Megami Magazine Vol. 102: My Impressions

Posted on: October 10, 2008

A new month so a new Megami edition is out. Again, the additional copy is for a mate. (You know who you are xD).

Getting right into it, this month featured cover are the lovely ladies from Clannad where they are promoting their 2nd season,  Clannad ~After Story~. The series has already begun airing and when I heard the OP for the first time, I was hooked instantly. Nevertheless, I’m resisting because my priority is to finish my backlogged series before I move on to the current ones. Please don’t try and tempt me. >_>

For readers who are interested, here’s the OP.

Ah crap, I’m tempting myself. -_-

Nothing really special about this month edition except the only extra bundle is a mega double sided Clannad poster featuring Nagisa and Kotomi.
PS: Sorry I lied noel. The double sided Clannad poster was the poster which convinced me to get a copy. I couldn’t resist in the end. >_<

More Yoko love. ^^

I haven't watched Season 1 yet. One of my series in my backlogged list.


Tabitha in a naked apron. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice positions. :P

omg, just found out Goto, Mai is the seiyu for Mizuki Hayama. ^_^

Tomoyo is a pro at baseball. Don't u agree M12? ^^

Nice. ^^

One of the most aniticipated series this season.

Mega poster

Side 1: Nagisa Furukawa

Side 2: Kotomi Ichinose (My favourite ^^)

Scans can be found at moe imouto

Overall it was an average issue. A few standout posters include Strike Withes, Haruka, Tabitha and the Kotomi poster. One of the reasons I was gonna give this month a miss is because of the lack of content inside but the Kotomi poster won me over instantly.
If I did give this month a miss, it will be my first edition where I decided to pass. Usually passing on from an edition is not my type of thing to do when I have dedicated myself to collect every edition. This situation is similar in collecting all figures for a particular series or set. For me, I won’t be satisfied until I have the whole set or I will feel a piece of the puzzle is missing.

Do you get yourself into these situations? How do you get out of it?


17 Responses to "Megami Magazine Vol. 102: My Impressions"

OMG!:D Me wants!:D Where do you get it? And the festival magazine?

i didnt like this edition either.my brother buys the megami and i can check them out.

i only liked the strike witches and ikki tousen poster
last issue was better

Tomoyo is a pro in all sports :D.

Haruka’s cute as heck in a wedding dress. Beats those half-nude pictures.

The Toradora poster’s nice too. I’ve only seen one ep, though, so can’t say I love the show yet.

Nice buy. If only we didn’t go to kino that day… well, you probably would’ve gone some other day ;).

Nothing too extraordinary, but the Clannad posters are nice.

Enma Ai and Tabitha poster, WANT! Toradora one too I like her so far.

WOW!!! ty u for sharing it ^^ (got ur site from dannychoo.com)

wow am I glad I didn’t buy this issue XD. No Nanoha inside right? =X

@Riiana Doon
I got both magazine from my local kinokuniya store. Ur best chance is either Jlist or CDJapan.

Agree. Last issue was better but for clannad lovers, this edition is a must. ^^

Haha. Well, if I didn’t go that day then I would’ve went today as I dropped by to pick up my Clannad Visual Fanbook. ^^

The Clannad posters are bad. It made me get it in the end.

Tabitha *drool*
Gonna check out Toradora soon. Lot of good feedback so far.

Welcome. Hope u enjoy ur stay.
No worries.

No more Nanoha indeed. She’s a bit overused I reckon.

All of those posters from one magazine? My last full day here in Japan tomorrow, looks like another day in Akiba LOL

My anime reference is quite weak, so I’ll just say that they all look nice ^_^

(delete the previous comment please >.<)

Lol because Nanoha anime is mostly featured in Megami. You don’t find the anime in other magazines. Even if you do, it’s like only that magazine, out of the 12 magazines for a year =3. love the clannad ones though =/

i want those posters

I somehow almost didn’t recognise it’s Yoko on that double-page. Not used to having her hair down like that (and I haven’t watch the anime yet -_-).

@Peter Le Cheminant
Welcome. Hope u enjoy ur stay.
One of my goals in life is to make it there for a holiday. ^^

Hey GNdynames. Glad to see u here. ^^
Indeed. Delicious in my books. :)

Surprising indeed. I think the company has a contract with the producers in featuring her in their magazine only.

@Otaku Dan
I would suggest to get a copy before it’s too late.

U not alone. I’m waiting for the complete R1 boxset so I can watch it all in one go on dub.

LOL u lied in the end. wahahhaa thats funny xD
Kotomi won u right over huh, didnt know she was ur fav Clannad chara >_< that mega poster is nice tho.

haha. Yeah, it happens. :)
Nagisa is my favourite actually but Kotomi holding her teddy is to damm kawaii to pass up.

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