Thanks for 5,000 hits

Posted on: September 1, 2008

I would like to say thanks to all of my readers who made this possible. It may not be big to some people but it is to me. In just been over 3 months and to achieve this figure is pretty dam good.

When I first started, I wasn’t expecting much. This was suppose to be a more personal blog about my daily life etc. but it turned out more than that. The figma trend has turned me more into an otaku than I realised and it has been shown here. I still try and post about my life events so you guys can get to know the real me in the real world but time constraints plays are major factor.

This week, I currently on break from work. I managed to convince management to give me a week off as I’ve been working for more than year without leave. Stress plays a major factor in a helpdesk environment and it has been getting to me recently. Considering I already cracked twice in the past month or so, my team leader supports my leave. He’s a great guy who looks out for the team and I’m thankful he’s my team leader.

Well, given that I got a lot of free time this week, look forward to some more figure reviews (hopefully I can get my 2nd figma review out), magazine review and some misc. reviews. If I can, I might be able to start on my Room post as well. ^^


16 Responses to "Thanks for 5,000 hits"

Congrats to you , Figma master :p

I hope you’ll feel better soon , always good to take a break :)

working for more than year without leave!? man u really need a holiday. anyway congrats on the 5000 get. ^^;

Congratulations on the 5K get. EVERYTHING IS AUSTRALIA!

Join us on IRC!

Congratulations on your milestone!
Taking a break is essential; I hope you will have a nice stress-free week. Looking forward to your figmas!

congrats on 5k hits! good thing you’re getting a much needed break, take it easy!

Working a whole year without takinga break is pretty hardcore.Be sure to not stress yourself with the Blog.Take your time and relax a bit

Congrats for 5000 hits!!!!!!!!
Working for a whole year without a break, wow!!!!!! That must had been stressful!!!!!!!!
Be waiting on your Figma review!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your much needed week off!!!!!!!

Congrats on 5k hits~! You has a request for a sketch? ;D

I look forward to your posts~ don’t work too hard on them though, you’re supposed to be relaxing ^^; Glad you managed to get a week off though.

What makes u think i’m a figma master? Have I done anything special? xD

I do have something plan in the next few months but I can’t say much yet.

Can i get the link?

Welcome Q. Hope u stick around. ^^
Will try to get at least one done this week.

I am. Thanks. ^^

Will do my best. My health is most important thing in the world. Thanks for adding me to ur blogrol. I did the same for u. ^^

It maybe stressful but it was rewarding. I’m one of the best support guys there. ^^

I don’t want to slack off on writing lazy post but it looks like I’m heading that way. lol

Little bit late but Grats Optic :)

Nice!! I remember how it felt when I reached that number for the first time ^^

A little bit late, but Congratulations!! Keep it up ^^

Oops late link. irc.rizon.net #TeamBlue

Thanks. Give it 10 years and i might reach ur figure. lol

Thanks mate. I will try to get on from time to time. I don’t use IRC too often.

omg, otakuboy ,hahahhaa. dudeee gratz on 5k mark man! wow dude this has turned into somethin quite busy huh xD

Thanks mate. it was unexpected but yeah. xD

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