What’s in the box? 7

Posted on: September 25, 2008

Hint: Rare petite set, comes in a box of 5, they each have their own water float. ^^

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Bon Festival Petite Set by Good Smile Company

First off, this set is not mine but my mate and I have been given permission by him to be able to make this post. I helped him get it off ebay for $72US including shipping which was a reasonable price to pay for a rare goodie set. He’s into rare goodies and figures is just one of them so he reckon he got a bargain and I kinda agree if I was in his shoes. Normally I would have got a set as well to take advantage of the combined shipping rate but I have already blew my budget by half this month so I’m currently living on bread and milk at the moment. -_-

Can I keep it noel? xD

Can I keep it noel? xD

Intentionally, I was gonna do a figure shoot as well (been given permission for that too xD) before I send it off but due to a lack of time because of the renovation of my house and in addition, preparing for my uncle’s wedding this weekend, my schedule is packed for this week and for the  rest of the month.

Well this set is already on my ‘GET LIST’ after seeing it first hand and checking out a few reviews but readers who are interested but still undecided can check out Meronpan and Exelica meteor reviews as well.

This set on your ‘GET LIST?’


10 Responses to "What’s in the box? 7"

I knew whats inside when i saw the box^^ Intuition?

Its not on my get list because im no haruhi fan blablabla (i bet everybody knows already)

Does your buddy only care about rarity?Like hed buy an ugly figure just because its rare?

That’s a nice set, would be on the to pay list if there would be money available ^^

3$ cheaper than mine, nice get! (for your friend ^^;;)

nah, i dont get just ANY RARE figures, hell no. especially since i also have quite tight budget and tight spacing. xD

oh u got it 3bucks more expensive? orz. i saw ur blog about that one. pretty cute, bit mean… lol

Gaz thanks again mate, but really get over my dead body if u want to have it. xD grab it next month or sth when u have new budget :D i know u want it badly…this really is a “gift” set :D
good luck with your wedd-

haha. Yeah, I make it easy. xD
I guess he answered that question 2 comments down. ^^

I’m getting it next month or 2 months down the track.

If i didn’t pay for registration, I would have got it even cheaper.

haha. Well, u know my address so I’m not gonna risk it. xD

I tend to avoid limited edition figures, because they ate a LOT of money. Some limited figures like Nendoroid Konata / Kagami / Louise are good figures but they’re beyond my reach because of store / country exclusive.

im so jealous lol. I love mizugis, hehe.

It’s a good thing ur not because they are a wallet ripper.
I blame noel for getting into it.
he need to stop saying “zomg, exclusives” xD

I digg mizugis. ^^
I can’t resist them.

Oh wow the packaging is pretty neat.

It’s a gift box. GSC makes u feel special. xD

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