A few new items…

Posted on: September 3, 2008

On Monday, I did a bit of shopping to kick start my week off. I headed into the city to get a few items but 2 items I had planned to get for a very long time was a new keyboard and camera.

Groovy and Stylish. ^^

Groovy and Stylish. ^^

I have been using my generic Microsoft keyboard for more than 8 years and its time to give it the boot. After much research, Logitech was the way to go even though there isn’t much of difference between Logitech and Microsoft when it comes to keyboards. It really depends on past usage and preferences on which brand you prefer more over the other. In my case, Logitech Wave keyboard attracted me the most becuase of its ergonomics and overall design. It’s cushion pads is comfortable on the wrist and the wave design on the keys makes it comfortable to type and it looks and feels groovy as well. ^^

I guess this baby will go into the pile with the rest of all the other babies.

I guess this baby will go into the pile with the rest of all the other babies.

Which type of keyboard are you using and for how long?

Well, been researching for a new camera for a long time and after many discussions with my brother and sister, the Canon Powershot SX100 IS was the final outcome. I got it for $240AUD which came under budget and with the performance of 8MP and 10x Optical Zoom, it came more than what we needed which was great. I’m currently hogging it as I’m the most frequent user in my house. xD

I’m still reading the manual and learning along the way but I did do a few test shots on figma Haruhi (Tomadoi version). (Found below)


Clannad :3

Along way, I bypass Kinokuniya and it would have be a waste if I don’t drop in and see what new goodies they have available. I totally forgot they had the Megami Deluxe edition in store as it was released a few weeks back but I was lucky grab 2. (Ones for my friend). I almost missed out as there was 4 copies left in total.

I love her sword. ^^

I love her sword. ^^

Last but not least, I FINALLY got my figma Haruhi (Tomadoi version). Actually, I didn’t get her yesterday but  early last month. The reason why she’s in this post is because I don’t recall posting her up since I got her from ebay. Besides, it was a great way to do some preview shots on her with my new camera before I do a proper review on her where hopefully in the next few days.

oops... xD

oops... xD

I can assure you, this was accidentally. :P


12 Responses to "A few new items…"

Nice buy !

It’s nice to see you bought a good keyboard and a good camera . I had a great keyboard too , costed lots of money but i changed it for a simple one , a flat one , because it make half the noise …

Tell me if your new one is making noises or not too much , and maybe i’ll buy it , ’cause i like the look of it :o

As for Haruhi , well it’s cute but it’s a Figma so yes ^^

Oho the Wavekeyboard looks cool.

I’m using my Logitech G15 (the first and only real G15 version!!!) for one and a half year now and I don’t know what I would do if this thing breaks…

I would need a new camera too but DSLRs are expensive orz

Do you get many Anime-related mags at your location?
Any Clannad poster inside?

opps.. yeah I’m sure this was an accident^^

That was a very discret pantsu shot^^

I used a Dell Keyboard that came with my PC for 6 years and now im using my Laptops build in.

I seriously need a good camera. I hate to borrow my moms cheap camera whenever i wanna make a figure shooting.
I hope ill get enough money together on my birthday this month

That’s a nice choice of camera. You can set Aperture value and shutter speed depending on the need just like DSLR.

Anyway, i’m using a Logitech Standard keyboard for now. I’ve been using a Logitech classic (real classic, not that black classic keyboard) keyboard for a very long time before using this standard keyboard.

I want that Megami Deluxue! T_T

I’m still using a bog standard laptop so that’s self-explainatory lol… But I do have a folding keyboard for my PS2 or for backup uses (or simply just to put people off by its floppiness).

That’s a nice camera you got there! Looking forward to see your Haruhi review with it~

Ohhh nice new camera you got there ^^. Looking forward for even great photo shoots from you ^^



I’ve been wanting it so badly, but It’s sooo expensive. :( All the ones I’ve been seeing are over 80 USD!

Nice Keyboard btw :P I’m using an annoying laptop (__”)

This keyboard is very quiet. Even slamming the Enter key makes half less noise compared to my MS one. It feels groovy and its comfortable. What I love are the cushion pads for the wrist. U can type for long hours without any pain. ^^

U don’t need a DSLR to take great pictures. I’m not a camera expert but I find taking great shots depends on the lighting the environment u are in. That’s why sometimes I tweak the settings to meet those conditions.
No anime stores here, just a Kinokuniya in the city.
Review up. ^^

Even though u camera maybe crap, u are taking great shots with it. ^^

Thanks. I’m still working on those features. I’m a camera noob.

It’s worth the money, honest. ^^

I wouldn’t mind having a folding keyboard as a temp one.

haha thanks. I’m working my best.

I got for around $75US including shipping but that is what u are expected to pay considering I doesn’t come with the game.

been using whatever crap keyboard i had laying around for the last i dunno how many years ^^;;

mmm megami nice~ ^_^

man, Gaz, gratz on your new keyboard and camera too! Shit 8MP 10x Zoom 240bucks thats pretty good i must say. I hope u can take better pics nowadays with it :D:D that last pic I know that ur tellin the truth…pft.

if it’s ergonomic and it suits ur needs then it’s fine.

Really, I am. :P

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