Energetic Suzu

Posted on: September 11, 2008

1/7 scale Suzu by Kotobukiya

If there is another word I could describe Suzu other than being “Sexy” or “Hot”, I would say she’s “Energetic”. Well, this figure proves she is both. ^^

Acquired from HLJ a couple of months ago, I fell in love with her instantly when I saw the promotional pictures from the Kotobukiya site. At that time, I finished the series fairly recently and considering I enjoyed it very much, I was keeping an eye out for future figures on the series, especially a Suzu one and then Kotobukiya surprised me with a 1/7 scale ‘two-peice’ Suzu and without hesitation, I preordered her instantly when she became available.

if you asked me if she is worth every cent, I can honesty say “Yes”. Kotobukiya did an amazing job and I can honesty say, she looks so much better than the promotional pictures. The sculpt and the detail is just flawless and not only that, the pose is just dynamic. It’s like she is running and is about to jump in front of  you. That’s why one of the key features I look out for in figures are the pose. If the quality is average but the pose is a “WIN” for me, then usually it’s still on my ‘buy list’.

Character wise, this figure shows what she really is in the series, cute and and cheerful. She is always the excited and joyful one and when it came to helping people out, she is the first one to raise her hand. I love her personality and her lack of experience with boys. Considering Ikuto was the first boy to arrive unexpectedly on the island, there was some priceless moments. Unlike most girls, she is not embarrassed to reveal it all. xD

If you haven’t checked out Nagasarete Airantou, then I would recommend it. There are no big plots and dramas, just a comedy and romantic series. For nosebleeds moments, there are plenty. ^^

Nice legs, Nice body. ^^

Nice legs, Nice body. ^^

Perfect eyes. ^^

Perfect eyes. ^^

Love the hair. Big and lovely. ^^

Love the hair. Big and lovely. ^^

The cutiest bottom. ^^

The cutest bottom. ^^

I find Suzu in having the most cutest bottom in my collection. I can’t really explain it but it’s so eye-catching that whenever I look at her, my eyes glances to her bottom. I think my love for loli wearing a two-piece is just as big as me being a fanatic over figmas. =D
Which figure you find has the cutest bottom in your collection? ^^

*tickle, tickle* =D

*tickle, tickle* =D

I couldn’t resist. My parents use to do this to me all the time when i was little. ^^

Tonkatsu! is a unique pig. Where's the body? lol

Tonkatsu! is a unique pig. Where the body?

I don't want Suzu getting sunburnt. ^^

I don't want Suzu getting sunburnt ^^

As most of you already know, this is my first shoot using my new camera. It’s an indoor shoot near my dining room window and considering the sun was out, I took advantage of the sunlight. I thought it went very well and I find the background was a good fit other than my white plain wall.

For other reviews, please check out Exelica-meteor.

Readers who are still interested, HLJ still has her in stock but you better be quick as they have limited supplies. Hobby Search has already sold out so don’t miss your chance. I didn’t regret it, I’m sure James didn’t as well and I know you won’t either. ^^


22 Responses to "Energetic Suzu"

Maybe still my fav PVC figure , at least one of my favs :)

I love her so much , and Kotobukiya did the best job ever on the hair , maybe the best looking PVC hair available :o

Sad to see her still available at HLJ after all that time … lots of bad looking figures are discontinued at the preorder but not the cute Suzu …

Anyway , you really did a great job with the pics , and i’m really happy you love her as much as i do :)

And thanks for the link :)

LOL, wow, u are quick.
Agree, best Suzu ever.
It’s not sold out at HLJ because it was ‘backordered’ twice so they got more stock in actually.
I don’t see her lasting for more than 2 months now.

I think the only figure we love very much. ^^

She is cute, but somehow I stayed off this figure. I guess I still am hoping for a better one of Suzu. Ah well.

Cutest bottom with my collection is probably limited Wonfes Mai’s lol. Big butt!

Never thought that this Suzu could be that good. She has the nice breast, nice butt, and very nice body shape. Not to mention, she’s still looking cute as always.

Anyway, good job with the photoshot, very creative use of sunlight passing through window.

Love the figure pose, winks are always cute and it makes it look like she’s about to bounce out of her top. :D

NOOOO. You make me want to buy her too T_T. POISON! Haha

This Suzu’s body is just too good for her age! Shana will be ashamed XD

Hmm…. Just when I spotted her on sale the other day at a shop, now I might have to head down and get it during my break later. This is not good… Too many unplanned purchases lately T_T

She looks great, I’ll have to check out that series soon and see if I like it. Her hair is really nice looking. The background works really well and the sunlight gives the pictures that added touch.

I like the side-lighting you used in the photos. It goes well with her dynamic pose.

You should take her to the beach XD.

I love Genki Girls! I know its weird but im somehow attracted to the pig aswell ^_^

Havent seen the series but it sounds like a nice little Ecchi love comedy.Gotta check it out

Well I hope for ur sake there will be a better one. When there is, it’s likely I will get it as well because I just luve Suzu.

Do urself a favor and buy her if u really like her. I did my best with the shot to really show her beauty but really, seeing the real thing is a different story.

I like ur creative mind len. ^^

Stop fighting with urself and just get her. xD

I like both characters so it’s ok. xD

Plz don’t blame me. I just wanted to show how cute and loving she is. =D

Thanks. Her hair is one of the areas I like very much.
Be sure to check out the series. I’m sure u will like it. ^^

No beach close by and not in a million years.
I’m keeping it real man. ;)

The pig is kinda cute. It’s not ur everyday normal pig. xD
Be sure to check the series when u get the time.

too late optic, she’s BACKORDERED. LOL

i can’t believe she is just 13 years old.

tsk tsk tsk… tickle tickle? I KNOW U DO MOAR THAN DAT OUT OF THE PICTURE, especially with u loving her bottom…wow, indeed it is a cute bottom man, Didn’t really pay attention to it before xD
Nice pics on it Gaz, the background and the sunlight coming thru a little really has a nice touch to the whole picture. (^_^)d

Wow nice figure and she has a nice body for 13 years old O_O. You make me wants to buy her -_-;;

The ever cheerful Suzu!!!!!!
I love her!!!!!!!
I want this figure now…maybe I should get her…
Still, really nice job on the shoot!!!!!!

That doesn’t mean she’s ‘discontinued’. She’s been backordered many times but if u order one, there is a high chance they can fulfill ur order.

I can’t either but that doesn’t change the way i feel about her. :3

only tickles, nothing more. :3
i’m not a lolicon chaser. >_>

Don’t hold back on the figures u like. U might regret in the near future.

She will love u too when u get her.
U can’t say no to that happy face. ^^

The shot *tickle, tickle* =D is so fun. xD

It’s a dynamics figure and a great realisation.

I order it yesterday but HLJ announce “backordered”. I hope can’t wait much time. ^^’

Nice shots! =D

Believe me, u won’t regret it. U will love her as much as I do. ^^
I just resist tickling her. xD

[…] I get into the details, this shoot was actually done on the same day I did Suzu. I have a habit of doing 2 shoots using the same background considering my ideas on a variety of […]

after watching nagasarete airantou i had to get my hands on a suzu figure… this is the one i chose… but I still don’t have her!! ;_; I’ve got half a mind to cancel my order and go thru hlj… we’ll see if anyone responds to my e-mail /end rant

*ahem* sorry bout that ^^; glad she turned out so nice! i also love that she comes with tonkatsu

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