Back into the Blogsphere world

Posted on: October 3, 2008

Image via e-shuushuu

I am happy to say, the renovation was a success and FINALLY, I’m back into my room where I belong. At the moment I’m reorgaising a few things including placing of furniture, desk, figures, figmas and posters. Considering I had to pack everything up and move some of my furniture out, I thought it was a good time to rearrange the placing of my furniture a bit so it may make my room look a bit more cosy and different.
In additional, it was a good time to figure out ‘free spaces’ so I can allocate them for my figures to solve this space problem I’m currently having.

Over the next few days,  I will be catching up on the news and your blog post where I have missed out on the past couple of days. Being a couple of days without the net, I can clearly see I have missed out on a lot of news feeds and post feeds via your blog and Dannychoo.com. In addition, with other misc. site I attend to regularly, the list is endless. T_T

Next week, I will be delivering a few reviews on some fun goods so I hope you look forward to them.
Hmmmmm… I might be able to do another “Figma Desk” post to see how much has changed. ^^

Finally, I would like to say, “It’s good to be back”. ^^

19 Responses to "Back into the Blogsphere world"

Its pretty awkward when you have to catch up to the other bloggers,news and whatnot.Its weird how the Internet has changed our habits over such a short period of time.

So wich color did you paint your room? PINK?

Yeah, being away for two days must suck. But hey, I survived without internet for nearly two weeks. I deserve a medal for that.

Yay welcome back ^^

Did you find a new place to put your figmas ? :p

Welcome back ^^ It is weird being away for a few days and how much you can miss in a short time

Welcome back. The amount of things you can miss, as has been mentioned, is hideous in a few days.

Anyways, I hope your room was painted blue.

hello hello~ welcome back!! hehe. Miss ya lots XD. Having no net really sucks =(

Welcome back to the blogging world!!!!!!
I feel for you. Having no internet is hell!!!!!
I went 2 weeks without it and I nearly went crazy!!!

welcome back commander. we have much to do.

Welcome back ^^

Welcome back!! I’ve been away a couple of days too, and theres sooo much to catch up on!! im going to look like – @_@ – after i finish catching up lol.


Life without Internet is a tough one. I was away for about 3 days or so for holidays, and when I come back, there is so much to catch up with. Not to mention the large number of new anime releases =_=”

Haha, no. It was white. A fresh dose of beautiful white paint. ^^

I will make sure it’s edible. xD

They will still be placed on my desk so no change from there.

Thanks. In an internet world. The news does not stop.

Now I know what colour is ur room. :P

I missed u too. :3
Yep, it’s hard to let go when ur lift depends on it. ^^

I think i would have murdered someone just for their net if i went for 2 weeks without it. @_@

I’m not ur commander but ur comrade. ^^
Or are they they the same thing? =D

Thanks. ^^

Times like these, it makes me wonder why i didn’t sign up for mobile broadband. T_T

That’s why I look over the stuff I’m interested and skim the rest.

It’s scary how much one will miss out by just going offline a few days isn’t it? >_<

But most of all, welcome back!

welcome back! ^^
yeah! having no internet conection is surely suck!
and you know, i dont have it any! XD

The picture of Haruhi gives me the urge to open this blog post. XD

glad do see you’re back in action! okaeri~

The news list is just shocking. @_@

I should be welcoming u here first. ^^
Lucky you >_<
I hope u do enjoy ur stay.

Welcome. I hope u enjoy urself has as well.
Perfect timing I must agree. ^^

Thanks. ^^

just wanna say Gaz, ABOUT TIME U GOT BACK ^^;
glad that the reno was successful mate :D

Thanks mate. Glad to see u back. ^^

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