Sydney Animania 2008: Loot

Posted on: August 31, 2008

Well here is my tiny loot for an ‘above average’ event. As you can see from above, that’s pretty much it excluding the free bag you get when you walk through the door. The contents inside the bag contains a magazine, some promo stickers and a few leaflet of ads where I’m not even bothered to show you guys. It’s a waste of my effort and your reading time.

I’m not gonna got into a lot of detail. All these items are all fan made from small community groups. The posters cost $2 each, the Lucky Star pencil board cost $5 and the Haruhi badge cost $2. So the grand total comes at $9. WOOT!!! BEST ACHIEVEMENT EVER. :P
Really, I’m disappointed but looking on the bright side, I saved a lot of money this year compared to last year. My wallet is happy for once. ^^

On one of the nights, M12 asked me a good question “What the hell did I buy for $600+ last year?”. Well, if you didn’t know, I spent $600+ on merchandises last year and I managed to dig up some old photos so I can show you my last year loot.

Figure list

  • 1/8 scale Fate Testarossa by Good Smile Company
  • 1/6 scale Feena Fam Ashright by Atelier-Sai
  • 1/8 scale Arika Yumemiya by Kotobukiya
  • Gashapon Milly by Bandai
  • 1/8 scale Louise by Alter

As you can see, it contained a bit of everything. Figures, DVD’s, plushies, t-shirt and other misc. items. I can’t remember the price for each item but what I do remember is the price for the Feena figure. It was only $70 from Empire Toys. For 1/6 scale, that is a steal. xD


10 Responses to "Sydney Animania 2008: Loot"

aaaaa the snow bunny is kawaiiii! i need one of those and a kawasumi mai figure… ^_^

zomg. Snow Rabbit. *_*

anyway,.. shocking difference. $600 is just far too extreme (but you did get good stuff ) and the stuff you can get with $9 well,… isn’t almost worth mentioning. ><

I just wonder with the sudden change. XD

*steals your fma boxset and fate figure* lol nice loot!

Nice old loot and new loot!!!!!
I would love to that Lucky Star pencil board thing…!!!!!!!!
Old loot…I want some of the goods!!!!!! Everyone seems to like it like Snow Rabbit…

Sometime, getting things other than figures is a good thing also. In my place, this kind of festival mainly focused on figures, and it’s hard to find good posters.

Snow Bunny!!! <3!!!
Nice figures, i have to admit. It’s worth it~! ^^b
Oh, and i think that’s Milly. ^^ Nihaha.. Sekushi Neko Kaichou..

Snow Bunny~

I was close in not buying the snow bunny because i was broke already. lol

Well, if didn’t mention anything then u guys would have thought I left empty handed. Well, I NEVER leave cons empty handed. lol

if u intend to get the FMA boxset, remember to get the 2nd one as well. ^^

The LS pencil board was the only LS thing there I could find. T_T

I wish I was at ur place. U wanna swap for a day? xD

Fixed. Thanks Yurie-hime ^^
Too bad the variety of figures suxs this year. T_T

I sooooo want the Snow rabbit. Too bad you didn’t get any figures ^^;; due to lack of variety.

I hope next year they focus more on vendors.

The vendors may have been sceptical about the new location in comparison to the central location of Town Hall =/
My brother got me an oryzae plushie from Moyashimon~ I was so happy x3, which reminds me, I haven’t taken photos of my loot yet D=

I love the 3 posters~ My brother and I got 3 A3 posters from her too, though none of the ones you picked, lol. I’m sad though, they got creased ;_; I’m taking a folder, or better yet, some sort of poster roll for next year. They were a good price, maybe I can find her at a con again next year.

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