More Figmas have arrived

Posted on: September 9, 2008

It’s been a very long wait for these goodies (almost 6 weeks) and I am thrilled to have them in my hands. I was kinda surprised when I walked into my room after work and found a parcel on the floor waiting for me. I went  ecstatic as I knew what was inside already. ^_^

Two items in total

  • figma Konata Izumi Winter School Uniform Version by Max Factory
  • Figma Fate T. Harlaown Barrier Jacket Version by Max Factory

I’m keeping it short as I’m half asleep typing up this post.


Are these 2 in ur “GET LIST?”

No. 8 & 9. Looking forward to 10,11,12 and many more. =D


17 Responses to "More Figmas have arrived"

Congrats on the safe arrival of your precious figmas~ x3

I can has Konata-chan~? :3

I’m expecting lots and lots of photos, fufufu~

Lol, sorry, I just realised how disjointed my comment looks xD;; I must be really tired =x

Osm, Now u just gotta show pics, maybe more creativity with the poses? ;p

Ouch @ 6 weeks. Nice choices ^^ Look forward to your pictures.

The Figma’s Master got his new toys , happy now ? :o

Glad you finally got them :) took a long time :s

ooooh awesome!!
I have Konata pre-ordered! and I’m having a hard time finding Fate, I actually found her at Tamarket, but their prices are a bit higher than elsewhere but i’ll probably end up getting her from there lol.
Have fun playing with them!!

6 weeks!? That’s really a loong wait…
I already got those 2 in my possesion.

Just be careful with Fate’s left hand.

2 more soldiers for your evergrowing figma army.
Id love to see your desk at the end of this year!

The Figma boxes dont look that big…I wonder why HLJ send my Kanu Figma and another PVC Figure as 2 small Pacs.Weird

Figma specialist goes to work again!

Thanks. I’m currently working on other photoshoots so if I get the chance, maybe. ^^

haha, yeah, i will.

It felt like eternity.

haha. Thanks. Yes, I’m very happy. =D

Tamarket prices are usually higher due to the fact, they don’t sell them at wholesale prices unlike HLJ and HS. While it maybe cheaper in the US, we have to pay gst here. :s

Thanks for the tip. I don’t want another dilemma like my WF konata. Longest wait for a package so far. T_T

Thanks. ^^

They did that with one of my shipments as well. They could have got a bigger box unless, that was the biggest box they had at that time.

Work=Play. It’s my job. xD

are you gonna do a shoot? ^^

Figmas are really cool!!!!!!!
Want to see a shoot!!!!!

Hahaha got figma Fate too, but didn’t wasn’t an easy get for me. It looks like that everybody wants a piece of Fate-chan~

Looking forward to see more photos!

Will do when I get the time. ^^
I actually have something in mind.

I can’t stop luving them ^^

She’s practically sold out everywhere u look.
Luckily I secured my order early. ^^

I got Fate earlier this month, best figma ever (so far…). :D

I have Konata on the way (with Miku)…can’t wait.

I only played with her a bit but I reckon all figmas are good.
Can’t wait for my Miku either. ^^

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