Randomness at the Wharf

Posted on: October 11, 2008

On Tuesday, M12 and I spent the afternoon at Darling Harbour. It was such a lovely day where we decided to do something ‘nerdy’ together. lol
Actually, M12 purpose was to take scenery pictures for his novel he is writing about and I thought he might need some company so I tagged along to ensure he ‘keeps it real’. xD

Besides, it was a good opportunity to give my camera a good workout and test some of it’s other settings.

I felt like taking a dip as it was quite a hot day. ^^

We were at Tumbalong Park at that time.

M13 wanted to push me in. T_T

A few seagulls cooling down

The places where we went had a lot of sprouts. Hmmm… I wonder if it’s drinkable? :P

I should have brought one of my figmas along. There were a few places where the background was perfect for some randomness figma shots. ^^

In a few days, it might be a full grown leaf. ^^

"Centre" is the last word

Entrance to the Exhibition Centre

Sydney Olympic 2000 Emblem

What sports do you like watching in the Olympics? A few comes into mind are Volleyball, Soccer, Badminton and Gymnastics. xD

This shot was taken at max zoom (10x). Not a bad shot IMO. ^^

Up ahead is the IMAX centre.

Might wanna check this out when I get the time

One of the monorail in the city. M12 wanted to be inside. ^^

"Complete randomness" =D

So calm and peaceful. ^^

A mother whale and her calf are one of the main attractions here. ^^

Note: That person going down the elevator is M12. He’s kinda shy in the real life so don’t push him or he might erupt into “M13” =D

I wish I have one of these statue in the front of my house. It will scare every stray cat away. ^^

Does it look like a deer to you? I think it's a moose.

Well, I hope you enjoy this ‘randomness’ post. I wouldn’t blame you if you skimmed right through it.

I thought the day was fun. M12 and I joked a lot and he did a few stupid things like for eg. going down a kid slide in a children playground. I thought he was hilarious as he acted like a 2 year old. hahahaha
I did managed to get a shot but I rather not show as he might hunt me down the next morning. >_>

My camera is the Canon PowerShot SX100 IS.

21 Responses to "Randomness at the Wharf"

I bet you learned a ton about your cameras setting with these pics! I still have to try my new camera out in different kind of situations.

You like watching gymnastics? XD Of course because they have such control over there body eh? ^_^

Why don’t you also get some of your figures out for photoshoot? That would be fun.

Dude I’m not two years old I am GAR! Rrrraaaarrrr *goes down a slide*.

Anyway, yeah it was a kick ass day. Good thing the weather was nice and all.

we have the same camera. im still having trouble figuring it out, do you happened to give me some pointers?

Nice phots….
So this is what Sydney looks like huh!!!!!
It seems really nice there compared to our fall weather here in Toronto…

sydney looks beautiful! love the clear blue sky. ^^;

It’s their flexibility that catches my attention especially the ladies. xD
I played around with the contrast and brightness a lot.

lol. I’m a bit shy myself as well. >_>

Just so u know, the little kids were laughing at u. lol

@Otaku Dan
Well, the best tip i can give is ‘trial and error’.
it took me a while to tune the setting for each environment. I kinda like keeping the ‘vivid’ option because the colours don’t fade away because of the brightness and contrast.

The place we went had a nice scenery. The others were a piece of trash. -_-

It was good for a walk in the park. Really it was. ^^

Cool pictures, looks like a nice day out, I could use one of those..

Looks like fun. Your pics were really nice too. I’ve gotta do something like that myself someday…as soon as I get some figmas ;P

Wow a random day indeed =P

Thanks. Everyone deserves a break. ^^

A fun day out with ur figmas?
I wanna see that. xD

Very random. I should do it again one day. ^^

If you guys ever decide to drop by Toronto, Rin, Saku, Eternal and I will show you around, and then you’ll know what we mean -_-

But honestly, the scenary is beautiful.

DUDE! damn random but damn nice? :P I love your photos man, indeed its a beautiful scenery. U really deserve a break buddy xD
ur new camera is quite powerful yeah o_o to be able to do that good photo image of 10x zoom. lol @ M12 slides down the playground xD
*envy M12 living in sydney and gets to hang out with Gaz in real life* m-_-m

A random day at Toronto! Now it will be one of the best random days ever. ^^

Thanks dude.
Don’t worry mate. When I get a chance to drop by, I will surely have a random (otaku) day with ya. xD

Pics are great ! it’s so beautifull out there … beware , i’ll be coming to your place for vacation :p

France sux


rain and rain and rain and … rain :o

LOL. Me and M12 (kun) will be there to greet ya. xD
France is a nice country. I always wanted to be on top of the Eiffel Tower. ^^

Awesome photos Gaz~
Erm, yeah, hi~ I haven’t been around for a while, took a break from blogs ^^;; I’ll explain in my next post once I get around to it.

Anyhow, I love the locations you picked for photos, good choices =D I’ve been meaning to do the same, but the lack of a good quality camera stops me, not to mention I’m rarely in the city and tend to go only for one specific purpose or other u_u~

p.s I wouldn’t dare to try drinking the water, lol

Thanks. ^^
Well, if ur not busy then we can both do something together and have another randomness day somewhere else. ^_^
PS: Glad to see u back.

randomness day, do want~ should probably wait ’till you come back from your trip though, we can pretend to look for last minute Christmas presents, lol.

Thanks for the welcome back ;_;~

Very nice pics! I love the lion statue!

hahaha, that will be nice.
I reckon I won’t have much money left to spend anyway. :P

Welcome vinja_ameet. ^^
It’s from the entrance of the Chinese garden. I tried to convince M12 to go but he said “No”. T_T

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