More Figures to Play and Display

Posted on: September 27, 2008

First out of 4 packages from HLJ in my Spetember haul.

As seen from above, the items are:

  • figma Tsukasa Hiiragi Winter Uniform Ver. by Max Factory
  • 1/8 scale Mitsuki Hayase by Good Smile Company
  • figma Rin Tousaka Casual Wear Ver. by Max Factory

I hope the next 3 packages will arrive in the next fews days or hopefully in the next 2 weeks as they have been shipped out a few days after one other simulateously. I don’t know why HLJ don’t hold my items just a bit longer so they can ship it all out in one go. They know the release date of one of my preordered item is gonna be officially released in the next 2-3 days but still they don’t wait and they ship it anyway. I guess one of the reason could be, delays can happen often and it’s generally not their intentions to hold items.

I think she's about to.... xD

I’m a kinda person who hate’s paying for shipping cost (that’s why I don’t choose EMS) and if there was an option to hold all of my items for a month or 2 until they are all available on a specific order then I would gladly accept it. I’ve noticed where, the more you buy, the cheaper the shipping cost will be as they are combined in one package.

Figma No. 11 & 12. No. 10 is coming btw. ^^

The maximum amount of items I received in one lot is 3, how about you?


20 Responses to "More Figures to Play and Display"

Max items figure-wise was 2, but I’ve gotten orders with 3 or 4 items in them (wallscrolls/plush/etc). I’m starting to learn that shipping is cheaper with more items, and trying to learn how to save a little even though I prefer EMS (I’m too impatient). I’ll probably order that Rin figma eventually here.

niceee Gaz, omg… Figma Tsukasa… T_T i….wa- hahaha.
im still fighting if i should get it or not ;_; BAH!
mine was 2, it was GSC Lala and Benisu. xD 2 hotties~
man, becareful… that Mitsuki is REALLY about to… GET SOME TISSUES! unless u want to go all the way… good luck!

wanted to get tsukasa, but I’m on a tight budget. LOL. I ordered a Unison Vita (if you read zotaku already.. lol)

yes, I need to buy all my nanoha figs now T_T

Mitsuki looks hot! When are you going to take em out and take pics?

Mitsuki Hayase! I am taking her out for a beach shoot tomorrow!

I just went over to pick up figma Tsukasa and Kagami as well not long ago (as well as a number of old stuff)

figma Rin looks cool, i don’t know if it’s bad for me to miss her. Looking forward for the photos!

Cool new stuff!!!
I want your Rin figma!!!!!!

yay for new figmas, hmm i need to get rin! lol its going to be ages till i get tsukasa and kagami figmas :( i pre-ordered them from tamarket, oh well at least when the orders come in shipping wont cost much ^_^

At this rate you’ll have every Figma in existence :3.

i hate shipping cost too that’s why i usually order my figures at a local store.

I hate shipping costs aswell thats why im ordering my figures via SAL and wait years for them to arrive^^

Ill hope to see pictures of Mitsuki soon

I’ve learnt that being patient is the key in saving money. I rather have extra cash for figures, then send it on shipping cost. T_T

Get her, I know u want to. Remember what I told u “STOP LYING TO URSELF” xD
I have my napkins ready. =D

I know u got her already. I can’t wait to get mine.
Ur getting all the Alter Nanoha figs? Are u sure u have enough for characters goods? ^^

Hopefully soon but atm, I’m not too sure. Work and life is pretty hectic atm.

Just read ur post. Dam, she’s hot. ^^

Just read ur post as well. Lucky you. ^^

If ur a Rin fan or Fate/Stay night fan then u shouldn’t miss her. OR, if ur a figma fanboy then what I said above apply as well.

I hope does the rest of the Fate gang. I can’t stop now.

U should get them at HLJ. It’s cheaper and they have plenty in stock. I think u will get them cheaper as well.

If I was a millionaire, then I would agree to that. lol

Over here, we don’t have a actual figure at all. Lucky you. T_T

I don’t think i can wait for years lol

think i had 5 figures when i went on a huge hlj impulse buy (3 figmas, nendo and a 1/8). i also hate shipping… but when it’s a figure i reaaallly want… sometimes i don’t mind paying a little premium to make sure it arrives safe and sound. plus ems goes back to the post office if no one’s home, as added safety.

*sigh* that’s another 3 figures i wouldn’t mind in my collection, but i still gotta hold back and save for all those alter releases ^^;

I wants Mitsuki , it’s not a figma , give her to me ?

Please ?



wow, 5 figures. That must be quite a big loot that time huh. ^^
Yeah, I read ur post ‘Figure Drought” post. I thought u were a a bit crazy but now I understand ur serious. xD
*Still working out if I can afford Hayate*

U have a lot of money to buy resin kits so allocating some $$$ shouldn’t be a problem.


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[…] My first package from my September haul “More Figures to Play and Display” […]

I recently acquired via eBay a Good Smile Mitsuki Hayase figure. I have to say, it’s very, very nicely done.

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