End of September Haul

Posted on: October 16, 2008

The last package of my September haul has FINALLY arrived. When I saw the package dumped inside my garage, I was excited as hell because firstly, I was so sure my last package will arrive next week the latest, (judging by the delays I usually get) and secondary, as mentioned in my yesterday post, this particular figure, I have been waiting for a very long time from when she was first announced till when I can hold her in my hands. ^^

1/7 scale Unison Vita by Alter

If you took a guess or even a wild one at my yesterday post, then YES, you are correct. It was a hard choice to choose between 2 versions but in the end, my decision was based on colour. ^^
Looking at her from outside the box, she indeed looks absolutely magnificent and the detail is just superb BUT I got worried when I saw the condition of her box.

As seen above, there is a tear from the bottom left-hand side of her box. I was shocked it ripped all the way towards the end of the corner. This prompted me to inspect the box in more detail and shockingly, the bottom plastic at the front was ripped inwards.


At this moment, I opened her box immediately to ensure she’s actually in one piece because the last thing I wanted was a broken Vita or a Vita in pieces. Considering I waited for her for a very time, it will be a tragic end if it was the case. T_T

Thankfully, I am happy to say, there is not a single dent on her and she’s in one piece. ^_^

While this may not be new to some people, this was a first for me and I find it’s kinda natural to freak out at first sight. Surprisingly I couldn’t pinpoint how this incident may have happened because there wasn’t a big enough dent on the package itself which may have caused it. Sure you get the usual package creases but nothing too big. Even HLJ put the plastic air wraps inside as well (as seen below) so I’m still scratching my head. :S
Unless if the rip was caused before the shipping process, then that will be a different story.

Well, hopefully this will be the first and the last time it will happen. The important thing is, Vita is alright. ^^d Has a similar incident happened to you before?

As this package ends my September haul, I decided to look back and see how many figures I acquired during that month alone.

A total of 9 figures (3 scale & 6 figmas). What make this month haul special compared to the other months is because, it’s the biggest haul I have ever received in a month. ^^
How many figures was your biggest haul in a month?


24 Responses to "End of September Haul"

4 in a month was my biggest, all scaled figures. Still that dent is small compared to what others I have seen, especially Play-Asia. That is why internal packaging for figures must also be solid, to prevent them being screwed by external damage lik yours. I saw Vita’s size though, recent shoot Chibihien received her and brought her to it (never took shots). Big box there.

I think my biggest haul was in January, about 8 figures were bought I thinks…..

It suprised me too that Kotomi was castoffable. And I approve of the quality of tushie-sculpting lol. A figures got to have the whole package, even if I never am going to display it castoff lol.

Ohh…I never had problems in that department with HLJ.Play-Asia is a whole other thing.My Yamashita Artbook arrived with a bend corner at my doorstep.I paid an way too high price and didn get it in mint condition :/

I think about 4 Figures in a month was my maximum

My biggest figure haul in a month was ONE.

Maybe Vita tried to escape. That’s why the box got ripped ;). Just be grateful she failed. Otherwise, you would’ve just received an empty box!

Wow! Quite the haul you have there ^^
The most I’ve gotten would be… 4 figurines? I dn’t tend to order many in one occasion.

Is yr Unison Vita color alright? Because I have one too (bought from Play-Asia) and the color sucks. It’s white painted over red. The DESPAIR T_T. But still, I think I would have chosen Unison Vita even if I could have obtain the red Vita.

I noticed a few irregulars of the paint, can see reddish coming from the white.. Is yrs the same too? T_T

The despair. But I love this unison vita more than Vita red =P

Already 7 this month, and more on the way next week o_0. Last month I didn’t count .. sigh … I’m addicted ^_^;;

Didn’t order Vita because she’s not my favorite. Even if i wanted to order her, i’d pick the red one.

Anyway, it must shocking to see some damage to the box like that. You won’t get that kind of damage if you use EMS.

True. The box is pretty solid to protect internal damage. I thank Alter for that. ^^
She actually quite big. I will try and do a shoot for her hopefully by this week if time permits.

8 figures is quite a lot indeed.
I agree, the whole package is the best package. xD

So far, packages from Play-asia has been good but I heard (like ur story) where that wasn’t the case. There was a case (don’t remember the link) where the package was completely crushed. 0_0
That made me think twice about buying from Play-asia but like I said, so far so good in my case.

Is that why u rarely buy figures? They run away from you. Maybe they all have a 7 scent of knowing ur M13. xD

Welcome, happy to see u here. ^^
This case was an exception because a lot of my preorders got shipped this month. Siesta was an impulse buy. That’s bad. -_-

I’ve noticed. It’s the same as mind one and I reckon it’s not a fault but part of the manufacturing process. I reckon they cut cost so they just sprayed it over regular red colour Vita. The irregularity is clearly visible underneath her uniform.
Honestly, it’s not a big deal to me. The shady red is visible but at least it’s not dead set red where it looks like she’s almost in Unison mode but not quite there.
While it will look funny at first, I’m not paying top dollar for that. 0_o
If I knew beforehand, I would have gotten the red one instead. Still, no regrets. ^^

Ur already beating me in the log term. ^^

When u pay top dollar for EMS, u get top service as well. Sometimes over here, that’s not the case.

I think my most was like 8 in a month, but in separate packages since I shopped at different stores. The most was 3 in a package. I don’t think this summer will go well since I’ll most likely be taking an summer school course (I heard biochemistry is a killer >.<)

ooh white Vita, waiting for the photos hehehe

strange, my red Vita box was a lil bit damaged as well…

heh I see alot of dents, little ones, but dude none of those has a huge rip like that wtf T_T I’m glad Vita failed to escape, or else hunt her till kingdom come? x3 Glad she’s safe hey man. Can’t wait for the pics :D

ああああ vita! when will mine ever ship ;_; gah, i need to follow up on my preorders. there’s like 6 or 7 that i woulda had by now if they were ordered from a non-us based store. i still can’t figure out what the “normal” delay is and the release isn’t updated on the website so i’m left with e-mailing customer support -_-

interesting issue with the paint. i need to see some reviews to see this for myself! i also went with unison for the color ^^;

That’s what I like about figure boxes, they seem to keep the figures themselves pretty safe. I don’t think I’ve ever received any seriously dented boxes, but somehow, the damage on the outside is never as bad as the damage to the thing that actually counts.

As for your question, I’m not sure what my biggest would be since I tend to shop impulsively; one month I might end up with next to nothing, and the next month I might have spent over $200 >_<

My vita box wasn’t destroyed. And i ordered from Play-Asia, using EMS. Lol. ^^. I have incidents where boxes got a little dent, but I aint fussy as long as the figs are alright XD. Hope you have fun with yr vita =P

Reallu nice haul you got!!!!!!
I want VITA!!!!!!!
Your a lucky guy to get that figure!!!!!!
I bet Len would love to get his hands on Vita too!!!!!!

8 in a month is not that bad.
Good luck in biochemistry. ^^

coincidence? ^_^
Did u get ur one from HLJ? If that was the case then I doubt the ppl who were involved in the transit failed to “handle with care”.

LOL. Figures don’t escape from me man but I can escape from figures. xD

Well, if u see irregularity of red on ur Unison, then it’s a fact, it’s part of the manufacturing process. I still remember ur pre order list. Let me tell u this, I CANNOT compete with you. lol

True. The important thing is the figure is still in tack.
Yep, happened to me once. Impulse can drive you mad. >_<

I have already started prepared a shoot for her. I keep changing her weapon type daily. xD

I preordered her early so it was guarantee I would get her.
I’m surprised Len didn’t get one in Japan. Did he miss out or he just simply forgot?

Awesome makes me a bit jealous. My spending on otaku related products has been cut drastically *Sigh*
Even still, I love seeing what other people are getting to buy. Nice haul!

Viva la Vita! I’d rather have the red version myself but she looks good either way. I don’t know my exact biggest haul, probably August, something like 5 or 6, don’t remember

Well, it’s almost Christmas time and it’s alright to spoil urself a bit. ^^
Anyway, thanks.

The red one was sold out quicker than I expected but I thought it was no surprised because she is popular in red as she appear in every ep. in her normal uniform.

Yay I guessed Vita right (well didn’t guess which version)~

A damaged box is usually quite worrying. Definitely essential to check whether the figure is damaged or not. The packaging is usually designed well enough to protect damage to a certain extent, thanks to their design teams. Glad to know that yours is all well.

Since I haven’t really gone into figure collection so much, I guess it’s just 2 the most, with figma Fate and Max Factory Shana in August. Otherwise the winner goes to my impulsive acquisition of a Takara’s 1/144 tank series.

Reference pic here: http://tankzone.co.uk/cart/takara_wtm_144s8.htm
(Ignore the prices as they’re not supposed to be that expensive)

The cardboard is kinda thick but it’s still worrisome moment as
it’s the first that actually happened to me. @_@
If u count each item, u beat me any day. lol

Woah…. thats nasty damage >.> Never trust SAL! Ever!
Glad it’s ok on the whole though.

How are the figmas’? I was considering getting a couple, but then decided against it. Decided to get a new sound card instead. :P

[…] I think 6 is a new record for most arrivals in a single box… was quite a package haul around all day ^^;  I think Optic brought up the question of most figures in a month earlier… […]

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