Countdown to China

Posted on: October 18, 2008

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Just letting my fellow readers know in just under 30 days, I will be making the long awaited trip to China. The trip was initially  planned a few months back but my sister wanted to tag along so my Mum and I decided to postponed it to mid-November where she would have finished her last exam of the HSC (Higher School Certificate).  At this point, she will officially finish her schooling years of her life so a well deserve break is recommended.
Aren’t I a nice onii-chan. ^^

We leave on the 16th November and will be back on the 14th December. Yay!!! Gonna be back home just in time for Christmas. ^^

Along our trip, we will also be going to Macau and Hong Kong. Considering it’s along the way, we decided to stay a few nights so we can do some sightseeing and shopping. I know my Mum’s brother will be expecting us in Hong Kong so it’s likely we will be staying at his place for a good week before moving up north into the Canton area, also know as Guangzhou where the rest of my Mum’s family are.

As for the site, well, considering I don’t have a laptop, there will be little to no updates during this time. I was told the places we are staying have limited internet access and I’m not sure if my Mum’s family members have a computer in the first place. Even though they may have the whole package, it’s not likely I might update because I will be busy having fun.
As my first oversea trip ever since coming into Australia, I intend to enjoy every bit of it as if it was my last trip ever. ^^
If you have been to any of those areas, feel free and recommend me any places or stores we should go and check out. It’s most likely I will be checking out any store which may come into interest including the places we are going as well.

With that mentioned, my schedule for the next few weeks are gonna be a bit rough. With a lot of paperwork which needs to be taken care of and packing and working with my job as well, it’s likely you will get less updates than usual.

On the other hand, I manged to get through 2 figure reviews done today so look forward to them. ^^
Here’s a sneak peek. xD


19 Responses to "Countdown to China"

Have fun on the trip…
You should get a laptop for trips…
Well, I been to both Hong Kong and Macau…
Great places with tons of pictures to take!!!
Make sure to bring back tons of photos for all of us!!!!!
Well go to a place called Po Lam in HK…there are two anime stores there…and there is one in Mong Kok. It’s just hidden and you’ll have to find it…

Well, in Japan, if you do go at the same time as me next year, you can come over and update your site from my laptop…
Hong Kong is a great place to go…so much to walk and see…
Macau has great culture…there are some anime stores but hard to find and in the middle of the city… Sadly there are so many casios there too…
Try to find an access point ot update the site at least…or go to an internet cafe or something…

Enjoy yourself =P Get a laptop and bring it around. Laptop ftw. XD

enjoy your holiday and remember to take lots of pics. ^^;

Arrgh~ I’m so glad I finally decided to check everyone’s blogs, I would’ve missed you otherwise!

Good luck with all the paperwork, plans and etc, make sure you check out the cheap electronics and clothes too~

I can’t believe it; you’re going back on the day I’m arriving back in Hong Kong!!!

Oh well I can give you some places to check out for in Hong Kong:

In Wanchai, there are at least 2 computer centres you can check out (known as Wanchai Computer Centre and 298 Computer Zone), as well as Oriental 188 for anime-related stuff as well as games:


Mongkok can be a treasure place to go if you know the way. One place you should check out will definitely be Sino Centre. There are other random places for figures and model shops in the area too if you have eagle eyes there:


Tell me if you need more info. But I guess you may like to see more of tourists stuff instead.

(Email: quentinlau at yahoo dot com)

Aww China.. I wanna go there too hahas.

Thanks for the tip. It’s likely I won’t get a laptop until I come back. I’m still considering for a Mac but I will see.
Don’t worry, I will be sure to take heaps and share it will u guys.
I heard Macau is a casino city and when I mentioned it to my workmates, they thought i was full on gangster, pimped up and ready go roll, WTF!!! 0_o
I will make an attempt but no guarantees.

I’m saving bit by bit for a Mac atm, so no laptop on this trip.

For sure I will. ^^

It’s been a while koshiko. I missed u :3
Shopping for cheap electronics and clothes are 1 of my things on my ‘to do’ list.

Thanks for the links Q. Before I leave, I’m gonna make a list on the places to visit u guys mentioned so I won’t forget. Incase we ran out of things to do, I can mention the stuff on the list or it might on the way anyway. lol
My sister wants to go to Hong Kong disneyland so we will see. ^^
I’m expecting to come home half broke so if u have more places where u know where the good stuff are, plz let me know. ^^

@Kairu Ishimaru
Save up and u will eventually get ur chance. ^^


HK is more of the usual shopping stuff I guess. Have fun in China. Mitsuki Hayase eh? Did her last month…wait I made that sound so hentai lol.

I’ve never been to China before, but I hope you have fun!

And make sure you get a laptop some day XD

Have fun in China dude.

… HSC *shudders*.

Going to China this summer is a possibility for me. A piece of advice when shopping: haggle prices with the dealer. It sounds uncivilized but you need to do that if you don’t want to get ripped off.

Oh your actually Chinese/Half Chinese?

Sounds like a fun trip for you!Be sure to enjoy it in every way possible.
Id recommend that youd visit the cursed springs and fall into the one where a girl drowned tragically 1500 years ago.That should make your life alot more interesting ^_^

Im looking forward to your Pictures!

I has missed you too u_u~ I’ll make sure to visit your blog and comment at least if I ever happen to ‘go away’ again xD;;

Btw, if your sis happens to study Visual Arts, I have a stack of art notes I can hand over =o Otherwise, wish her luck from me :3

Thanks for the info Panther.
U sure did. It was a perfect day as well. xD

Thanks. I sure will.

Plz don’t remind me about it.

U are absolutely right. I won’t leave the shop until I get the price I want. Well, I will see. ^^

I’m actually Chinese but not aussie born.
Is that a joke or did it really happen. I don’t want to go there having nightmares lol

Awwwww… it’s alright. I guess u were busy so drop by when u have the time. No pressure plz. >_>
She’s studying International Studies if she can get into that course @ UNSW. I’m confident she will. She’s smarter than me. lol
Thanks, sure will. ^^

Awesome. Looking forward to your pictures. I have been there when I was a kid but barely could remember where I went ^^;;. Only 1 thing for sure, I went to the Great wall XD

Have a fun trip then!

Nice picture of Yuki btw!

Unfortunately, I won’t be going there. T_T

Thanks. It will be great. ^^

enjoy your trip. I come from Macao.. but I really don’t have any place to recommend except casino; actually, I don’t know much about the present Macao since I have been in the US for many years…

I have a curious question. In Singapore, the school ends on November?

I’m visiting China in December. Looks like we’ll miss each other by like, a month. XD

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