Happy Birthday MIKU!!!

Posted on: August 31, 2008

As some of you may already know, today is the 31st of August which means, it’s MIKU BIRTHDAY!!! ^^ I just wanted to wish MIKU a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY. As this is her first birthday, I just wanted to celebrate by sharing some Miku love. Enjoy. ^^

EDIT: Remember to left-click on the file for its full size resolution. ^^

Full view for animation. It's super uber kawaii. :3

8 Responses to "Happy Birthday MIKU!!!"

bikini miku right click save!
happy birthday girl! ^^;

I didnt realise she had a birthday!!! I must say happy birthday to my Nendo Miku!!!

And YES! Was the first thing I spotted on DC.com when I checked this morning. I felt so lucky to be able to order just in the nick of time…

Nice pictures ^^ Happy birthday to Miku indeed!

We were both lucky. They stopped their pre-orders not long afterwards.

Thanks. ^^

Gosh time flies. Didn’t realise that it’s a year already. Btw nice pictures!
Happy birthday to Miku!

Fwee~ Happy Birthday Miku~

The animated one is so kawaii~~ x3

I know what u mean. ^^

It’s currently my favourite. ^^

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