Music Mondays ~ Minami Kuribayashi – unripe hero

Posted on: October 6, 2008

This OP is from the hit series Blassreiter from the producers of Gonzo and Nitroplus. As a fan of Gonzo productions, I had to check it out when I heard about it at Dannychoo. When I saw a preview, it caught my interest instantly by the CG animation, especially the battle scenes.
While it got off at a steady start, the climax of the series took off instantly after ep. 12. The storyline goes more in-depth, the battle scenes get more intense and the storyline revolves more around the characters.
If you guys haven’t checked it out, I stronger suggest you do because it’s a series well worth the pick up.

I would watching in HQ.

Note: The scenes used in the AMV are from ep. 4, 8, 9, 12, 15-17 as well as from the 2nd OP because this song is the 2nd OP from the series. There are no spoilers (well, not that I can see) ^_^

Your a fan of Gonzo?


5 Responses to "Music Mondays ~ Minami Kuribayashi – unripe hero"

No, but I like the series for its bikes, and later on the CG mecha I guess. Also following it, and this second OP is better than the first. unripe hero itself is good and somehow reminiscent of old songs from past, while the other song inside the single was pretty fine as well, a sort of above-average generic type.

Never saw this anime, but the music is good.

First series with bikes and I’m very impressed.
I still reckon the best Gonzo series is Last Exile.

I highly recommend it.
Some CG battles were EPIC.

Good show or not ? didn’t watch it because i’m scared of Gonzo …

Why? Is it because of their animation or story plot in general?

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