Music Mondays ~ KOTOKO – Face of Fact

Posted on: October 20, 2008

Let’s get into it. It’s Monday so let’s jam it up. ^^

Again, another awesome track by my favourite singer KOTOKO. First time I heard this song was when I started watching BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution, an OVA series from the game. This version is the OP song from the game and the OVA has the ~ Resolution Ver. ~. I kinda prefer Resolution version because it starts off on a high note.

Fanservice FTW!!!

Source: Minitokyo
( Click for full resolution )

Instead of showing you the OP video of the game or series, here’s a cool Mai Otome Zwei AMV I found. I’ve watched both Mai Hime and Mai Otome and I prefer Otome because I found it had a more solid storyline and more action and I thought the love between Mai and Tate, just didn’t really connect. Which series did you enjoy or you liked both?

Anyway, enjoy. ^^

PS: May contain spoilers from the Otome series.

Resolution Version


6 Responses to "Music Mondays ~ KOTOKO – Face of Fact"

Oho, I hear some audio-awesomnes in the “morning”.
Thx 4 sharing. *Searching for OP-album*

Fanservice yumm XD

No worries.
This beat never gets old in my books.

@Kairu Ishimaru
Delicious. Will may any tummy full. ^^

New Kotoko song, must get!

Don’t forget to pump it up. ^^

Ah, I love KOTOKO, especially her techno/J-pop songs. Baldr Force was surprisingly good too.

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