Another handful of Figmas

Posted on: October 15, 2008

Packages 2 & 3 have arrived today from my September haul. They are from my September (even though it’s October) haul because they were all shipped from September and considering I chose the slowest but cheapest shipping option, SAL, it may almost take over a month for them to arrive. It took these babies 25 days. T_T

As seen from above they are:

  • figma Kanu Uncho by Max Factory
  • figma Yuki Nagato Evil Witch Version by Max Factory
  • figma Kagami Hiiragi Winter Uniform Version by Max Factory
  • figma Miku Hatsune by Max Factory

No. 10, 13, 14 & 15. Woot!!!!

With 2 packages arriving on the same day, this leaves 1 more package to come to end last month haul. The last figure is the most anticipated one on my waitlist for a very long time. When she was first announced, I was actually screaming my heads off. The hard part was choosing which version I wanted because I just love both of them. ^^

Hopefully she arrives sometime this week or maybe next week. She was shipped 2 days after these packages so, I’m crossing my fingers where hopefully she will arrive in the next few days. ^^
Can you guess who she is? xD
Here’s a hint or a dead set giveaway if you watched the series, she made her first appearance in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s.

Can't wait to 'rock on' with miku and yuki. ^^

My first package from my September haul “More Figures to Play and Display”


21 Responses to "Another handful of Figmas"

Wahay more figmas for the figma expert~

Hmph I’ve only just started the Nanoha series not long ago (and it came to a halt as I’m getting busy T_T) so I don’t know a lot of characters. A random guess, but could it be Alter’s Vita?

Ah so they’ve finally arrived? The Figma Man does it again! 25 days is a long time indeed…


Those are more or less all the figmas I want right now…Ironically.

Kanu Unchou is out here but I’m low on cash after getting Kyon.

Haha the nice thing about hand made ones is that they are custom made so you are sure they will fit. They are cheaper and they are yours only. Haha

Thanks for passing by! And yup am a big figma lover.^_^

Yay! I’m addicted to Figmas too ^_^;; But I decided not on getting this bad witch Yuki, as I already had the standard one … don’t want doubles -_-;;

I see your figma’s has arrived.

Have fun playing with it ^_^ My Nagato witch is almost never off from her guitar pose. I just love that pose.

Hoho… more and more figmas. Nice addition to your collection.

I’m still waiting for Kagami and Yuki witch for now. Cheapest (free from PA to Indonesia) shipping always took around 3 weeks or more to arrive.

figma witch yuki is my favourite figma so far. love the hat and cloak. ^^;

nice dudez, 4 figmas at once! :3 but wtf…25 days… if i were u i’d be calling the EMS person each day after the first 2 weeks :S
sooo glad those girls made it safely to your warm hands. ;p hf playing with it mate, im sure u’ll enjoy it. atm the AUD is only 71 to JPY, so im waiting a bit more for it to go up, then definitely i am gettin at least a figma… u know which one xD~~~~

IM GUESSING IT’S VITAA!!!!!! Did you get the Unison one or the normal red?

OMG lots of new figma’s for the figma addict !

yay you got them! really nice!

Wow 25 Days…you are someone of much more patience than myself. Seems like it was worth the wait at least ^_^

Let me know if your Kanu handles the spear right or if the paints comes off like with mine.HLJ tried to contact MF about a new spear tough.

[…] Optic Profile Another handful of Figmas […]

Continue when u get the time. A’s is an explosive sequels. Still one of the best sequel IMO.
Check out my next post to find ur answer. ^^

Has ur packages arrived?
Yeah, 25 days is indeed long but I’ve waiting longer.
*makes a note ppl call me by “Figure Man”* xD

Welcome Death. Hope u enjoy ur stay. ^^
The more they announce the more I buy. It’s bad for my wallet. T_T
Custom setups are indeed the best.

Another figma addict? Woot!!! (and welcome)
But she comes with tones of accessories which means more fun and variety. ^^

I think I will be keeping her guitar on as well.

U get free shipping from PA. I want that. T_T

What about the guitar. I reckon she rocks playing that. xD

Bad news noel, our dollar has taken another hit. When it looks like it’s on a rise, it goes back down again. T_T
EMS, no thanks. I can still wait.
I still remember which one ur gonna get.

Check out my latest post for that answer. ^^

Yes and plenty more coming. xD

thanks. Hope ur ones come soon.

Hi there. Hope u enjoy ur stay.
U won’t believe patience saves me money. lol

I will be sure to mention it in my review which hopefully is soon depending on my schedule. -_-

I can relate to your wait ;_; I’ve been waiting just over 6 weeks for my Tohsaka Rin figma…
Wells, better late than never, I guess!

UNISON VITA FTW! Check my comment on Unison Vita.. =P

Woah, 6 weeks!
I think I will starting panicking if I still don’t receive it after the 6th week.

Already made a comment. ^^

OMG Yuki figma!!!11

@Kairu Ishimaru
Welcome Kairu Ishimaru. Hope u enjoy ur stay. ^^
Have u got the 1st Yuki figma yet? It will make a good addition. ^^

kagamin! i ordered her recently ^_^ totally forgot about miku, i shoulda thrown her in the order for kicks (if she was in stock ^^;)

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