer pink though as it's prettier. ^^

Blue eyes are pretty :3

Seashells FTW!!!

Well, it’s been a while since I last did a shoot and I thought it went kinda rusty. The first attempt (not shown here) failed so I had I redo it again so I could improve and get my noob skills back on track. -_-
As you can see, I added real seashells as an addition prop into the shoot. I thought it was a nice addition because even though I’m not at the beach, at least I can make it feel like it is. ^^

For a real beach side review, checkout Panther sexy shoot.

If I or Panther shoot convinced you to get her, then she’s still available at HLJ and Hobby Search. Be quick before she swims away. xD


16 Responses to "Beach side Mitsuki Hayase"

Damn, i wish she pull her pantie a little bit lower than that. Not really my favorite, but she’s definitely sexy.

Oh damn shes so awesome.
Shed be even more awesome with her “adult” haircut.It makes her +10000% sexier in my opinion

Pulling down panties? I’m in!
Love her eyes, both pairs xD

You know, those panties are low enough that she could stand to benefit from those pube stickers like with that Tony Taka figure that Danny did an article on.

lol u must be drooling XD

Nice job on the shoot!!!
I say you should start using a white or a different background…
Fabric background doesn’t work as well as paper…
Sometimes it works though…
Eitehr way, good photos!!!

I see you did a great job on the shoot!!!
Pantsu pull down huh!!!
I like how the base is done…really nice!!!

Shes wants to go to the beach ;). Take her to the beach.

this figure has always grabbed my attention… to me, the pics of her always look slightly blurred or have this softness to them? it gives the figure a nice sort of air about it that i like. yet another one of those figures that, soon as i watch/play i’m afraid i’ll have a buncha purchases lined up ^^;

good call with the shells, spaced for a moment and though they were part of the stock base ^^;

wow nice shots !

i want her but going to buy Haruka before getting her ^^

nice touch with the seashells. a miniature crab will look great too! :D

LOL. I was disappointed as well. xD

Agree. With that option, it’s gonna be a tar more expensive but still, it will be worth it.

Who would be mate? ^^
Oh yeah, definitely. ^^

Thanks ^^

Thanks for the advice Rin.
While I prefer to use the paper coloured bg and white bg, I see a many photoshoots (like u) who already use them. While they are good, I tried to make my shoot a bit different whether it will turn out great or not.
Well, the point is, I tried to take a different approach in my reviews. ^^

Mate, I’m in if ur in? ;)

Well, if u can squeeze her in, into ur budget then she will make a fine addition to ur collection. ^^
The shells were a last minute idea. lol

I passed on her because, to put it in simple terms, I don’t like her.

The crab would make it the perfect scenery.

Takayuki would die for her i would give all my money !

Welcome Philthylizard. Hope u enjoy ur stay. ^^
The conclusion of the series said just that. xD

WOO! I wanted that figure! The quality looks really nice. Love the zoom shots btw.

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