Megami Deluxe Vol. 11: My Impressions

Posted on: September 3, 2008

Warning: NSFW
( Contains Nudity )

The latest Deluxe edtion was out mid last month and I managed to grab a copy at Kinokuniya on Monday before it was sold out. They had 4 copies left in total so I would consider myself lucky this time.

So what’s the difference between the monthly edition and the deluxe edition? Well, to put it in simple terms, the deluxe edition is like an artbook full of artwork from previous monthly editions, mostly from posters. It contains no text or any information about the airing series etc. just a straight forward picture magazine. In addition, it also contains a mega double sided poster which is usually based on the featured cover.
They release 2 volumes per a year and this volume is the last one for this year.


She's so pretty :3

*Fingers cross for Season 2* ^^

*Fingers cross for Season 2* ^^

Louise love. ^^

Louise love. ^^

Dinner is served. xD

Sexy yet dangerous. ^^

Sexy yet dangerous. ^^

Arika mom is HAWT!!!

Arika mom is HAWT!!!

Vivo is so lucky to have 2 hawt moms. =D

Vivo is so lucky to have 2 hawt moms. =D

I can feel Chizuru love. xD

I can feel Chizuru love. xD

Haruka *drools*

Haruka *drools*

I don't recall seeing this picture of Shana in other previous edtions. Still very lovely. ^^

I don't recall seeing this picture of Shana in other previous volumes. Still very pretty. ^^

For Lucky Star fans. Konata is always the winner.

For Lucky Star fans. Konata is always the winner.

Mega poster side 1

I wish I was in the center instead of Fuko. >_<

I wish I was in the center instead of Fuko. >_<

Mega poster side 2

I prefer side 1 instead.

I prefer side 1 instead.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the outcome. There was a few new additions like the Shana one and the Lucky Star one that I like. I’m impressed with the Clannad mega poster. You can never get enough of Clannad and I’m so looking forward to the sequel in October “Clannad: After Story”.

Well, just like Vol. 100 review, here is my Deluxe collection to date.


13 Responses to "Megami Deluxe Vol. 11: My Impressions"

Ehhh??!??!! Wow!!! lolol! I had no Idea Megami Deluxe was like that!! lolol Argh if i knew that earlier i would have got them ages ago!! lolololol! Nuuuuu!!! Lol! I missed out so much!! xD!! lololol!! xD!! So much Illustrations!! lolol! Darn! lol xD!!

Hmm lol could i also ask how much does that cost at Kinokuniya? lol xD

Since I take hardly notice of what Megami is about, I of course have no idea what made Deluxe special -_- You have truly enlightened me on that aspect! (laughs)

Very tempting, very… juicy. The Clannad one looks very sweet and nice though, so much like in a family (hence its title).

you just made me want to buy megami deluxe too >.<

O_O Haruka is <3 and Kanu Uncho from Koihime Musou ^^…. oh my….. I think I am getting this magazine lol.

I prefer side 2 instead of 1 ^^

Very, very nice. I’m quite a sucker for posters even though I never put them up ^^; I really like the centerfolds in this one, but I never did appreciate the fact that these posters are folded. The folds really ruin it for me :(

Never got to see this magazine at the local bookstore, maybe they ocean-shipped it instead of air-shipped, so there’s a chance it might arrive still. If I do spot it, I probably will grab it. Haven’t bought a Megami magazine yet this year anyways ^^;

oooh i want this, very very nice!!

$20 mate. It’s worth it for megami fans.
The deluxe edition is what got me into collecting the monthly edition when I found out the artworks are in poster form.

haha. I’m so happy I “enlightened” you. xD
I know ur craving for it so go get it.

Thanks. It’s just like a regular artbook but in magazine format. ^^
I should on the series. Haruka is calling me. xD

The reason why I’m in for the magazines are the posters. There are always delicious ones that i like hanging up on my wall.
The centerfolds ruins as well IMO. They don’t really have a choice in a way to how to pack the posters inside the mag.

Head to Kino in the city. They have 2 left so u might be lucky. ^^

wah, nice, another Deluxe~ Gaz u already got 4 deluxes? Nice man.. I dont think I got all 4. xD

Although it says NSFW, I viewed the post during work anyway. I AM AWESOME.

u got more figures, so that’s counts more. xD

If u view it while ur boss is there, I would say, “Your a LEGEND” xD

[…] Update: I have added a Clannad poster on the wall. Frame is CLIPS by IKEA. Poster is pin-up from megami deluxe vol.11. […]

hi there
i was googling for megami deluxe vol.11 and found your post ><

Welcome kusakabemisao. ^^
U know what, the megami searches are currently my top searches atm. ^^

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