I am officially a Tabitha fanboy

Posted on: October 7, 2008

I recently finished Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo and I thought it was the best season out of the 3. While Season 1 was great, Season 2 was rushed and finished off incomplete and with an ending like that, it was so obvious they were gonna bring out Season 3 to hopefully provide a proper ending to the entire series or maybe just Season 2 by itself. While Season 3 finished off on a good note, again, it wasn’t completely finished and there is potential for Season 4 to begin where it left off.

While Season 3 usually wraps an entire series, I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a 4th season because Zero no Tsukaima does not get old in my books and listening to more rambles from Louise always makes me laugh. ^_^

Okay, enough about the series. The point about this post is already stated on the heading. YES, I love her. ^^
Well firstly, I never really had a favourite character till now due to the fact I kinda like each one of them. Sure, each character has their pro’s and con’s but in my opinion, not one of them really stood out. Sure, I heard of the usual Siesta lovers and why she’s an attractive maid and the talks about Louise as well (looks at Noel >_>) and her flat chest etc. etc. but they are the more stereotyped characters where I generally overlook as the story revolves around them more often as they are the main characters of the series in general.

Warning: This part onwards may contain spoilers for Princesses no Rondo.

Now with Princesses no Rondo, Tabitha gets a chance to be one of those characters. Mind you (if my memory severs me right) she didn’t play a big role in the past 2 seasons. She made a few appearances from there to there so basically she was generally a supporting character. Now as a main character, one of the first traits I realised is, she’s afraid of ghost. I was like “ZOMG, I can’t believe a character like her is afraid of ghost”. I digg chicks who are afraid of ghost. =D
Mind you, I don’t’ just digg any chick who is afraid of ghost but this was kinda of a shock to me as the quiet one, the one who read books and the one who isn’t afraid of anything is afraid of ghost. Another trait is, she looks soooooo kawaii when she cries. I was like “Awwwwwwwwww”. I kinda feel bad mentioning about it but hey, at least I’m being honest here. ^^

Lastly (as I’m trying to not to turn this post into a novel), her part in the story really hit me. I felt for her when she tried to save her emotionless mother and not only being captured because of her failure but realising she will end up the same way as her mother is just heartbreaking. In the beginning, she was just following orders in orders to save her mother which was against her will but nevertheless, her friends understood the situation and they never gave up on reaching their destination to save her, especially Saito. ^^
What shocked me big time was when she kissed Saito in front of Louise. Mind you, I nearly fell of my seat as it was the boldest move she ever made. Well, I reckon it was the right move to make as to release Louise true void magic power to save her friends. Not only is she quiet but she is quite daring and full of surprises. I like that. xD

To end it off, here are some Tabitha (and friends) goodness. ^^

Who is your favourite character from the series? ^^

Images are from e-shuushuu & moe imouto


10 Responses to "I am officially a Tabitha fanboy"

I myself am a Tabitha fan, and we just got the Tabitha statue, and she is so beautiful, her staff is like “HOLY BLEEP, WOW, HUGE!” :P
I thought the entire series was pretty cool, and do plan eventually to get a Louise figure also.:D

@Riiana Doon
Plz do a review soon. I’m considering getting her but there hasn’t been a review on her which I can find. T_T
Plz, pretty plz with a cherry on top? :3

i like siesta and henrietta-hime. and Tabitha too. maybe we will get a slightly more talkative Tabitha in season 4. ^^;

didn’t watch the show (and probably never will) so i don’t know what to say ^^

maybe i’ll just shut up :'(

err. I am about to watch the last ep, but tbh somehow I cant really enjoy S3 as good as S1 (no need to mention the crappy S2) lol. but it’s good to see u liked S3, which made u decide on which ZnT girls ur after :D wahaha u dig for ghost-scared chicks xD

ZnT girl for me : Stated above. wahaha
And I think #2 has become Ilcocoo xD She’s so damn moe with her “nano ne~”

Ah so this is the girl you were talking about huh ;).

Well, this season was okay. I feel season 1 was the best of them all. I still would love to know what will happen in season 4!!!!!!!

i like tabitha and louise that same, yummy. i wonder how the story will continue now that tabitha is in the race for saito’s heart

U need some tabitha figs to support your fanboyness. ^^

Hopefully. I want her to attack and attack like siesta. xD

At least ur honest about ur opinions. I like honesty. ^^
Why? Not ur fanboy-ism taste? ^^

Haha. Yeah, I heard it all.
S1 is still a classic in my book. ^^

Yep. Now go watch the series.

The wait finally begins for S4. I hope it’s soon but not before Shana S3 plz.

@Otaku Dan
Welcome. Happy to see u finally drop by. ^^
That’s the exciting part.

In my next figma order, I’m adding her in the box. ^_^

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