Packing up

Posted on: September 18, 2008

This week my house is undergoing a bit of renovation. Basically, my house walls are being repainted and in a few days, my room will be next. All my furniture, bed, computer and goods will be moved out until the paint dries. This includes my posters where they will be taken down.

So starting tomorrow I will be repacking my figures and figmas into their boxes. Taking them out was easy but repacking them will be time consuming considering they are fragile and delicate. To ensure this goes as smooth as possible, I’m starting a few days early to avoid any hiccups I may encounter. I have the most items in my room so it will take me a good few days to get everything packed up and moved out.

In taking this opportunity, I will be doing my collection post. It will be my first full collection post ever since I became a figure collector. In additional I will be doing my full anime DVD post as well so look forward to it soon. Depending how smooth this move out goes, it could be up sooner than expected.

Here’s a sneak peek. ^^

I just took the boxes out tonight but it gives you an idea how much I acquired throughout the years so far.


16 Responses to "Packing up"

Wow sounds like a bothersome task.I really hate to renovate/move.Its so much work^^
Im looking forward to your collection post.Its crazy how many figures i already bought and a year didnt even go by…

Heheh, packing up won’t be fun at all I suspect. Almost all the time when I open my figures, I try to memorize which plastic wrapping goes where just so I can put it back originally if I have to. Needless to say, I think I failed miserably at that and I just end up stuffing the plastic wrapping in places where I feel the paint will rub off :p

All the best with the reno work, hopefully no hiccups occur for u =)

oh I didn’t hear about this, lol. I hope u’re doing it without hiccups too bro, lucky ur having the reno when ur still at this stage. I’d bloody hate it to repack my stuff back for reno purposes or something like that D:

awesome mikan in the box pic btw :3~
U know without saying I am lookin forward to your full collection post (^_^)d

good luck! hope everything gets packed up nicely.

can’t wait to see your posts on your dvds and figure collection ^_^

Packing up and moving when you are a figure collector sucks big-time. At least doujins and manga are easily packed into boxes or cartons, but not figures.

look forward to seeing your collection. I’ll be needing to do this someday too, if I don’t keep stalling on painting

Good thing you kept the boxes…
I never throw out the boxes cause I expect that I will need it in the near future…
Well, hope the repacking will go out well…

Wow that’s such a pain. I know because I packed up my figures because I’m planning on moving out soon. Good luck! Hope nothing breaks…

Oh wow.. That’s a lot. I hate to take out my figurines actually, for fear that I need to shift them frequently. Only my faves are out XD

That’s one of the downside when becoming a figure collector. There are too much figures to pack.

Well, I still keep some of the plastic for the figures. Most of the time, I throw them out. I doubt the paint will rub off. it’s not like the plastic is hot or moving where it can rub the figure.

Thanks dude.
It was kinda unexpected but neathertheless, it has to be done.

my dvd post will be small. I don’t have that much compared to figures. ^^

Agree. I spent a day working on it and I’m still not finished. T_T

My advice is, do it early while ur collection is small.

I have to thank you guys out there. I was wondering why most of you still kept the boxes.

I drop one of my figures twice. Luckily she’s still in tack.

LOL. Well, I find their true beauty can never be shown if they are still inside the box.

Oh boy sounds like a lot of work! But yeah, looking forward to your collections post.

Hopefully, it will be all done by tomorrow. ^^

this is bothersome, I know. I just did it few weeks ago when I moved to a new apartment… The worst part is not packing them… it is when you get them out of the boxes again ^^;

It’s gonna be headache when I unpack them again -_-

Boxes are always a problem .. i don’t have any places to put them anymore ^^

I’m considering trashing some when this move is done. Let see how it works out first.

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