Forehead-chan Iori Minase

Posted on: September 20, 2008

1/8 Iori Minase by Good Smile Company

First off, I would like to apologies for the delay of my figure and DVD collection post. While the packing has been smooth so far, it’s taking longer than expected due to the fact, I had to pack other areas of my house as well. I will ensure it goes up early next week before I’m without the net for some time.
In the meantime I present you, what could be the last figure shoot of the month. It’s forehead-chan Iori Minase from Good Smile Company. For people who are unfamiliar with the series, her forehead is shiny and her friends gave her that nickname. xD

Before I get into the details, this shoot was actually done on the same day I did Suzu. I have a habit of doing 2 shoots using the same background considering my ideas on a variety of backgrounds to use are kinda dull. For starters, she from the anime series IDOLM@STER:XENOGLOSSIA. I got her on a whim from Hobby Search a few months back when I found her in the “Bargain bin” section. I liked the series and I liked her character in general and it was a ‘bargain’ so I couldn’t resist. I think bargain figures are generally a killer to my wallet other than retail price figures because when it comes to bargains, I go crazy over them and I wouldn’t be able to sleep unless I know I clicked on the cart button. lol

Once again, GSC did another great job. There isn’t a lot detail and the hair looks  kinda plain but I reckon GSC intentions was to make a simple “two-piece” figure of her for the Idolmaster fans out there. The sculpt looks good and the only flaw I found was a few bits of uneven paint around the “two-piece” areas but it’s barely visible from a distance. The only stand out feature would have to be the base but I will get to that later on.

omg, waves. ^^

When I say, this is one of the best beach bases, I mean it. Compared to a majority of beach bases or sandy bases, this one have waves. It looks like she is closer to the beach than ever before. I’m just fascinated GSC was willing to go that extra mile to just make that one particular area more detail so the overall image of the figure stand out more.

Nice body. She's been working out. ^^

Included in the package contains 2 acessories, her favourite giraffe toy and what looks like a flyer I think where Nebula (her robot) gave to her when she was little. It’s been a while since I watched the series so correct me if I’m wrong.

Cute bottom huh. ;)

Cute bottom huh. ;)

Interested readers who still want to grab this little beauty should check out HLJ. They still have plenty of stock left from the looks of it. The only thing that stopping me from getting the whole set is not being able to find Haruka Amami. She impossible to find nowadays, even on ebay. I actually got her preordered once but due to budget constraints, I had to cancel her. Now I regret it. T_T
Yukiho Hagiwara is also available at HLJ at a bargain price. Not my favourite character but I would have got her instantly if I already got Haruka.


11 Responses to "Forehead-chan Iori Minase"

I love that base, pretty nice details there. Never watched Idolmaster, but she looks decent.

Again, take her to the beach ;).

Yeah I’ve never seen the series either.

She’s nice but i prefer Haruka :o

But the base is indeed good :)

Can’t wait to see your collection post :)

She’s cute. Maybe I should get her to keep Haruka company. ^^

lol gaz about your principle on “bargain” things till u cant sleep, typical Gazza. xD

@super rats
you’ve just exposed yourself dangerous possible kidnapping operation. (jk Gaz xD)

The base is pretty much the stand out thing in the package. U should give it a try. ^^

only if u come with me (L) xD
Try it. Haruka is in it. ^^

Haruka is star of the series so yeah. ^^

@super rats
Get the whole set. U will love them all. ^^

haha, yeah, that’s me xD

I dont know who this girl is but i like her^^
I normally dont really like swimsuit figures but shes nice for sure

Nice job on the shoot Optic!!!!
She does have a big forehead…
I like the base of the figure…

ahhh thanks for reminding me to check out this series ^^; i was always curious how they went from idol training game to mech action ^^;

i think her forehead makes her face look kinda flat in some of the pics heheh

Nice shots! But man…her forehead is huge!

Character wise, she’s funny. xD
I digg swimsuit figures.

The base is the only standout IMO.

Do check it out when u get the time. U might find it surprising. ^^
haha. it also makes her head shiny. xD

Super flat and shiny IMO. xD

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