Sydney Animania 2008: Day 2

Posted on: August 28, 2008

Day 1 coverage can be found here.

The next day came around before I even realised it. Sadly, today was the last day and there will be no more conventions in Sydney until next year. We don’t get much conventions here so I try to suck up the atmosphere before it all goes away at the end of the day.

I arrived a bit late because I accidentally spelt in. I got there at around 10.10am and before I knew it, I saw M12 taking pictures and videos of the Lucky Star Dance Lesson. I think he got here at around 9am again but seriously, when I say this guy is a machine, I mean it. xD

Lucky Star Dance Lesson
(Curiosity to M12 for the video)

Later on, I managed to meet up with Koshiko. We had been friends for a while now in the internet world but this was our first meeting in person which was great. Sadly, I missed out on her singing performance at the Karaoke room. I really wanted to hear her sing but it was just bad timing. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it into the finals where it would have been better as I would have saw her sing towards to end of the day. Maybe next year she would get that chance. ^^

Part of the Animania Happy Brigade
Part of the Animania Happy Brigade

Basically, today was pretty much the same as yesterday. Same stallholders, food, games and overall, the entertainment we were provided. There was a quite a number of different cosplayers around and I managed to get a shot of them while I was walking around.

Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden
Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden

For lunch, I had a few lamb sticks at this noodle hut. Even though it was $3 a stick and I knew these prices was a ripoff, I still bought them because I couldn’t be bother to go out for lunch. Also, we are not allowed to bring food from the outside so that’s one of the many more reasons why I stayed.

Kirby in the Cosplay Chess game. Video below
Kirby in the Cosplay Chess game. Video below

By 2.30pm, the main cosplay event started on stage. While M12 got front seats as he had the media pass, I sat and watch the whole event from the sidelines. I was too tired to stand or wonder around and besides, I have seen almost every corner of the warehouse anyway.
Here are some skits. Curiosity to M12 again.

Sailor Moon group

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

(more pictures below)

When the event was over, I managed to sneak in and get a front row seat with M12 to watch the final WCS event. This is where the remaining WCS finalist will battle it out and see who would win to represent Australia at the WCS in Japan. Also, Bubby managed to find me in the front row and I introduced myself to him. I will sure to look out for him at future conventions as it’s not hard to find the guy holding the big camera. ^^

Unfortunately, due to tiredness and lack of sleep, I didn’t get many pictures of the contestants on stage. I did get some but, as expected, it turned out like a blur due to poor lighting and off course, a crappy camera.

Here is one of the contenders for the finals.

They were the “Love and Peace Movement” and they did a FMA skit.

All contenters in the WCS final
All contestants in the WCS final

For people who love suspense, this is how they announce the winner.  Third and Second place was also congratulated as well. The room went static of course.

Congratz to the “Love and Peace Movement” ^^

I thought they deserved to win as they both worked very hard. Their skit was pretty good as well and I like their customes especially Al’s armor.
I wished the Rozen Maiden pair won instead because I loved their skit and their costumes. Well, I’m kinda bias here because I’m a Rozen Maiden fanboy after all. xD

Here are the rest of the cosplay photos

Shuffle group

Shuffle group

Peach from Super Mario

Peach from Super Mario

Twilight Princess

Mida from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Shima-chan from Stelliva. I remember she was at last year Animania. ^^

Shima-chan from Stelliva. I remember she was at last year Animania. ^^

Vocaloid group. Man, it was rare to see a miku there.

Vocaloid group. Man, it was rare to see a miku there.

Konata from Lucky Star. Nice hair. =D

Konata from Lucky Star. Nice hair. =D

The group from Gurren Lagann

The group from Gurren Lagann

The GL backside

The GL backside

I couldn’t get a decent shot of the group as there were many people crowding around. They were one of the most popular groups after all.

Yoko. Now that is a kick-ass gun.

Yoko. Now that is a kick-ass gun.

Two ladies from Inuyasha

Two ladies from Inuyasha

And lastly. (Thanks M13, no, I mean 12. xD)

Woot!!!! xD

Woot!!!! xD

At the end of the day, M12 and I headed into the city once more for dinner. This time, we talked more about Kanon rather than maids. =D

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought the event was above average. I liked last year convention more due to the fact, it was spread across 3 days and they had more events, more vendors,  more food and overall, a better experience. While I do appreciate the move from Town Hall Cathedral to cater more people and allow additional space to display the past and present costumes and props, the vendors did not follow. Half of the walls setup for the stallholders were empty and most of them became a resting/eating place for us.
I find the biggest lost was Tamarket and Empire Toys not attending this year. There was a few others that sold nice collectibles as well where they didn’t attend this year event. Because of them, I actually spent more money on food rather than merchandises for the first time ever. I actually came loaded and prepared to fork out $600+, just like last year but I was disappointed. >_<
Even though the 2 biggest vendors was not here, there was a few other stallholders selling figures and other miscellaneous items but they were lacking variety. At one point, I got so desperate, I was willing to buy a random figure that I like from some random anime or game. She actually caught my eye but for $150. WTF!!! 0_o

I guess this year was mainly focused on the WCS event and on cosplayers. As an collector, I was disappointed coming home almost emptied handed. With conventions like these, I tend to remember it and enjoy it more when I’m buying stuff along the way. I can easily say, this event will be a forgettable one in my books. I’m just happy, these photo’s will keep the event alive in my memory.

Looking forward to 2009

Looking forward to 2009


13 Responses to "Sydney Animania 2008: Day 2"

Lol it’s a disappointment they didn’t have as much vendors/stall holders as last year lol darn lol.
Btw why did they hold the convention at the A.T.P as opposed to holding it in Town Hall? Was it due to the renovations Town hall is undergoing atm? if so lol i hope it’ll be back at town hall so there’ll be more vendors/stall holders lol xD I hope to go to both of next years’ Animania lol xD! and i’ll be sure to keep a lookout for you next time Gary lol xD!

lucky decem :D

Looking forward to next year too.
You must really like rozen maiden. Seems there might be a full rozen maiden group at mini…so I’ll be pretty sure you’ll be going :P

Whoa~ Vocaloid group. Nice~! ^^
Aww~! Suiseiseki cosplayer’s dress is <3~!! ^^

I don’t know the specific details to be honest. I just wrote what I thought the reason was. I really hope they have more vendors next year. Stallholder wise, it was a disaster. Even SMASH! has better vendors IMO.
Hope u can make it next year because it will be great to meet up with u. ^^

Thanks for dropping by.
Yes, I’m dam lucky =D

I will be the first person there to take their shoot. If I’m lucky, I can be in the shoot as well. xD

Wish there was more Vocaloid group this year. Seeing 1 more miku cosplayer would have been awesome.

Nice Souseiseki cosplay and Shima-chan. Stellvia cosplay is pretty rare these days.

Lots of cosplayers!!!!!!!
The Vocaloid ones are cool!!!!!!
Well, some conventions have crap dealers and some have good ones…
Well, either way, did you get anything?

Heheh, unlike you, I couldn’t wait for the convention I was attending to end, and it didn’t end (at least for me) till 11pm on Sunday since we had to pack up and unload and I had to head back into the office after dinner -_-

I really like the venue your convention was held at though, very industrial-looking, very cool ^^b The Rozen Maiden costumes (from Day 1 and 2) really are very nice, pity about the vendors though, Luca’s a really nice figure, but at $150, she costs way too much =( But it looks like you’ve enjoyed yourself, I’m sure you can always find somewhere else to spend your money ;p

I want to see more Stellvia cosplays. Like I loved the series. It was the first series that ever got me into anime. ^^

Yes. I never leave empty handed. ^^

Great venue, crap vendors. Looks like there was a sacrifice in something and unfortunately, it had to be vendors. T_T
The funny thing was, the seller was telling me it’s cheap because i don’t need to pay shipping + taxes + import fees etc.
He thought i was stupid. I know my stuff when import figures mate.

Wow, to be caught with a lie like that, the seller is really something altogether -_- Sad that vendors were sacrificed though, maybe it’s only me, but if I were to go to a convention, it’s pretty much just for the vendors since I’m not too interested in other stuff like panels or competitions. In the case of Animania, I probably would have given it a miss :(

it’s not just u but me as well. lol
If I knew this was all they had available then i wouldn’t have showed up either but I got to take into account there is like 2 or 3 conventions in sydney for the whole year. T_T

I think there’s only one major convention in Vancouver here annually and I pretty much have to go to that one, whether I like it or not -_- I guess I’m not really too big into conventions over here since I would say there aren’t many great deals to be had anyway, though it certainly looks to be growing. I get most of my stuff online or where I work anyways, and I never did like crowds, so a convention isn’t really needed for me ^^;

I was so sure I left a comment ;_;…

Anyhow, I was going to sing again and call you, but they threw us out ;_;. They said it was ’cause the finals were going to start soon, but they had karaoke right through the finals on the schedule >.<;

Am thinking of just recording myself and posting on youtube, lol~! Just have to figure out how as I’ve never attempted to make a video before ^^;;

I sat at the front on the side when they started the karaoke finals and stayed there up until it ended… I had trouble getting a decent shot of Yoko too as someone kept standing in front of me, I think it was a Shinji cosplayer, lol.

Again, it was good to see you~ If I manage to get a video done, I’ll post it up so you can hear xD;; (or just a plain recording, meh)

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