Dengeki G’s Anime Festival: My Impression

Posted on: October 9, 2008

As my first copy of the magazine, let me just say I’m impressed by the contents inside but not for the price with what it’s worth. Actually, before I begin, I wanna thank noel again for giving me permission to do this review. He is the one who ‘officially’ owns this magazine and even though I said it earlier it’s “my first copy”. it really is because it’s my first time opening this magazine and checking out it’s contents (if that makes any sense). lol

So what is Dengeki G’s Anime? Well to put it in simple terms, it’s another bishōjo game and anime magazine with goodies. I kinda find that bishōjo magazines selling points are not the magazine itself but instead the goods inside. Do you agree?

This edition featured cover is the beloved akiba addict Haruka Nogizaka from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. I’m currently up to ep. 6 and lovin’ it. Thanks M12 for the recommendation. ^^d

seiyū cast and the ED song dance methods. ^^

Haruka goodness :3

You know you want her M12. =D

There were a few cosplay moments but my favourite was definitely Haruka-chan cosplaying Shana-chan. I felt like hugging her at that moment.
Do check it out. It’s so far my favourite moment of the series. ^^

Moving onwards, info. on this seasons coming series.  Here are just a few mentioned.

To Aru Majutsu no Index


Kemeko Deluxe!

Any of these 3 interest you? Kemeko Deluxe! & Toradora! looks promising and I heard good feedback from them already. ^^

Yummy, Yummy posters. No magazine can live without them. xD


Haruka imouto is quite daring. ^^

Sunohara has the cutiest imouto EVER!!! :3


Last but not least, the goods. ^^

The items are as follows

  • 2 badges
  • a small packet of stickers
  • a Haruka-chan “oppai” mousepad (according to dannychoo terminology) ^^

The stand out item is indeed the Haruka-chan “oppai” mousepad. I reckon most people will want to get the magazine just for the mousepad. I gave the mousepad a test-run for a minute to see how comfortable it feels on the wrist. I can honesty say ‘it felt good’. ;)


… okay, (I’m being serious now) seriously it does feel comfortable on the wrist and it’s ergonomic as well. You can freely move the mouse above the cushion pads without the any signs of cramp pains and the area is quite spacious to move the mouse around. While it’s comfortable in the short-term, I can’t say it will be the same result in long-term. Depending on how long each user uses their mousepad, these results may vary. Would you use an “oppai” mousepad?

"I couldn't help myself" =D

Overall, I’m impressed but as already mentioned from the beginning, the price is just ridiculous, $73AUD. WTF.
At that price, I could easily get 2 figmas so in my opinion, it’s not worth it. If I’m a die-hard Haruka fan, I will have second thoughts.^_^

For other reviews, check out Dannychoo post.


6 Responses to "Dengeki G’s Anime Festival: My Impression"

To get these magazines over here, the price would be just about double the Yen price for us (assuming 100 yen = 1 CAD) so it would be abt 60CAD I suppose. Pretty expensive but not a lot we can do since there aren’t really many Japanese bookstores here. I guess if the included goods are nice stuff and the character is right, the price wouldn’t really matter (things here are pretty inflated after all, so we’re all used to it :p).

Haven’t really used these mousepads though, I normally get these just to collect (i.e., throw into one corner and promptly forget abt it) but it’s good to know that it feels comfortable xD

I used to be just like what you said in the opening paragraphs, going for these magazines simply for the goods that come along with it, but before I knew it, its grip on me spread, and I started reading the previews of games and I soon found myself spiraling on a non-stop descent to eroge hell. lol. So I guess the goods work really well as a marketing ploy ^^;

“I kinda find that bishōjo magazines selling points are not the magazine itself but instead the goods inside”

Is there really any other reason to get them besides that?They could turn out quite interesting if Id be able to understand Japanese.Until then i have to look at the pretty pictures and extras.

I havent bought a Megami/Dengeki G/ Festival yet because the price is ridiculos

A Regular Megami goes for 13,90€ wich is alright
Megami Deluxe 19 € :/
Dengeki G 18,50€
Dengeki Festival 31 €!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

Would you use one of those mousepads at WORK? That’s a better question ;).

ZOMFG give me Haruka in maid costume now.

I wouldn’t mind that Toradora badge :D.

It’s hilarious how they make the characters get wet in a lot of those pictures (i.e. Ef), though it’s completely unnecessary.

Nice posters, and of course, the bonus goodies are always a welcome treat. lol, I’ve always wanted to try an oppai mousepad, but I’m not sure if I’d actually get one for myself 0_o

Looking at you with angry eyes!!!!!!
I want it!!!!!!!

What ur staying is correct. Considering this is the only one bookstore in Sydney where they sell these magazines, I guess there is no need for competition so any price they make up is considered reasonable. Well, they usually take into account with all the taxes, import fees, shipping fees, GST etc. Considering bookstores order them in bulks, they usually can’t get it in wholesale prices.

Woah, those prices are scary. In ur state, just stick to figures but it wouldn’t hurt just buying one of each to try out.

“It’s hilarious how they make the characters get wet in a lot of those pictures (i.e. Ef), though it’s completely unnecessary.”
If Haruka is wet, it’s completely necessary. xD
I didn’t ask that question because the general answer is sooooooooo obvious. Unless, ur the first person to do it, Mr 1337. xD

Ur wrist will love you when u try it. xD
Yeah, the bonus goodies are the selling points.

I’m sure you have a few already. ^^

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