Chouyusha Haruhi

Posted on: September 13, 2008

figma Chouyusha Haruhi by Max Factory

The wait is over. FINALLY, my figma Chouyusha Haruhi review is out. I hope you guys and gals have been looking forward it and I do apologies for the delay. As this was my 2nd attempt in doing her shoot, I had to try to get it right to the point where I’m satisfied because if I’m not, I’m certain most of you won’t enjoy the review either.

To kick things off, Chouyusha Haruhi is bundled together with the PS2 game “Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi”. What is the game about? Well, to be honest, I don’t know and I got her solely on the purpose in loving figmas. On the other hand, I don’t mind doing some research about the game and writing a bit about it here but I know, I will be wasting your reading time and besides, this review is about the figma, not the game. Google is your best option if you want information about the game. ^^

Fast forwarding that bit, I acquired her from ebay early last month for around $70US including shipping. While the price may not sound pleasing for just a figma when you compared it with other figmas in the market, she is a limited edition and I did get her by herself without the game considering getting her from a regular online store would mean getting the game as well considering she can’t legitimately be sold separately. So I would say, it’s a rare find in this case. ^^

As for the quality of the figma…. well, it is a figma and the quality is the same as your regular figmas. While, most figmas released these days tend to have a flaw or 2, I can happily say, she has none. It comes with an extra face, the normal 8 extra pieces of hands and her super kool sword. Her shoulder pads (part of the outfit) is made of rubber to allow that extra flexibility and her skirt can be detachable.

I don't know if she wanna hug u or attack u. ^^

U expect good quality from Max even though it's an action figure. ^^

You don't need a weapon to be strong. ^^

Typical haruhi. She wants a piece of u. xD

"Run Tonkatsu! or u gonna be mince meat." @_@

Overall, I reckon the shoot turned out well. As this is my 2nd figma shoot, I tried to add more variety to make it more entertaining. Unlike scale figures, figma shoots takes longer to do because of the fact they they offer more poseability and variety to shoot and sometimes thinking what poses to do and use for the shoot can be a challenge.

If I managed to tempted you impulses or your just hungry for her, I would suggest ebay to be the first place to look. Yahoo auction is another alternative but proxy maybe required or in any case if your feeling rich, get the game and your guarentee to get her. ^^


12 Responses to "Chouyusha Haruhi"

whoa Gaz, it turned out very nicely bro, I love the little panchira (panti-shots) in the shots u took xD
Funny ideas, and indeed the figure itself looks very nice. Guess u didnt regret spending 70bucks for her huh :3

Great photoshoot! I don’t think I’ve seen a review of this version of Haruhi until now, just a few pictures here and there. $70 doesn’t sound so bad, I’m more worried I’d end up with a bootleg than anything if I bought from Ebay. If they stop making figmas that I instantly pre-order for a while this could be on my buy list.

I love the waterdrops on the flowers in the background.I guess you drooped them there on purpose?Tonkastu is awesome^^

I am not a fan of limited edition figmas.. because they may be broken, etc, no doubt =X. Love the shoot. haha Mince meat in the way XD. I hate to do Figma Shoot because of the many poses and hands you can exchange.

But I’m getting the WF Suzaku Figma! Hope nothing goes wrong XD

Nah you didn’t tempt me ;). Nice shoot, though.

If Tonkatsu turns into minced meat I’d eat it. (=\?)

ooooh sooo pretty!! great shoot too btw!
I really want this figma! I’m surprised you got it at such a good price! very lucky!

I heard that the game’s about Haruhi wanting to make a game, but Danny Choo doesn’t seem to like it. :\

Haruhi’s weapon is kinda interesting; it’s like a hybrid of a rapier and a lance. $70 for this figma? But it’s understandable when it’s limited and hard to get already. I had that experience with my 1/144 tank collection. I like the shots, especially the one where Haruhi’s pointing at the camera like Max Factory Shana.

lol at the last picture~ Run Tonkatsu, run!

Well it’s a figma so yes ^^

But i love the shots and the weapon !

Have fun , Figma’s Master ^^

I never knew that this Haruhi would be as small as other figma. The first thing that came to my mind when i first saw this figure is “this figure is big just as its price”.

One thing for sure: Haruhi’s really cool with that outfit and sword.

i still prefer haurhi in school unifrom. ^^

Nice weapon that she got ^^ and I like the flower pot on the background. Great shoots ^^

Thanks dude. I don’t regret getting her.
She is just as fun to play with like my other figmas. ^^

Bootleg figmas are not the market yet. (Not that I know of) but what what u said is true. It’s likely they will appear here and there. In case u have the spare cash to get her, make it quick as she’s hard to find nowadays unless u get the retail package which includes the game.

no, it’s actually part of the flowers.
In case u didn’t know, the flowers are fake.

I’m getting the WF Spinzuka as well. What u said is true. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s time consuming. -_-

if there was a tomoyo figma, i doubt u can say no. lol
if it’s free, u will eat it. xD

ebay hunting now and then is what I do @ work to kill time.
Thanks. ^^

I recall vaguely reading a bit about it but I wasn’t too sure.
Thanks. ^^

Thanks James.
Yes, I’m proud to be one. lol

If u compare her with nanoha, they are pretty much the same size but not the price. T_T
I love her skirt.

I like both. I like the variety. ^^

I can put her in duels now. ^^

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