What’s in the box? 6

Posted on: September 16, 2008

Hint: Not a figma, Maid, she has a crush on Saito. xD

1/8 scale Siesta by Alter

Arrived yesterday but had to pick her up at the post office today. According to the note the postman left in the mailbox, he came at 9am but nobody was home. I was like “wtf!?”, my dad and bro was at home all that time including myself. I checked the EMS tracking page and the final delivery was made at 10.15am. We were at home all that time as well. I reckon the postman was just lazy and he couldn’t be bothered to walk up to my house and ring the doorbell which is part of the EMS service I paid for. T_T
Has it happen to you?

Well, I got her at Hobby Search where I saw her in the “Bargain Bin” section. I instantly clicked on the ‘cart’ button as I remember seeing some ‘moe’ pictures of her at Figured’s FigureLog ^^

Honesty I’m glad I got her. She looks beautiful. ^^
Thanks Pure Trance. You convinced me. =D


10 Responses to "What’s in the box? 6"

Nice I didn’t realize she was on sale. I’m eying up the Tabitha figure myself. I’ve never had that happen with EMS before, but then again I usually check my mail every few hours the day after HobbySearch sends my packages out to see where they are and I know what day they’ll be arriving. I usually walk out to meet them when they get out of the vehicle XD

yeah Gaz it happened to me sometimes, about couple or 3 times already now, sucks when that happens, but mostly they do their job properly. Ah… Moe Meido xD~~

I’d eat the postman.

I like maids.

I’d mail my EMS packages to my office, so there’s always people around and those lazy postman wouldnt dare not to get lazy

Kill the postman .

I can’t believe you bought a non figma figure :o

Are you sick ? :'(

Anyway , nice buy , i nearly bought her too ^^

Never happened in my place for EMS. But i had to pick 3 items, sent by airmail / SAL / air economy box, myself in the post office.

Siesta isn’t really my favorite, but i still think that this figure is very good fiugre.

If Alter ever consider a Tabitha figure, then I wouldn’t be able to resist.
If I ever see them up in my driveway, I would run out there and greet them myself. xD

mostly is not good enough. It’s EMS we are talking about, not SAL. >_<

haha, u will eat almost anything. xD
I don’t think there is someone on this planet who doesn’t know that. =D

Welcome. Hope u enjoy ur stay. ^^
I’ve been considering doing that as well. Might do it soon as it’s more convenient.

lol. I like scales figures as well mate. =D
Why didn’t u get her? M12 likes maids. Get her to make him happy. xD

If no ones at home, they leave at my door if it’s not EMS.
I not a huge of her but i got because it was a bargain. ^^

Nice loot!!!!!
I wouldn’t mind getting that too!!!!!
Sadly, after my trip….and paying for my uni, I barely have money to buy figures…
I want…

Thank you Optic!:D Was also very nice talking to you the other day!:D Also adding you to my blogroll!:D

I would be surprised if u had money leftover after ur trip. lol

@Riiana Doon
No worries. It was nice meeting u as well. ^^

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