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Posted on: October 20, 2008

Unrelated to Moetan. ^^

Source: e-shuushuu

Two info I would like to mention as I find it’s worth mentioning.
Update: Here’s the link to their Sales page.

Firstly Madman, our local anime distributor is currently having a 30% off Anime Boxset Sale. The sale will last towards the end of October and this is your chance to grab some awesome boxsets at bargain prices. A few favourites I wanna get includes Chrono Crusade, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1 and 2 and a new addition I wanna have is The entire series of the Full Metal Panic collection including The Second Raid and Fumoffu.
Unfortunately, this sale came at a bad time because I’m leaving for China in the next 4 weeks and at the moment, I’m really trying to save up so I can spend big when I’m there. Once a year, I usually do a big order at Madman during sale times but this year, I’m giving it a miss. T_T

The sale last towards the end of October so be quick. They also do international orders as well.
Note: All DVDs are in PAL and encoded in Region 4. You will either need a PAL DVD player or a multi-region DVD player to play them. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ^^

Last but not least, my good mate M12 has started up his own community website. For the people who don’t know this nerd, he’s the guy from TDOMJ. With a forum where we can talk about anime, games and anything random about our otaku lives, this place is sure gonna be a big hit.
Join now and become a Vhinobi. Join the family where the fun never dies. ^^


6 Responses to "In other news…"

Ah, that’s too bad!!!
Well, my anime store I go to well, that put on sale selective items somethings throughout the year…
Well, saving up for your trip can be hard….i know…
Hong Kong has a lot of things you can buy too!!!
If you do go to Japan…you have to save up for a lot to buy what figures you want!!!

interesting. What type of shipping they use though? I can’t seem to find any info -_-

It suxs. Bad time I say. T_T
As my first trip, I wanna make an effort in saving up. ^^
I’m not thinking ahead in my Japan trip too much. Well not now. ^^

They use standard airmail for international orders.
More info can be found in their FAQ page.

Yes everyone go to VJutsu for multimedia and interactivity like no other. Thanks Optic for blogging about us :D.

sadly I can’t buy dvds from there. dvds shipped using EMS won’t get raped.. Somehow thats the crap we get here -_-. We pay people to watch our dvds, and at the end of the day, we have to pay “duty fee” to those idiots >_____>

“for multimedia and interactivity like no other”
does that mean, we will be seeing a video post from u soon? xD

Ouch, dam. Isn’t against the law?
I guess I consider myself lucky to live here because it’s against the law to open just any parcel without a valid reason.

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