My DVD collection

Posted on: September 24, 2008

(Click on the image for a larger resolution)

As seen from above, my entire collection which began from early 2006. It’s not big compared to many other people collection considering I wait for the boxset to be release and I generally collect series which I love. A few reasons I wait includes, it’s cheaper compared to buying separate volumes and being able to watch the entire series at your own pace. Pretty handy when it comes to suspenseful moments where you don’t wanna wait another month for the next volume to be out. ;)

The only downside I can think of is the long delay in waiting for the boxset to be release. With some of these series, it took distributors more than 6 months to release the boxset after they finished releasing each volume which is kinda ridiculous.


  • Boxsets: 26 (which includes the thinpacks and FMA came in 2 boxsets so I counted each set as a seperate set)
  • Movies: 9
  • Black Disk Case: A variety of series worth archiving like Kanon 06, Claymore, Shana etc.

So do you collect separate volumes or wait for the boxset?


11 Responses to "My DVD collection"

nice collection ^_^ its bigger than mine.. so far hehe lol.
I like to wait for the boxsets but some series that i really love I like to collect!

I like boxsets too, they save a lot more money and you don’t have to switch the DVDs as often if you feel like watching a lot of episodes in one run. My collection isn’t that big right now either because of this. I probably have a lot more movies though, they tend to be more affordable.

What a set!!!!!!
Really nice!!!!!!
I might want to show mine to someday…
I have to list a lot if I do my DVD collection…I mean it’s going to be really long…

Yeah the box sets usually have a nicer design. However, there may be odd occasions when I only like a particular (few) eps in a series. Then, I’d only get that particular DVD.

I prefer boxsets over single dvds any time.Too bad most series wont be sold as boxsets over here and only as single dvds with a ridiculous price like 25-30€.Some publishers finally realized that this isnt the way to go and sell them cheaper but most are still expensive.

I should get a regionfree dvdplayer and import that would be alot cheaper

Can I just say I salute you?! Collecting figurines is already a strain on my wallet. I only collect 3 dvd shows so far, and I stopped recently because of all my figurines purchases ><

i used to collect dvds but i was getting the japanese releases… soooo expensive!!! stopped after finishing haruhi and kyoani kanon. if i had kept at it i woulda preferred box sets… picking up single dvds in akiba was terribly wasteful orz

wish i had a collection like yours :P

lol dude, u have that many already? nice… i dont even have one. D: u know i dont like the hassles of DVD xD

Thanks. Don’t worry, ur getting there. xD

Yeap, movies are affordable but I always tend to grab series other than movies because of the fact, I always find them at bargain prices.

A big figure collection and a DVD collection as well? I really really wanna see. xD

Ur so hard to please so I will leave it at that. -_-

I would recommend getting ur boxsets are rightstuf.com. They always have weekly discounts on boxsets and always special promotional deals from time to time.
Due to the high prices of some boxsets here and considering Madman (our distributor) don’t distribute all series licensed in americal importing is the way to go.

Thanks. I keep it balance because i love both items.

I thought DVD in japan was cheap. That’s a shock. @_@

Yeah, I know you. I heard ur story so I will leave it at that.

at least in my experience, it’s anything but cheap ;_; look at lucky star dvd 11 for example… 2 episodes, 5800 yen!! region 1 dvd 1 is $22 for 4 episodes (taken from amazon.co.jp and amazon.com)

I get what u mean now.
Woah, if i compared prices with figures, one vol. is more expensive than a figure. @_@

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