Megami Magazine Vol. 101: My Impressions

Posted on: September 9, 2008

Warning: NSFW
( Contains Nudity)

This month edition is out. Get it if you want before it’s gone. For Sydney readers, Kinokuniya has quite a lot of copies but I doubt they will last long.

This month featured cover is Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann where they are promoting their first movie. I haven’t started on the series yet as I’m still waiting for the dub DVD’s to come out later on the year. I’m a patient guy when it comes to watching different series as I have other series preoccupied. Really, I can wait. ^^

Can't wait for Lucky Star OVA. I know I'm not the only one. ^^

Can't wait for Lucky Star OVA. I know I'm not the only one. ^^

Aside from the yummy posters, this months extras includes a large double-sided poster featuring Strike Wtiches and a plastic board featuring sexy Yoko and Nia. ^^

I can see the cheesey smile on M12 face. =D

I can see the cheesy smile on M12 face. =D

Are Tiffania big eyes really real? xD

Are Tiffania big eyes really real? xD

I can't see Yuno putting on a sexy pose. She's too innocent. T_T

I can't see Yuno putting on a sexy pose. She's too innocent. T_T

Kan'u is my waifu. ^_^

Kan'u is my waifu. ^_^

I'm still getting through the 1st season. They look dangerous. ^^

I'm still getting through the 1st season. They look dangerous. ^^

What series are they from? I'm interested. xD

Triela is HAWT!!!

Triela is HAWT!!! Nice shades. ^^

Plastic Board


Side 1: Yoko


Side 2: Nia

I don’t know about you guys but the temperature just shot up to 100 degrees of HAWTNESS!!!! xD

Mega Poster

Yoko Movie Poster

Side 1: Yoko Movie Poster

Strike Witches

Side 2: Strike Witches

Overall, it was a pretty decent issue. A few standout posters were Haruka-chan from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Koihime Musou, Gunslinger Girl and the Strike Witches mega poster.  The plastic boards was a great addition as well into this issue. Yoko and Nia are HAWT! I haven’t watched the series yet so I don’t have a favourite. Who is your favourite?


18 Responses to "Megami Magazine Vol. 101: My Impressions"

*Cheesy smiles*

Haruka + Maid = Death.

oh gooddddnesss… that Haruka, GSG, and Yoko Nia plastic boards are freakin bomb! those are the only ones burnt my eye. xD
Nia is so .. omg.

well apart from yoko and lucky star, the rest are pretty much typical of a megami magazine…
but lucky star is darn cutee!

NEED MOAR of Kanu yuri action.

I’d like to have that mega poster with Strike Witches on it. Full of loli with cat ears and tails, so moeee….

Anyway, you might want to set your White Balance before you shot. It helps you to get a balanced color (kinda hard to explain).

Lucky Star OVA~! I can’t wait x3~

As for everything else, no comments, lol

Hmm…I think that Nia+Yoko look a bit weird on that pencilboard…It may be the viewing angle tough

Im kinda confused about the Gunslinger Girl Poster.GG is one of the few series i cant imagine and actually dont want to see the girls in fanservicy poses.The overall theme of the series doesnt go with that flow or is the anime different?

Yoko Poster for me please

I’m starting to wish I had a subscription arrrg Yoko is win. Nia isn’t bad either. There’s nowhere here to buy this magazine, so it’s online for me… ugh

wow, a lot yummy posters… maybe I should check out some local Japanese stores here in Boston to see if they have these kind of magazines. The anime/figure store I often visit does not have it.

Kagami is Miku, who would had thought she likes leeks…
I have my copy too…
So cool!!!!!!

Haruka’s poster would be the reason to buy this magazine XD. Oh my kan’u, more yuri action from her would be nice lol.

How much is it, and why do you have two copies? One to fap to and one to keep?

Maybe in case one gets covered by soldiers

lol, I know u love maids. Maids FTW!!! ^^

I know ur a Yoko fan so I know u will be happy to get ur copy in ur hand. ^^

Welcome. Hope u enjoy ur stay.
I’m just in it for the posters. ^^

Ur local Kino should have a copy. ^^

Me too. Kanu is the bomb. ^^
Thanks for the tip. I already adjusted it but I may need to tweak it more. :s

I’m looking for to it as well. Can’t wait. ^^

The Nia and Yoko images are actually on a plastic board, not a pencil board. Unless there are 2 types of pencil boards, I will just refer them as plastic boards for now.
Well, GSG is not a fan service series but with Megami, they give the girls that extra fan service which is kinda typical of them to do for non-fan service series. If it works or not is based on ur judgment.

I heard JList or CDJapan has a subscription to the mag.

Good luck but if there isn’t any then there’s always online. HLJ has them. ^^

Do u collect every volume?

LOL, I was trying to convince M12 to buy it because of that reason. xD

$20AUD at Kino. One for my friend.

I don’t get what u mean but thanks for dropping by. ^^

Yoko’s Mega Poster is really great! °°

And Haruka is very kawaii. ^^

Megami Magazine is a good magazine, actually!

If ur in it for the posters, then I highly recommend it. ^^

Yoko on the plastic board looks almost entirely different (I blame the lighting) and I’m not sure I like her there.

The mega poster, on the other hand…HOLY BUSTY REDHEADS BATMAN!

Welcome game kid. Hope u enjoy ur stay.
I haven’t watched the series so I can’t give u the specifics to be honest lol.

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